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”But Aoi and Bo Ya are here, okay? ” Yu Qi reminded Long Hui about those two little cuties.

”Just tell them not to come here. ” Long Hui grinned.

Yu Qi was silent for a few moments before answering Long Hui.
”Okay. ”

Long Hui ’s eyes flashed with excitement.
He actually just wanted to tease Yu Qi.
He never thought that his beloved Qi Qi would agree about playing outside.

Yu Qi told her two little cuties not to come to the pavilion right now.

Aoi: ’Why, Master? ’

Yu Qi: ’Just follow my order.
Don ’t come here.
I will cook for you two later.
Okay. ’

Hearing that their master would cook for them later, both of them agreed.

Both the two little cuties were currently in the garden.
They were playing there when Yu Qi ’s talked to them through telepathy.

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”Bo Ya, why is Master telling us not to come to the pavilion? ” Aoi asked curiously.

Bo Ya narrowed his eyes.
He just learned about the man and woman relationship.
It must be they were doing s.e.x.u.a.l things.
That s.e.x.u.a.l thing would give birth to another human which was their baby.

Master and that man are currently making a little master for us. ” Bo Ya answered.

”Little Master? Master is master.
Why should they make another one? ” Aoi was confused.
So, he asked again.

”Imagine that Master has a baby and the baby has Master ’s looks.
Isn ’t that cute? ” Bo Ya asked Aoi to imagine that.

Aoi went silent.
He imagined that.
Then he was excited.
”I want Little Master.
Little Master must be cute. ”

Bo Ya just smiled.
He did not tell Aoi that it was possible that Little Master would have that man ’s looks as well.

”Let ’s not disturb Master. ” Bo Ya said.

”Okay. ” Aoi nodded.

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Now back to Yu Qi and Long Hui, they were kissing each other.

”Qi Qi…. ” Long Hui mumbled as his hands were running around Yu Qi ’s body.

”Hmm…. ” Yu Qi m.o.a.n.e.d.

Long Hui ’s hands slipped into Yu Qi ’s dress.
He did not fully open the clothes on Yu Qi ’s body.
Since they were outside, Long Hui decided to play with the clothes on.
Only some part would be opened.

Long Hui skillfully opened Yu Qi ’s bra.
In front of him, there were two white mountains that needed his attention.
His mouth went down tracing through her neck and finally down to his beloved Qi Qi ’s mountains.

”Qi Qi, I can really not get enough of you. ” Long Hui sighed.

”Me too… ” Yu Qi also spoke.

Long Hui ’s mouth was on one of Yu Qi ’s white mountain.
While his fingers were playing with Yu Qi ’s other white mountain.

Ah…. ” Yu Qi m.o.a.n.e.d as Long Hui played with her white mountains.

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After a while of playing with Yu Qi ’s white mountains, Long Hui decided to move to the next step.
His hand moved to the lower part of Yu Qi ’s body.

Since Yu Qi was wearing a long skirt, he just needed to lift up the skirt.
Yu Qi ’s u.n.d.e.r.w.e.a.r already damp.
He traced the u.n.d.e.r.w.e.a.r using his finger.

”Qi Qi, you are wet down here. ” Long Hui grinned.

”Hui, make me even wetter. ” Yu Qi looked down at Long Hui excitedly.

”As you wish, my queen. ” Long Hui smiled.

He quickly removed Yu Qi ’s u.n.d.e.r.w.e.a.r.
Then he opened her legs wide to get full access to Yu Qi ’s private area down there.

His tongue licked the charm point of Yu Qi.
Sensing that Long Hui ’s tongue was on her charm point, she m.o.a.n.e.d loudly.

I want more… ” Yu Qi held Long Hui ’s head.

Hearing Yu Qi ’s order, Long Hui moved his tongue around Yu Qi ’s private area.
The place became more and more wetter.
Then he could feel that his beloved Qi Qi was going to come.
He increased the speed.

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”Ah!!!! Ah!!!! I am coming!!! ” Yu Qi screamed loudly.

She already forgot that they were currently outside.
Right after that, she climaxed.
Long Hui was happy seeing his beloved Qi Qi satisfied with his technique.
Yu Qi had eventually calmed down.

”Qi Qi, I want you to play with mine as well. ” Long Hui said pointing to his little brother down there.

Yu Qi already saw that Long Hui brought out his little brother.
Without waiting any longer, Yu Qi grabbed Long Hui ’s little brother.
It felt hot and hard.

Her hands straight to move up and down.
Yu Qi looked at Long Hui ’s face to see his reaction.
She could see that Long Hui growled while his eyes were fully closed.
Yu Qi became more and more excited.

She opened her mouth and tried to swallow Long Hui ’s little brother.
As usual, she could not swallow it all since it was too long and big for her mouth.
She was doing her best to satisfy Long Hui.

She could feel that Long Hui ’s little brother became bigger and hotter.
She knew that Long Hui was about to come.
She fastened her l.i.c.k.i.n.g.

”Ah!!! Ah!!! ” Long Hui shot a lot of s.e.m.e.n into Yu Qi ’s mouth.

Yu Qi almost choked.
Some of the s.e.m.e.n flew out of Yu Qi ’s mouth.
She wiped the excess.
Long Hui showed a satisfied expression on his face.

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”Qi Qi…
It was fantastic. ” Long Hui commented.

Maybe because they were outside, he felt more excited than ever.
Yu Qi did not want this to be over.
Her hand grabbed Long Hui ’s little brother once again.

”Hiss… ” Long Hui hissed.

”I want this inside me. ” Yu Qi licked her own lips while looked at Long Hui seductively.

Hearing demand from his beloved Qi Qi, he pushed Yu Qi down and pushed his little brother into Yu Qi ’s private area.

”Ah!!! Hui!!! More…
Push it hard.
I want it deep… ” Yu Qi screamed for more.

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