”Fu Shi Zian, don ’t forget that this is my territory. ” Ji Xian Hao smirked.

”You! ” Fu Shi Zian gritted his teeth.
He was so angry with this man.

”You are very suitable with each other, Sophie.
Bitch and bastard. ” Lu Qina sneered.

”You are just jealous of me. ” Sophie chuckled.

It is your territory… ” There was a voice behind Sophie and Ji Xian Hao.

”Who ’s there? ” Ji Xian Hao turned around and saw a good looking old man behind me.
’He is even better than me. ’

Author ’s thought: ’Of course! Long Hui comes from his genes. ’

”Who the hell are you? ” Ji Xian Hao asked.

”I will like to ask you the same question.
What are you doing in this room? I don ’t know you. ” It was Grandpa Long who just came back from the toilet.

Sophie already felt weak when she saw Grandpa Long.
She really scared of Grandpa Long since she became friends with Long Tiang.

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She did not know what was the reason she had been so afraid of Grandpa Long.
She became more and more afraid of Grandpa Long after she snatched Long Tiang ’s boyfriend.

She grabbed Ji Xian Hao ’s hand to stabilize herself.

”What is wrong with you? ” Ji Xian Hao frowned.

”Darling, he is Long Fei Yi, ” Sophie whispered to Ji Xian Hao.

”What? Who? ” Ji Xian Hao could not find out about this good looking old man.

”The great general Long Fei Yi, ” Sophie said again.

Now Ji Xian Hao caught what Sophie tried to tell him.
’F.u.c.k!!! Great General Long? ’ Who did not know Long Fei Yi, he or she was an idiot.

Ji Xian Hao stepped aside to give a way for Grandpa Long to enter the room since they were blocking the entrance.
Great General Long. ”

Grandpa Long did not care much about how they called him.
He walked inside.

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”What is happening here? ” Grandpa Long asked.
His eyes were on Feng Yue.

”Nothing, Great General.
Nothing. ” Ji Xian Hao quickly denied it.

”Humph!!! Now you are feeling scared.
Grandpa, before we come here.
That woman, she has insulted Mum.
So, I have slapped her.
Right now, she comes here bringing in her man to teach us a lesson.
That man demands Yu Qi and me to sleep with him as an apology. ” Feng Yue told everything to Grandpa Long.

”Oh, you want to sleep with my granddaughter in law and granddaughter? ” Grandpa Long turned around and narrowed his eyes while glaring at Ji Xian Hao.

Grandpa Long ’s murderous aura was pretty much the same as Long Hui but much more vicious.
Well, he was a soldier for many years.

Ji Xian Hao kneeled down.
I am sorry.
I don ’t know they are your granddaughter in law and granddaughter.
I will not do that.
Please, Sir.
Let me go. ” He begged so much.

”So, if she is nothing, you will force her to sleep with you? ” Feng Yue said adding the fuel to the fire.

”No! No, Sir.
I will not do it to anyone anymore. ” Ji Xian Hao shook his head hard.

”What is your name? ” Grandpa Long asked.

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”My name is Ji Xian Hao, Sir. ” Ji Xian Hao said.

”I will remember your name.
I will investigate from time to time about you.
If you do something bad…. ” Grandpa Long did not have to finish his sentence.

Ji Xian Hao already understood the next sentence that Grandpa Long would like to say.
I will behave, Sir. ”

”As for you, girl… ” Grandpa Long looked at Sophie.

Sophie ’s body was already shaking.
When Grandpa Long paid attention to her, her body trembled even more.

”How dare you dare insult my daughter? ” Grandpa Long pressured Sophie even more.

”I am sorry!!! ” Sophie cried.
She was so scared.

Looked like Grandpa Long loved his daughter so much.
He was very angry when his granddaughter told him that someone insulted his daughter.

”Now, get lost. ” Grandpa Long said.

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We will get lost. ” Ji Xian Hao quickly stood up and left the room.

Sophie also followed him quickly.

Right after they got out, Feng Yue laughed.

”As expected, my grandfather is still the strongest one. ” Feng Yue said.

Uncle Long is still the same as usual. ” Lu Qina nodded.

Yu Qi also agreed.
He was the same as Long Hui even though he was already 60 years old.

Ji Xian Hao ran away from the restaurant.
He wanted to leave the restaurant faster.
Sophie was running behind him wanted to catch him up.

”Darling, wait for me, ” Sophie called Ji Xian Hao.

Ji Xian Hao suddenly remembered about Sophie.
He already got out of the restaurant and his car that parked not far from the restaurant.

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Sophie arrived at Ji Xian Hao ’s side breathlessly.
She tried to catch her breath.

”Tell me.
Do you know who they are at the beginning? ” Ji Xian Hao asked Sophie.

Sophie ’s eyes wandered from right to left several times.
Ji Xian Hao became angry as he looked at her behaviour.
Even he was just together with Sophie not that long but he was kind of understood her.
Right now, she was afraid to tell him the truth.

”Tell me!!! Do you know who they are before this? ” Ji Xian Hao asked Sophie again but now in full anger.

”I know…
But I have never thought that Great General will be here tonight. ” Sophie was startled, telling everything.

”You idiot!!! Bitch, you have just ruined me.
You bitch.
Now, you and I have nothing to do with each other. ” Ji Xian Hao slapped Sophie.

It was a strong slap.
Sophie received another slap.
Now, both of her cheeks had been slapped.
It hurt so much.

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