Yu Qi came out after putting everything in her room.
Of course, she did not see Long Hui since Long Hui was inside her space and she just entered the hotel room.

As for today ’s plan, she and her friends had decided to visit several places in Wenya City to take some pictures together.

The first place that they decided was Freezing Hill.
Well, the place was not freezing like its name.
It was a beautiful hill with green grass.
It only had one tree at the top of the hill and the hill was not too high.

”There are not many people here for now.
Let ’s take several pictures then. ” So Pang Lim was excited.

So, they took several group pictures.
Then they had also taken a single picture of all of them.
Yun Xiao told them that the picture would be selected to put in the photo book.

Let ’s move to the next place. ” Yun Xiao said to his friends.

The next place was the place where they usually eat whenever they were bored eating the food at the university cafe.
So Pang Lim already requested the permission from the owner to take the photos over there.

The owner agreed.
She had been there for over 15 years.
There were a lot of students who came to her shop since it was nearby.
She knew that nowadays students had their ways to post the pictures and told others about that.
And it gave her free publicity for her shop.

Yu Qi ’s friends really knew about acting in the camera.
They took a lot of pictures.
They also wrote a scene for the pictures.
Not to mention, they also took a picture together with the owner.

”Done for the area outside the university.
Let ’s take pictures inside the university. ” So Pang Lim said.

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They went to go and took pictures at the earlier place because at that moment, there were not many people around.
People still focused on the ceremony for others faculties that had been held during the time they went outside to take the picture.

The first place that they wanted to make into their pictures was their lecture hall.
In this lecture hall, there were a lot of happy and sad memories.

The scene where Yun Xiao slept and woke up after being called by the lecturer and the happiest thing at that time, Yun Xiao stood up and shouted something funny.

So Pang Lim also had her memories here.
She fell onto the lecture hall ’s floor after not paying attention to the stair because she was looking at her phone.
It happened just after the class had finished and the lecturer did not even leave yet.

After taking some pictures, they moved to the library.
Honesty, the medical faculty library was the most stylish place in the university.
It had been recorded on the university ’s archive.

And it was the most favourite place for Yu Qi.
She personally used her own phone to take pictures of the place.

”Guys, let ’s go to the cafe.
I am feeling thirsty. ” So Pang Lim patted her own neck.

I am also feeling thirsty too. ” Mei Lilli also nodded.

They went to the outside cafe since the faculty cafe did not open on the day.
There were a few people over there too.
They ordered some drink.

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Then, they heard some screams.
Well, screams usually came from women.
That was right.
It came from women and it was obviously the excited scream.

”I know that all of us are happy for graduation but is that necessary to scream like that? ” So Pang Lim was annoyed with that kind of behaviour.

”I guess they are screaming like that not because of the graduation.
But because of someone. ” Mei Lilli pointed in one direction.

It was an exciting scream that a fan met with his or her idol.
That kind of screams.

Everyone around Mei Lilli turned around and looked in that direction.
They saw a familiar face.
The person approached their group.

Seeing the person, Yu Qi began to frown.
It was because that was Bai Shu Jin.

”I guess he has come to congratulate you, Yu Qi. ” Song Ha Ting glanced at Yu Qi.

Their guesses were right.
Bai Shu Jin did come to congratulate Yu Qi.
He stopped in front of Yu Qi.
Everyone was waiting for the show to begin.

Some of them already knew Yu Qi and Bai Shu Jin ’s attitude at each other.
Who did not know about them usually the first year students?

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”Congratulation on graduating.
I have heard that you are the top student. ” Bai Shu Jin smiled.

With the stoic face of Yu Qi, she glanced at Bai Shu Jin before said thank.
Thanks. ”

”Here, it is for you. ” Bai Shu Jin placed something in front of Yu Qi.

Once again, Yu Qi glanced over at the thing given by Bai Shu Jin.

”I will not accept it.
Mr Bai, please take it back. ” Yu Qi did not want anything from Bai Shu Jin.

It was a box.
Obviously, it was a jeweller.
What Bai Shu Jin meant by giving her a piece of jewellery like this? Did he think that she was an easy person to win over just for a piece of jewellery like that?

”Miss Tang… ” Bai Shu Jin wanted to say something.

However, another person ’s screams broke up.
Everyone turned around and looked at the situation.

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