Feng Yue ’s ceremony had started.
Yu Qi also sat in the audience seat and watched the ceremony.

Feng Yue did not say anything about becoming the top student.
Grandpa Feng and Grandpa Long were very surprised.
But at the same time, they were proud of their granddaughter.

Same as Feng Cho Kang, he was also very surprised hearing Feng Yue ’s name calling out first.
He understood that being called out first meant that Feng Yue was the top student among her batch.
He immediately became proud of his daughter.

”You don ’t know that that little bitch is the top student? ” Fuang Cian Xie whispered to Feng Ma Ri with a very low voice.

She did not want anyone to hear what she had called Feng Yue, especially her husband and her father in law.
She wanted to maintain her good stepmother ’s image in front of them.

”Mum, how can I know about that? We are not close at all. ” Feng Ma Ri also whispered.

”You! You should pay attention to her. ” Fuang Cian Xie was angry at her daughter.

”Why should I? ” Feng Ma Ri rolled her eyes.

”Look at your grandfather and father.
They are proud of her. ” Fuang Cian Xie mentioned that.

”So what? Let them be proud, then. ” Feng Ma Ri snorted.

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”Why do I have a stupid daughter? Ma Ri, you need to show your grandfather and father that you are also smart.
Do you want that little bitch to inherit the company? If she inherits the company, do you think she will anything for us? ” Fuang Cian Xie laid the fact.

Feng Ma Ri ’s eyes became widened.
Looked like she had just realized something.
That seemed logical.

”But Grandpa and father will not leave everything to her.
They will not forget me. ” Feng Ma Ri said.

”My daughter, you are the one that should inherit the company since you are your father beloved ’s daughter.
Not her.
She should just go and die somewhere. ” Fuang Cian Xie said.

Feng Ma Ri was silent at the moment.
Indeed, she was his father beloved ’s daughter, not Feng Yue.
She should be the one to inherit the company.

”Mum, what should I do? ” Feng Ma Ri asked.

”For now, study and make sure to graduate next year.
After that, I will slowly talk to your father to get you to work at the company. ” Fuang Cian Xie laid down the planning.

”But mum, I don ’t like to work. ” Feng Ma Ri pouted.

”You should work.
By working, you can show your grandfather and father that you are also capable to manage the business.
The chance for you to inherit the company will be increase. ” Fuang Cian Xie said.

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”Oh… ” Feng Ma Ri nodded.
”I will try harder, mum. ”

”Good girl. ” Fuang Cian Xie smiled when seeing her daughter understood what she had been tried to say to her.

Right now, Feng Yue delivered her speech.
Well prepared.
After that, the graduation ceremony for her faculty ended.

Feng Yue looked for her family.
She saw Grandpa Feng together with others.
What she meant by others were her father, Feng Ma Ri and Fuang Cian Xie.

She was also surprised when seeing Grandpa Long also together with them.
She could see that Feng Ma Ri and Fuang Cian Xie seemed to be hiding behind Feng Cho Kang ’s back avoiding Grandpa Long ’s eyes.

However, she could not see Yu Qi anywhere.
Where did she? ’Maybe she has gone to get fresh. ’

”Grandpa, Grandfather. ” Feng Yue smiled.
Directly ignored others.

”Congratulations. ” Grandpa Feng patted his granddaughter ’s head.

”Thank you, Grandpa. ” Feng Yue nodded.

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”Congratulations too. ” Grandpa Long said.

”Thank you, Grandfather.
Do I get the present for my graduation day? ” Feng Yue jokingly asked both of her grandfathers.

”Of course. ” Grandpa Feng laughed.

”I will give it to you later. ” Grandpa Long said.

”Congratulations to you, Sister. ” Feng Ma Ri wanted to maintain her image as a loving sister, so she congratulated Feng Yue with a smile.
Even though she was afraid of Grandpa Long.

”Hmm… ” Feng Yue did not give much response to Feng Ma Ri.

Feng Ma Ri was very angry seeing Feng Yue ’s attitude.
She clenched both of her fists.
If not because Grandpa Long was here, she would rebuke Feng Yue.
Feng Yue should be glad that she wanted to congratulate her.

”By the way, Grandpa, Grandfather, do you see Yu Qi? ” Feng Yue asked.

”I have seen her leaving just now.
Maybe she has something to do.
What a pity.
She should wait and celebrate with you.
” Feng Ma Ri indeed saw Yu Qi just now.
She was in hurry.

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”I don ’t know that Second Miss Feng will know my schedule. ” Yu Qi appeared with a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear.

”Yu Qi. ” Feng Yue said.

”I have just gone to buy this.
Happy graduation day. ” Yu Qi gave the bouquet to Feng Yue.

”You are just giving a bouquet to my sister as a present? ” Feng Ma Ri mocked.
Well, she wanted to destroy their friendship.

”I will receive any present from the people I like.
I will appropriate them.
However, I will not receive anything from people that I dislike. ” Feng Yue glared at Feng Ma Ri.

”My dear, don ’t worry.
This is not my only present to you.
I will give another one tomorrow. ” Yu Qi said to Feng Yue.

”Really? ” Feng Yue asked.

”Of course. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Just ta… ” Feng Ma Ri wanted to respond, however, she shut her mouth when seeing Grandpa Long was glaring at her.
She was scared and hid behind Feng Cho Kang ’s back.

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