Yu Qi took a taxi to go to the Harmony Orphanage.
When she reached the orphanage, it was already evening.
She paid for the fee and got out from the taxi.
The children were currently playing at the ground, stopped playing because a car stopped in front of their home.
They wanted to see who was coming.
When Aoi came out, the children were shouted happily.

”Guys, it is Aoi… ” The children shouted.
They quickly ran towards Aoi to get him.

Seeing the children were running toward them, Aoi quickly ran and saved himself.
The children were not giving up, so they chased Aoi.

The older children welcomed Yu Qi.
They knew who was Yu Qi.
Grandpa Chang already told them.
Yu Qi was the one who donated a lot of money for them to make sure that they got a better life and a good education.
So, they were very grateful to Yu Qi.

”Sister Yu Qi, welcome. ” A boy came and greeted her.

Yu Qi looked at the boy ’s face and started refreshing her memory.
She already read all the information about the children.
There were about 35 children lived at the Harmony Orphanage.

The boy in front of her, his name was Kim Ha Yang.
He had been at the Harmony Orphanage since he was 9 years old when his parents passed away due to the car accident.
It had been 6 years since he stayed in the Harmony Orphanage.

”Are Grandpa Chang here? ” Yu Qi asked Kim Ha Yang.

”Grandpa Chang is inside his office. ” Kim Ha Yang told Yu Qi.
”Let ’s go inside. ” Kim Ha Yang led Yu Qi in.

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Yu Qi entered together with Kim Ha Yang.
Kim Ha Yang knocked on the door.
Because the door was not fully closed, Kim Ha Yang looked inside.
Chang Yu Qian saw Kim Ha Yang and asked him.

”Is this something? ” Chang Yu Qian asked with a smile.

”Grandpa Chang, Sister Yu Qi is here. ” Kim Ha Yang informed Chang Yu Qian.

”Owh, let her in. ” Chang Yu Qian quickly stood up and welcomed the girl.
”Miss Tang, you came. ”

Kim Ha Yang looked at Chang Yu Qian and went out.

”Grandpa Chang, you can call me Yu Qi.
Are you okay? ” Yu Qi asked Chang Yu Qian.

”Don ’t worry.
I ’m still okay. ” Chang Yu Qian smiled.

”I don ’t have things to do since it is the beginning of the new semester.
So, I decided to come and visit the orphanage. ” Yu Qi told Chang Yu Qian about her purpose.
”Grandpa Chang, can you borrow your hand? ” Yu Qi wanted to take his pulse since she could see his complexion was not really good. 

Chang Yu Qian without any question followed Yu Qi ’s order.
He actually did not know why the girl wanted to borrow his hand.
He was surprised when she suddenly took his pulse.
Yu Qi looked very serious when taking his pulse.

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When she took Chang Yu Qian ’s pulse, she discovered that Chang Yu Qian ’s had cardiovascular diseases.
It was not at the serious phase, so it could be controlled.

”Grandpa Chang, maybe I know if you get exhausted easily, or do you feel pain on your arms, or nausea or indigestion, or heartburn, or stomach pain? ” Yu Qi asked Chang Yu Qian.

Chang Yu Qian was shocked.
He did feel what Yu Qi had described.
The most recent happened was he kept feeling pain spread to his arms.
He thought it was because he was old.
So, it kept happening. 

”Do your leg, feet or ankle are swollen? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”Yes, everything that you mention, happen to me.
But how do you know? ” Chang Yu Qian showed a surprised look. 

”Well, actually, I ’m a medical student from Starlight University.
I ’m also learning traditional Chinese medicine. ” Yu Qi revealed her background. 

”A doctor? ”

”Well, not exactly a doctor yet.
But yeah, in future I might be one. ” Yu Qi smiled. 

”Oh, that is why you take my reading pulse.
So, what is happening to me, actually? ” Chang Yu Qian wanted to know about his condition.

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”Grandpa Chang, you have cardiovascular diseases. ” Yu Qi said.

”What? Cardoseluar? What is that? ” Chang Yu Qian had difficulties in pronouncing the word.

”It ’s cardiovascular diseases.
It means heart diseases.
This might lead to a heart attack and heart failure which means death. ” Yu Qi explained in the simplest terms.

”Death? ” Who is going die, Dad? ” Chang Kang An entered the room with a shocked face. 

Chang Yu Qian frowned.
”Close the door. ” Chang Yu Qian did not want the children to hear about this. 

Chang Kang An quickly closed the door.
He approached Yu Qi and Chang Yu Qian.
”Miss Tang, what are you talking about just now? ”

Yu Qi did not answer but looked at Chang Yu Qian.
She needed his permission first to talk about his condition in front of his son.
Chang Yu Qian nodded giving his permission. 

”Your father has cardiovascular diseases or the other meaning, heart diseases.
Like I said to Grandpa Chang just now, it could be led to a heart attack.
At worse, a heart failure meaning death. ” Yu Qi repeated what she had been said to Chang Yu Qian just now again to Chang Kang An. 

The two men were in silence.
Chang Kang An frowned when looking to his father.
He could not expect his father had the disease.

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”How do you know, Miss Tang? ” Chang Kang An threw the question. 

”I ’m a medical student from Starlight University and also learning traditional Chinese medicine. ” Yu Qi told Chang Kang An.

Chang Kang An also did not expect she was still a student.
Not to mention a medical student.
He thought she was a businesswoman or at least studied business. 

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