”What is going on here? ” A man in the middle aged came.

It must be the manager, Mr Shu.
He came when he heard the report saying the customers were arguing about something, one of them was shouting loudly and disturbing other customers.

However, when he saw the figure in front of him, he was startled.
When he was first hired by Qi Qi Skincare as the manager, he was required to go to the headquarters of Qi Qi Skincare at Wenya City.

He remembered vividly when Mr Su introduced someone to him.
It was the owner and founder of Qi Qi Skincare and that person was right in front of him right now.
Even with the mask, he still could recognize that person.

”Miss Tang, what are you doing here? ” Mr Shu asked humbly to Yu Qi.

”Just come to see some things. ” Yu Qi answered.
By pointing to three of the girls she said.
”By the way, blacklist them.
Inform the other branches too. ”

”Yes, Miss Tang. ” Mr Shu just accepted the order without asking for the reason.

”What? You can ’t do this to me. ” The girl screamed again.
She looked at Mr Shu.
”Why are you following her order? ”

”Because I am a shareholder of Qi Qi Skincare.
In another word, I am their boss. ” Yu Qi said arrogantly.

”What? ” The two girls were shaking now.
They could not understand what was going on here.

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”You are the boss? ” The girl that loved Song Su Jin widened her eyes.
”Then, why don ’t you say something when I have accused you of insulting Goddess Song? ”

”Hey, little girl, have you given her a chance to say something? You have been just screaming not letting her say anything.
Now you dare to say something like this? ” Lu Qina could not stand this girl ’s logic.

Lu Qina did not care anymore.
She turned to the manager, Mr Shu.
”Just chase them out can you? ”

Mr Shu did not follow Lu Qina just like that.
He turned to Yu Qi for confirmation since Yu Qi was his big boss.
Seeing his big boss nod, he quickly called security to chase these three girls out.

Other customers who looked at the scene felt that the girl in the black was not at the fault at all.
They could understand from the pieces that they had been talking about.
The girl who had been chased out was even screaming, how could they did not listen to that?

”Yu Qi, I don ’t know you are own Qi Qi.
Yu Qi…
Qi Qi…
Oh, it is taken from your own name. ” Lu Qina just realized the fact.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”But how have you done it? ” Lu Qina felt unreal.

Yu Qi was just in her twenties.
The same age as Feng Yue.
She probably just finished her study.
Just like Feng Yue.

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I have gotten a lot of help, especially, from my Grandpa and Grandpa Feng. ” Yu Qi did not forget the help from Grandpa Feng especially in setting up the business.

”Oh… ” Lu Qina understood.
She remembered that this girl was the granddaughter of the legendary doctor, Tang Jiang Man.
She heard that Qi Qi Skincare did not have any chemicals inside the products.
All the ingredients were 100% herbs.
It must be this girl who made the product herself.

”By the way, what products that you want to buy? ” Yu Qi asked Lu Qina.

”I want to buy…
the cream…
I already out of stock. ” Lu Qina said.
Husband, your work has already finished? ” Lu Qina turned from a friendly aunt to a blushful young girl.

”I have heard everything from the bodyguards.
So, I come and want to check on you. ” Lu Qina ’s husband, Fu Shi Zian had come to see his wife.

Fu Shi Zian was very worried when he heard the bodyguard ’s report.
Even though, he knew that his wife was not a weak woman.

”Don ’t worry, Husband.
I am fine. ” Lu Qina said with a sweet voice.
”By the way, Husband.
It is Yue ’s friend, Yu Qi.
She owns the Qi Qi Skincare. ” She introduced Yu Qi to Fu Shi Zian.

”Owns Qi Qi? ” Qi Qi was the most uprising company right now.
’She is the owner? Impressive. ’ That was the first impression that Fu Shi Zian had about Yu Qi.
”Impressive. ”

”Thanks but I have gotten a lot of help actually. ” Yu Qi smiled.

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”Who doesn ’t get the help when doing their business? ” Lu Qina said.

Qina is right. ” Fu Shi Zian nodded while agreeing with what his wife said.

Yu Qi chuckled as she saw the interaction between Fu Shi Zian and Lu Qina.
It seemed Fu Shi Zian was a wife slave.

”Yu Qi, how about we dine together? ” Lu Qina invited Yu Qi.

”Is that okay with you? I don ’t want to disturb you. ” Yu Qi asked.

”Don ’t worry.
My husband will not mind.
Let ’s call Yue too. ” Lu Qina clapped her hand once.

There was a ringing on Yu Qi ’s phone.
Oh, they just mentioned her name and there she was.

”Yu Qi!!! Where are you right now? ” Feng Yue shouted excitedly.

Yu Qi distanced the phone from her ear.
People really like to shout.

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”Yue, don ’t need to shout like that.
I just have enough of screaming today. ” Yu Qi sighed.

I am just so excited.
Back to my question, where are you right now? ” Feng Yue already calmed down and asked Yu Qi with a normal tone.

”I have already arrived at Hiso City.
Just taking a walk around the city.
Right now, I am at Qi Qi Skincare store. ” Yu Qi explained.

I will go later.
See you. ” Feng Yue had already ended the conversation.

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