After leaving Long Hui in her space, she waited for her friends at the promised place.
She was still wearing her graduation robe since it would be needed too.

While waiting for her friends, Yu Qi had been greeted by her juniors of the shooting club.

”Sister Yu Qi. ” It was Zhu Xiao Ling who led them.

”What are you doing here? ” Yu Qi asked them all.

”Senior Tang, we are here to congratulate you.
Here is our present for your graduation. ” One of her juniors handed out a box.

”May I take a look inside? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yes. ” The junior nodded excitedly.

Yu Qi opened the box and took a look inside.
She was very surprised to see what inside the box.

”This is… ” Yu Qi looked at the junior again.

”Senior Tang, you don ’t need to worry.
It is just a fake.
Not a real one. ” The junior just grinned.

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The thing inside the box was a pistol.
Well, a fake one.
It was very similar to the real one.
If someone was not familiar with a gun, they probably would think that this one was a real one.

And for Yu Qi, of course, she knew it.
But to buy a fake one, it must be expensive since there was not many of these present in the Binhai Nation.
It was not like in A*****a.

”I have an uncle living outside Binhai Nation.
I have asked him to buy it for me. ” The junior explained again since he looked at Yu Qi ’s questionable face.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Sister Yu Qi, here is my present. ” Zhu Xiao Ling also gave a box to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi looked at the present.
It was a set of scalpels.

”Thank you, Xiao Ling. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Senior Tang, we don ’t have much allowance to spare.
So, we have shared some money and bought you this. ” Another junior stepped forward.

In his hands, there was a bouquet.
It had flowers, chocolates and there was a doll in the centre of the bouquet.
Yu Qi could feel the feeling that her juniors wanted to give to her.

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”Thank you.
It is beautiful and cute. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Wow, Yu Qi, you are so popular. ” So Pang Lim said.

She had just arrived together with Mei Lilli and Yun Xiao.

”It is my club ’s juniors.
They are here to congratulate me. ” Yu Qi told her friends.

”Senior, we will leave first.
Once more, congratulations for your graduations. ” Yu Qi ’s junior said once again.
This time, all of them said it.

”Thank you.
All of you, study hard and practice your shooting as well. ” Yu Qi nodded while giving them some advise.

”I think I need to go to my hotel first to leave the present. ” Yu Qi looked at the present that she received just now.

”I think so too. ” Mei Lilli also agreed.

”Who is not here yet? ” So Pang Lim asked.

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”Na An and Ha Ting. ” Yun Xiao said.

”Just wait for them first.
I will drop at my hotel since it is in the way. ” Yu Qi said.

”By the way, Yu Qi, I have seen your boyfriend earlier.
Where is he? Does he not follow you? ” So Pang Lim raised her eyebrows several times teasing Yu Qi.

”Oh, he has come too? ” Mei Lilli looked at Yu Qi.

I have seen him, as he has walked passing my family and me.
My sister seemed to have fallen in love with him.
After I have told her that that man already has a girlfriend, she was dissapointed a little bit. ” So Pang Lim chuckled.

”I have left him at the hotel.
He is tired since he has pulled two night straight to finish his report and come here to celebrate my graduation day.
So, I have made him rest first since I already have a plan together. ” Yu Qi explained.

”So sweet. ” So Pang Lim laughed.
”By the way, Yun Xiao, your idol is here too. ”

So Pang Lim referred to Tang Han Lee.
Yun Xiao indeed treated Tang Han Lee as his idol.

”He he he…
I have already taken a picture together earlier. ” Yun Xiao pressed his chest feeling proud.

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”Huh? When? ” Yu Qi asked.
She did not remember that since Tang Han Lee did not leave the family at all.

”In front of the hall earlier.
At that time, your boyfriend just arrived.
So, your eyes were just on your boyfriend.
You didn ’t notice anything. ” Yun Xiao explained.

Yu Qi was just scratching her face with one finger while grinning innocently.

”You can not blame her.
It is her boyfriend anyway. ” Mei Lilli chuckled.

”I am sorry.
We are late. ” Song Ha Ting said.

Song Ha Ting and Ding Na An arrived together.

”Don ’t worry. ” Mei Lilli said to both of them.

”Anyway, let ’s go to the place.
Since we are six, let ’s separate into two groups.
One group will ride on my car while another one will ride Yu Qi ’s car. ” Yun Xiao said.

Song Ha Ting and So Pang Lim quickly moved to Yu Qi ’s side and held Yu Qi ’s hands.
So, the groups had been divided just like that.
Mei Lilli and Ding Na An would be together with Yun Xiao.

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”I have said earlier earlier, I will drop by at my hotel for a moment to put this present in my room. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, some people have given presents to Yu Qi. ” Song Ha Ting looked at the present.

My juniors in the shooting club. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”It ’s okay, Yu Qi.
You can go to your room.
But remember to come back.
Don ’t forget about our plan if you see your boyfriend. ” So Pang Lim teased Yu Qi.

”I will not. ” Yu Qi glared at So Pang Lim.

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