Who the heck that so brave to pick up her precious artist to be his girlfriend? She demanded every single day from Song Su Jin to tell her.
She wanted to meet that man and request him to break up with Song Su Jin.
Of course, without Song Su Jin knowing about that.

After getting bored with Xiu Mi Lan ’s nagging, Song Su Jin told her that secret.
Xiu Mi Lan was blinking several times after hearing the name.
Her brain had frozen to think of anything after knowing the name.

Xiu Mi Lan was not brave enough to go and tell Song Su Jin ’s boyfriend to tell him to break up with Song Su Jin.
So, she let them be.

Song Su Jin ’s boyfriend also knew that he could not go public with Song Su Jin.
However, he did not care much about that.


Director Xian was surprised to see the girl that he saw when he filmed the last promotion video for Qi Qi Skincare.
He never thought that he would be seeing the girl again.

Director Xian could not forget the girl since the girl was very beautiful.
He felt that the girl was born for the entertainment world.

”Miss Tang, we meet again.
Are you interested in entering the entertainment world now? ” Director Xian asked excitedly.

Yu Qi felt her lips were twitching.
This director really wanted her to join the entertainment world.

”I am sorry, Director Xian.
I have another commitment.
So, I will not join it. ” Yu Qi rejected it again.

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Director Xian was dejected when seeing the girl firmly rejected him again.
However, it was not long after he recovered himself.

”Then, why are you here? ” Director Xian asked.

”Well, does Sister Su Jin tell you? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

”Eh, you are here to discuss about video promotion for Qi Qi Skincare? You are the representative of Qi Qi Skincare? ” Director Xian was surprised again.

I will be the person in charge of this matter.
You can contact me by this number. ” Yu Qi handed out her business card.

Director Xian took the card.
As he read the information, his eyes became widened and even more.
He slowly lifted up his face to see the girl that sat in front of him.

’Owner and Founder of Qi Qi Skincare. ’ That was written on the card.
’What the heck!!! This girl was just in her twenties.
She already owns a business? ’

Even Director Xian was a director in the entertainment world, however, he was aware of the business world too.
Qi Qi Skincare was one of the rising brands that would be the leading leader in the skincare market.

’And this girl is the owner? Not to mention, the founder? ’ Director Xian remained silent as his face showed a shocked expression.

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”You are the owner? ” Director Xian asked after he calmed down.

I hope it will not be spread to others. ” Yu Qi just smiled.

Director Xian was stunned and he nodded several times.
I understand. ”

Director Xian understood.
It seemed not everyone aware of her identity.

Let ’s discuss about the promotional video that we want to shoot. ” Yu Qi said.

They discussed the video promotion.
After the two hours sitting there, they ended the discussion.
Yu Qi already told what she wanted in the video.


Yu Qi went to Hiso City for Feng Yue s graduation day.
Feng Yue was crying when she missed Yu Qi ’s graduation day since she had another job on that day.
After check-in at the hotel, she walked around the city.

Yu Qi saw Qi Qi Skincare shop.
There were a lot of branches of Qi Qi Skincare ’s shop already opened in other cities.
The shop featured Song Su Jin ’s poster.
She smiled as she looked at the poster.

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”Why do you smirk when you saw Goddess Song? Are you jealous of her beauty? ” One girl suddenly threw a question to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was taken back.
She was surprised when there was a sudden voice asked her that question.
She did not answer anything.
Just blinking while seeing the girl in front of her.

The girl was not alone.
She was together with the other two girls.
The other two girls also glared at Yu Qi.

”Answer me. ” The first girl demanded Yu Qi answering her question.

”She must be mute.
Not to mention, her face must be ugly since she is wearing a mask. ” Her friend sneered while looking at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was currently wearing total black clothes.
Black jean, black t-shirt, black soldier boot and black mask.
It looked contra with her white skin.

”What is your point talking to me like that? ” Yu Qi asked.

”You are insulting my goddess. ” The first girl pointed her finger at Yu Qi.

”Which ears do you hear me insulting her? ” Yu Qi raised her eyebrows.

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”I don ’t hear you say that.
But I know that you have insulted her in your heart when I saw smirking just now. ” The first girl shouted.

Yu Qi suddenly clapping her hands.

The girls were confused.
They did not understand Yu Qi ’s action.

”You are so amazing.
You can read my mind.
I am so impressed. ” It was mocking.

Hearing that, the girls were very angry.
One of them wanted to slap Yu Qi.
Yu Qi could easily grab the hand that wanted to slap her.

”Let me go, you s.l.u.t. ” The girl screamed.

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