”Qi Qi, here… ” Long Hui gave a box to Yu Qi.
”Happy graduation day.
Congratulation on completing your studies. ”

”Thank you, Brother Hui.
May I open it? ” Yu Qi was happy to receive the present from her boyfriend.

”Sure. ” Long Hui nodded.

Yu Qi opened the purple velvet box.
It was a complete set of jewellery.
Necklace, earring, ring, bracelet, even leg bracelet.
And the most outstanding was the deep purple diamond attached to each of the jewellery.

Yu Qi looked up at Long Hui.
Her eyes widened.
”This… ”

”My present for you. ” Long Hui smiled.

Yu Qi was speechless.
The truth, the diamond was very expensive.
The colourful diamond was even more expensive.
And that depended on the rarest of the colour.
The deep purple diamond here was the most expensive diamond in the world.

”Is this expensive? ” Even if Yu Qi was considered rich, she would not be able to buy something as expensive as this complete set of jewellery.

”Don ’t worry about money. ” Long Hui just smiled.

Yu Qi was curious about Long Hui.
If Long Hui was just from the military, it did not make sense how he had a lot of money like that.
Meaning he might have another source of income besides his salary from the military.

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”Anyway, thank you so much, Brother Hui.
I will treasure it. ” Yu Qi hugged the box as her precious.

She stored the box inside her room in her space.

”Let ’s go.
My family must be waiting for us. ” Yu Qi said to Long Hui.
Then, she turned to Aoi.
”Aoi, do you want to come out with us? ”

Aoi was thinking for a moment.
His master would definitely be conquered by this human, his eyes glanced at Long Hui.
However, Tang Family also would be together.
They would treat him better.
It was not a bad idea.

After considering thing, Aoi nodded to Yu Qi, answering her question.
I want to. ”

Three of them appeared in the middle of the hotel room.
They came out together from the room.

”You two have been in the room? ” There was someone who asked them right after they came out.

Yu Qi turned around and saw Tang Jin Wei standing not far from them.

”What? We can not be together? ” Yu Qi tilted her head aside.

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”I have just knocked on your door.
Why can ’t one of you open the door or answer my knock? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

”I am sorry.
We were little occupied with something. ” Yu Qi apologized.

”Humph! Just come.
We are been waiting for you. ” Tang Jin Wei rolled his eyes to Long Hui.
It must be this man holding up his little sister. ’

At the same time, Long Hui also looked at Tang Jin Wei.
He looked at Yu Qi ’s brother rolled his eyes at him.
Yu Qi chuckled as she saw the interaction between her boyfriend and her brother.

They arrived at the hotel restaurant for breakfast.
Everyone was already sitting in their seats.
Yu Qi and Long Hui greeted everyone.

”Sit. ” Grandpa Tang ordered.

The couple followed Grandpa Tang ’s words obediently.
They eat breakfast in harmony.

”Long Hui, when are you reporting back for your duty? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

”I will report back in the evening. ” Long Hui answered.

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”Really? ” Yu Qi became sad as soon as she heard the news.

”Yes. ” Long Hui nodded gently to Yu Qi.
”You can come at the weekend.
You can trash those soldier with your shooting skills. ”

The Tang family members raised their eyebrows.
’Is this something a leader should say about his men? Well, what he said is the truth. ’

”Don ’t forget about our deal. ” Grandpa Tang said to Long Hui.

’That matter again.
What is their deal anyway? ’ Yu Qi glanced at Long Hui and Grandpa Tang that just went silent after that.
I will find out soon or later. ’ She decided to not think about the matter.


After her graduation, Yu Qi became busy again.
Qi Qi Skincare had been launching two new products.
Hydro Mask and Whitening Lotion.
Those two products had just got their clinical pass from the government right before her graduation day.
Without wasting any time, she conducted a mass production for the products.

As the spokesperson for Qi Qi Skincare, Song Su Jin would be playing the role in marketing those two products.
Yu Qi decided to shoot separate video advertis.e.m.e.nts for those two products.

Yu Qi asked Song Su Jin to invite Director Xian who had been shooting the last promotion video for Qi Qi Skincare.

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Yu Qi know it was easy to make a deal with him.
She also felt that Director Xian could offer what she really wanted.

Song Su Jin was happy ever since becoming the spokeperson for this brand.
After the last promotion video, not only her skin became more beautiful but she felt her fame had been stepped up to another level.

Not to mention, because of this brand, she gotten herself a boyfriend.
However, she did not reveal the relationship to the public.
Her manager, Xiu Mi Lan, prevented her to do so.
Yeah, well, she could understand that.

She knew the moment she stepped into the entertainment world, she could not have any relationship with any man.

When Xiu Mi Lan knew that Song Su Jin was in a relationship, she was furious.
After a moment, she calmed down.
And started to demand Song Su Jin to tell her who was her boyfriend.
She needed to know who was Song Su Jin ’s boyfriend.

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