”Girl, your mouth is so awful.
I bet your personality is also rotten. ” A middle aged woman came and told the girl straight in front of her face.

”What is your business? Don ’t interrupt us.
Go away. ” Another girl became angry at the middle aged woman.

”This girl… ” The middle aged woman pointed to Yu Qi.
”She has not done anything that has disturbed you.
Why are you acting rudely with her and has started to call her by name? ”

”She has insulted my goddess.
How can I not get mad with her? ” The first girl pointed at Yu Qi.

”Have you heard her insulting your goddess? ” The middle aged woman asked.

But… ”

”Then why have you become mad with her? ” The middle aged woman cut the girl.

Yu Qi realized that she was still holding one of the girl ’s hand, released the hand that she held like she was throwing something dirty and took out her wet tissue, starting wiping her own hand.

The three girls became more triggered seeing Yu Qi ’s behaviour like that.
They wanted to attack Yu Qi together.

However, a group of bodyguards with black suits appeared beside the middle woman.

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”Dare to attack.
Try it. ” The middle aged woman lifted up her face arrogantly.

The three girls stepped back.
Seeing the black suit of bodyguards had made them scared.
One of them pulled the first girl ’s sleeve.

”Babe, we just want to shop.
Let ’s forget about this. ” She said to the first girl.

The first girl frowned.
She was biting her lower lips.
Looked like she was making a huge decision.

”You better watch your mouth.
Don ’t dare to insult my goddess anymore. ” The girl glared at Yu Qi and gave Yu Qi a warning.

Yu Qi just rolled her eyes.
’Little girls. ’

She looked at the middle aged woman who had just helped her earlier.
When she saw the face, she was surprised.
It was someone whom she knew.

”Long time no see, Auntie Lu. ” Yu Qi greeted the middle aged woman.

”You are…
Who? ” The middle aged woman could not recognize Yu Qi with her face.

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Yu Qi put her face mask down to show the middle aged woman her face.

”Oh, you are Yue ’s friend.
Yu Qi, is it? ” The middle aged woman was Lu Qina, Feng Yue ’s mother best friend.

There were still onlookers around that watched the thing earlier, were surprised to see the girl ’s face.
They heard that the girl earlier who got into the argument with this girl saying that this girl was ugly.
Turned out, this girl was far than ugly.
She was very very beautiful.

”What are you doing here? ” Lu Qina asked Yu Qi.

”Well, it is Yue ’s graduation day tomorrow.
I have come to celebrate with her. ” Yu Qi told her reason for coming here.

”Oh, it is already Yue ’s graduation day? I want to meet with her too. ” Lu Qina was surprised to hear the news.

You can come tomorrow to Hansen University.
She would be happy to see you there. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”I need to think about her present. ” Lu Qina was excited.
”By the way, I have come to buy my cream here. ” She pointed at the Qi Qi Skincare Shop.

”Oh, l also want to enter the shop.
Let ’s enter together. ” Yu Qi smiled.

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”You… ” Lu Qina turned around to look at her bodyguards.
Yeah, the earlier bodyguards were hers.
”Stop following me into the shop.
You will scare other customers. ”

”Yes, Madam. ” The bodyguard obeyed.

”Shall we enter? ” Lu Qina said to Yu Qi.

”Hmm… ” Yu Qi nodded.

When they entered the store, the three girls earlier were also inside the store.
They reciprocated each other.

The three girls did not see the bodyguards behind Yu Qi and Lu Qina feeling a lot brave while facing Yu Qi and Lu Qina.

”Why are you following us? ” One of the girls came and asked Lu Qina and Yu Qi.

”What? You haven ’t finished yet? ” Lu Qina replied back.

”Since you hate my goddess, you should get out of the shop. ” The girl wanted to drive away Yu Qi.

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”Is this store yours? Why should I listen to you? ” Yu Qi rebuked.

”You!!! You have insulted my goddess and still want to get the products that my goddess has endorsed? ” The girl shouted again.

Yu Qi sighed.
’Can she just talk slowly? Do she need to shout that loud? ’

The store helpers tried to calm the girl.
”Miss, please calm down and talk nicely about this matter, okay? ”

”Don ’t you dare touch me like that? ” The girl now shouted at the innocent store helpers.

”Call your manager. ” Yu Qi said.

”But… ” One of the store helpers was hesitant.

”Can you solve this? Just call Mr Shu. ” The other store helper whispered to her.

Other store helpers nodded.
So, one of them went to call their manager.

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”I want you to apologize to me for insulting my goddess. ” The girl demanded.

”Are you an idiot? ” Yu Qi could not help but ask.
’Is this the power of a crazy fan? ’

”Now you insult me by calling me an idiot? ” The girl seemed shocked when Yu Qi asking that question.

Both of her friends had stepped away from her.
Now they felt embarrassed seeing their friend like this.
They just made a scene earlier, and now she made a scene again.

Maybe the girl did not insult Song Su Jin or anything but their friend thought so.
When they thought about that earlier, they were thinking how ashamed they were.

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