”Is there someone inside? ” Feng Yue asked the waitress.

He is already inside. ” The waitress nodded.

”Who is inside? ” Yu Qi turned to Feng Yue.

”Well, you will know. ” Feng Yue grinned.

They entered the room.
At the table, there was someone who was just sitting.
Looked like he had been waiting for them.

”You have arrived. ” The man looked at them.

”Grandfather. ” Feng Yue came forward and hugged the old man.

The old man was Grandpa Long.

”Hmm… ” Grandpa Long acknowledged.

”Hello, Grandpa Long. ” Yu Qi bowed as she greeted Grandpa Long.

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”Hmm…you have come. ” Grandpa Long nodded.

”Uncle Long, long time no time.
Do you remember me? ” Lu Qina greeted as she pointed her finger to her face.

Grandpa Long narrowed his eyes as he tried to remember Lu Qina.
”You are Qina, right? Indeed, it has been a long time since I have last met you. ”

”Yeah, Uncle Long. ” Lu Qina smiled.

”Is that your husband? ” Grandpa Long moved his eyes to Fu Shi Zian.

”Yes, my beloved husband, Fu Shi Zian. ” Lu Qina told Grandpa Long.

Grandpa Long observed Fu Shi Zian from up to the bottom.

”Uncle Long. ” Fu Shi Zian greeted Grandpa Long using the same name as his wife used.

”Take care of your wife properly.
Don ’t cheat on her. ” Grandpa Long advised.

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Grandpa Long remembered that Lu Qina had been friendly with his daughter since they were small.
He liked her as he liked his daughter.
So, he did not want Lu Qina to share the same fate as his daughter.

”Don ’t worry about that, Uncle Long.
I will not cheat on her. ” Fu Shi Zian said as he looked into his wife ’s eyes.

Let ’s sit down and order the food.
Have you ordered the food, Grandpa? ” Feng Yue said.

They ordered the food.
Lu Qina talked to Grandpa Long a lot.
She was Long Tiang ’s friend that did not feel afraid to talk with Grandpa Long.
Fu Shi Zian also joined the conversation.
Only Feng Yue and Yu Qi just listened and gave the response when needed.

Grandpa Long excused himself to go to the toilet.
Feng Yue wanted to accompany him but he firmly requested her.

”I am still strong to walk alone.
Don ’t need to accompany me. ” Grandpa Long said.

Okay. ” Feng Yue nodded.

They continued to eat while talking to each other.
Then suddenly someone forced opened the room.
At first, they thought it was Grandpa Long.

However, their eyes laid on the two people that just came inside, they frowned.
It was Sophie and another man.

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”Darling, it is them.
They bullied me just now.
And that little bitch… ” Sophie pointed to Feng Yue.
”She has slapped me hard.
My face still hurts from her slap. ”

”Ji Xian Hao… ” Fu Shi Zian said.

”Oh, Fu Shi Zian.
You are here too. ” The man called Ji Xian Hao grinned as he saw Fu Shi Zian.
”Never thought to see you here. ”

”You are disturbing us.
Leave. ” Fu Shi Zian did not seem happy to see this man.

I am your friend.
But I can not leave just like that.
That girl has slapped my girl. ” Ji Xian Hao now turned to Feng Yue.
Indeed a beautiful girl.

However, his eyes wavered when he saw the next girl beside the first girl.
’Oh, my god.
Stunning. ’ He did not bother to filter his l.e.w.d stare on both of the girls.

”Who is your friend? ” Fu Shi Zian would never admit that this man was his friend.

They were just an acquaintance, knew from a business conference.
He never liked Xian Hao because of his flirtatious attitude towards women.

He had seen Ji Xian Hao molesting a girl.
That girl needed to endure since she was Ji Xian Hao ’s worker.
Fu Shi Zian could not bear to see that anymore, he saved the girl from Ji Xian Hao ’s caws.

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Ji Xian Hao told the girl to come back otherwise she would lose her job.
Feeling afraid of losing her job, she wanted to return to Ji Xian Hao but Fu Shi Zian offered the girl a job at his company.

”The girl needs to apologize to my girl. ” Ji Xian Hao grinned.

”Hell no. ” Feng Yue rejected it.
She would never apologize to that woman.

Ji Xian Hao ’s grin became more widened.
”If you don ’t want to apologize and it is okay but both of you… ” He pointed to Feng Yue and Yu Qi before continuing his speech.
”Need to spend a night with me. ”

Feng Yue: ”Hell no. ”

Lu Qina: ”You dare bastard!!! ”

Fu Shi Zian: ”Ji Xian Hao, don ’t push your luck. ”

Ji Xian Hao just smiled hearing three of them became angry.
His eyes laid on Yu Qi that just stood there without saying anything.

You don ’t say anything.
Can I assume you are agreeing with my condition? ” Ji Xian Hao talked to Yu Qi l.e.w.dly.

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”Do I need to say anything to reject it? Have you see your face in the mirror? ” Yu Qi coldly insulted Ji Xian Hao.

Feng Yue chuckled.
’Yu Qi ’s mouth is so powerful.
She knows where to point. ’

Ji Xian Hao ’s face changed.
He had never been insulted about his look directly in front of his face.
He knew that many people talked about his look behind him but he did not care much about that.
But this girl, she crossed the line.

”You girl!!! Don ’t think about leaving here. ” Ji Xian Hao shouted angrily.

”Ji Xian Hao, don ’t you dare!!! ” Fu Shi Zian gritted his teeth.

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