”If you don ’t want to attend her graduation, it is fine.
No need to force her to accept someone whom she does not want to accept. ” Grandpa Feng reminded Feng Cho Kang.

Fuang Cian Xie clenched her fists.
Her father in law was always like this.
He was not angry when knowing Feng Cho Kang got married to her but he did not care about her.
When coming to Feng Yue, he would not let his granddaughter suffer.

”Dad… ” Feng Cho Kang wanted to protest.

Grandpa Feng glared at Feng Cho Kang making Feng Cho Kang became silent.
Even though Feng Cho Kang already became a father, he was still scared of his father.

”Grandpa… ” Feng Ma Ri wanted to say something.

”As for you, like your sister say, don ’t play too much.
Study more.
I want to see you graduate next year.
Otherwise, I will cut off your allowance. ” Grandpa Feng said.

”What? You can ’t do that, Grandpa. ” Feng Ma Ri was panic.

”If you don ’t want your allowance to be cut off, just study hard to make sure you graduate next year.
It is simple. ” Grandpa Feng did not want to hear any excuse.

Feng Ma Ri bit her lower lips.
How did the conversation go to cut off her allowance? Argh!!! She was so angry.

”Don ’t worry, Dad.
Ma Ri will try her best to graduate next year. ” Fuang Cian Xie said while holding her daughter ’s hand.

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Grandpa Feng just glanced at her without commenting about anything.

”The ceremony will start soon.
I want to go and see someone. ” Feng Yue said to Grandpa Feng.

”Sister, who do you want to see right now? Your boyfriend? ” Feng Ma Ri asked.

”So what? You want to come too? ” Feng Yue raised her eyebrows.

”Really? I want to meet your boyfriend too. ” Feng Ma Ri ’s eyes were shining.

”I want to go to see my grandfather.
Do you dare to come over? ” Feng Yue smirked.

Hearing the word ’grandfather ’ from Feng Yue meaning the man was Grandpa Long.
Grandpa Long hated Feng Ma Ri.
She shivered as she thought about Grandpa Long.

”Come over.
Grandfather will be happy to see you. ” ’And to scold you. ’ Feng Yue invited Feng Ma Ri to join her.

”No thank you, Sister.
I will just accompany Grandpa here. ” Feng Ma Ri shook her head strongly, showing she did not want to follow Feng Yue.

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Feng Yue sneered.
”Grandpa, you can go to the hall right now. ” She directly ignored her father.

”Okay. ” Grandpa Feng nodded.

Yu Qi did not say anything just now went to follow Feng Yue.
She understood Feng Yue ’s situation right now.
Feng Yue managed to grow up strongly because of Grandpa Feng.

Grandpa Feng loved Feng Yue more than his son.
That protected Feng Yue from Feng Ma Ri and Fuang Cian Xie.
They could not do anything physical to Feng Yue.

So, they tried to hurt Feng Yue emotionally by manipulating Feng Cho Kang.
Feng Yue wanted her father to love her but grew apart due to their manipulation.

Feng Yue and Yu Qi arrived at Grandpa Long ’s current location.
They could see that he was talking to someone.

Feng Yue: ”Grandfather. ”

Yu Qi: ”Grandpa Long. ”

Both of them greeted Grandpa Long.

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”Hmm… ” Grandpa Long responded to their greeting.
”Jian Bai, this is my granddaughter, Feng Yue.
She will be graduating today. ” He pointed his finger to Feng Yue

”Owh, it is Tiang ’s daughter.
She is indeed similar to her mother. ” Quan Jian Bai looked at Feng Yue.

”Yue, he is my friend.
You can call him, Grandpa Quan. ” Grandpa Long introduced Grandpa Quan.

”Hello, Grandpa Quan. ” Feng Yue greeted Grandpa Quan.

”Hmm… ” Grandpa Quan nodded.
”Do you have a boyfriend? ”

Yeah… ” Feng Yue was very shy to admit that.

”Really? What a shame.
I have thought that I could introduce you to my grandson. ” Grandpa Quan sighed.
He was serious to introduce Feng Yue to his grandson.

”I remember that all of your grandsons are already married. ” Grandpa Long glanced at Grandpa Quan.

”Yeah but the one that I want to introduce to is my maternal grandson.
He is also around your age. ” Grandpa Quan said.

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”Oh…. ” Grandpa Long remembered that his friend indeed had two maternal grandsons.

”By the way, who is the young girl beside your granddaughter? ” Grandpa Quan looked at Yu Qi.
”Is this your friend, Yue? ” He asked Feng Yue.

”Yes, Grandpa Quan.
My friend, Tang Yu Qi. ” Feng Yue introduced Yu Qi.

”Hello, Grandpa Quan. ” Yu Qi greeted him.

Are you still single, then? ” Grandpa Quan asked Yu Qi the same question he asked Feng Yue.
He wanted to introduce some girls to his grandson.

”No need to ask her.
She is my future granddaughter in law. ” Grandpa Long put the end to Grandpa Quan ’s hope.

”What? You mean she is the one? ” Grandpa Quan was shocked.

Grandpa Quan knew that Grandpa Long only had one grandson, Long Hui.
Despite his good looking face, he seemed to hate women a lot.

He heard about the rumour, telling that Long Hui was dating someone but he did not believe much about that.
To think about the rumour saying that Long Hui was dating Tang Jiang Man ’s granddaughter.

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”Wait, you are Tang Jiang Man ’s granddaughter? ” Grandpa Quan looked at Yu Qi and asked.

I am his granddaughter. ” Yu Qi nodded confirming Grandpa Qian ’s question.

”Oh, the rumour is true then.
Long Hui is indeed dating that Tang Jiang Man ’s granddaughter. ” Grandpa Quan was amused by the news.

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