”Yes, Auntie Jian.
It ’s her. ” Bai Feng Jiu nodded.

”Shu Jin likes her? Does she know you too Jian? ” Bai Feng Jiu ’s Mother, Shung Xie Mong asked.

”I think she knows. ” Bai Jian nodded.

”Then, why hasn ’t she greeted you and me? What a rude girl. ” Shung Xie Mong ’s impression of Yu Qi was going down just after one meeting.

”What is this? ” Bai Jian asked while pointing at the box that Yu Qi just handed out to Bai Feng Jiu.

It is actually the graduation present for her.
Brother Shu Jin has prepared it for her. ” Bai Feng Jiu explained.

”What? And she has given it back? ” Shung Xie Mong could not believe that.

Shung Xie Mong thought that girl just came from a normal family.
Not a rich family like them.
And Bai Shu Jin was also a good looking man, the girl would like him too and the power behind Bai Shu Jin.
But that girl just returned back the gift that Bai Shu Jin prepared for her.

”Mum, that girl hates Brother Shu Jin since Brother Shu Jin has pestered her since she has entered this university. ” Bai Feng Jiu said.

”What? It should be her honour that Shu Jin likes her. ” Shung Xie Mong frowned.

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”Mum, usually people will think like that.
But that girl is not like any other girl. ” Bai Feng Jiu said.

She admitted Yu Qi was a good person.
Yu Qi was someone that did not like to find the problem.
If others did not do anything to Yu Qi, Yu Qi probably would not do anything to them.
Just like Yi Su Ran ’s case.
Yi Su Ran attacked Yu Qi first.
So, Yu Qi retaliated against her.

”What is the difference? ” Shung Xie Mong asked.

”She already has a boyfriend.
And his boyfriend is that Long Hui. ” Bai Feng Jiu explained.

”What? That Long Hui? Are you sure? ” Now, Bai Feng Jiu ’s father, Bai Wang Qi joined too after hearing Long Hui ’s name.

”Yes, father. ” Bai Feng Jiu nodded.

”What? Who is this Long Hui? ” Shung Xie Mong asked.

Bai Jian also wanted to know.

”Long Hui is the youngest person who is currently holding the rank Colonel in the military.
He is also the only grandson of our Great General Long Fei Yi. ” Bai Wang Qi said.

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Bai Feng Jiu also got to know about this after asking Bai Shu Jin.
She actually asked Bai Shu Jin to snatch Yu Qi away if her cousin liked Yu Qi so much.
Bai Shu Jin said that it was not too easy since his opponent was not a normal man.

Bai Shu Jin gave the information that he got about Yu Qi ’s boyfriend.
It was not much information about him other than that was stated that he was from the military and also the grandson of the Great General Long Fei Yi.

Honesty Bai Feng Jiu was shocked to know about that.
No wonder Bai Shu Jin said that it was not too easy.

”But I have heard the rumour that he is currently dating the legendary doctor ’s granddaughter. ” Bai Wang Qi said.

”Dad, she is the granddaughter. ” Bai Feng Jiu said.

”Oh… ” Bai Wang Qi nodded.
No wonder his daughter said that girl was not the same as a normal girl.

Tang Family did not have a lot of money like the Bai Family but its prestige was more compared to Bai Family.
Tang Family ’s position was indeed higher than their family.

Bai Jian frowned when hearing the background of Long Hui, Yu Qi ’s boyfriend.
She had actually set Yu Qi as her future daughter in law.
Not for Bai Shu Jin but for Bai Yu, the second son of the Bai Family.


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Yu Qi did not know that she was being discussed by Bai Family ’s members.
After saying goodbye to her friends, Yu Qi immediately returned to her hotel room and entered the space.

Entering the space, she quickly found Long Hui.
Long Hui seemed to be relaxing at the pavilion near the lake.
His position…
Well, it looked like he was laying towards one side with one hand supporting his head.

If Long Hui was wearing a while ancient clothes, he might look like an immortal who had descended from heaven.

”How you have seen enough? ” Long Hui asked with a smile lingering on his lips while his eyes were closed.

Yu Qi sat beside Long Hui.
”Oh, you are awake. ”

Long Hui opened his eyes.
”I am not sleeping. ”

Yu Qi grabbed his hand and read his pulse.
Your body is normal.
Not tiredness or lacking sleep. ”

”I have a good sleep inside your space. ” Long Hui nodded.
Indeed, it was better to sleep inside his beloved Qi Qi ’s space.

”By the way, those two men have come and met you. ” Long Hui suddenly said.

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”Those two men? Who are you talking about? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

”Bai Shu Jin and Qin Xia. ” Long Hui gritted his teeth.
He really hated to say those men name that liked to disturb his beloved Qi Qi.

So, are you jealous right now? ” Yu Qi smiled, teasing Long Hui.

Long Hui ’s face turned black.
This woman needed some lesson.
He pulled Yu Qi ’s hand.
As a result, Yu Qi ’s body straight fell onto Long Hui ’s body.

”We haven ’t tried doing it outside, right? ” Long Hui whispered at Yu Qi ’s ear.

Yu Qi ’s eyes widened.
’This man is not thinking about that right? ’

”What are you thinking? Since there is no one here? Should we? ” Long Hui displayed a grin on his face.

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