Grandpa Feng handed out a key to Feng Yue.
At first, Feng Yue was confused.
However, when she saw the logo on the key, she immediately became happy.

It was a Ford Mustang GT car.
Her dream car.
She had liked this type of car when she came across a website that contained sports car.

She quickly fell in love with this sports car when her eyes had laid on it.
She did some research.
Not many in Binhai Nation used this car.
So, the price was a bit higher.

She told herself that she would work hard and save the money to buy the car.

But she did not know that her grandpa would know that she wanted this car.

”I have gone overseas last week to handle the buying process.
Lucky, it has settled quickly.
Before your graduation day. ” Grandpa Feng said.

”Thank you, Grandpa.
I love you so much. ” Feng Yue said excitedly.

”How do you know that I have wanted this car? ” Feng Yue asked.

”I have my way. ” Grandpa Feng smiled.

”Grandpa, I want a car too. ” Feng Ma Ri said.
She was extremely jealous when seeing Feng Yue got the car.
She wanted one too.

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”Graduate next year then you will get what you want. ” Grandpa Feng said.

”But… ” Feng Ma Ri wanted to protest.

”Ma Ri! ” Fuang Cian Xie pulled Feng Ma Ri ’s hand and shook her head.

Feng Ma Ri pouted.
’It is not fair.
I want it too. ’

They went to take a picture.
Feng Yue took three packages of graduation pictures.
One was she alone, one with Grandpa Long, and another one with Grandpa Feng and her father.

”How about your sister and mother? ” Feng Cho Kang asked.

”Father, can you listen to my request today? I want to take a picture with Grandpa and you only. ” Feng Yue said.

Feng Cho Kang was thinking.
Indeed, it was Feng Yue ’s graduation day.
It should be okay if he listened to Feng Yue ’s request today.

”But I want to take a picture with you too. ” Feng Ma Ri said.

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”But I don ’t want to. ” Feng Yue glared at Feng Ma Ri.
Who wanted to take pictures with them? She would not pretend to be happy with those who grabbed her and her mother ’s place.

If you don ’t want, you can be excluded. ” Grandpa Feng said to Feng Cho Kang and Feng Ma Ri.

In the end, Feng Cho Kang joined Feng Yue and Grandpa Feng in the picture.
He thought it was good for once to listen to Feng Yue ’s request since she did not ask Feng Cho Kang for anything.


When Ren Qian Yi entered Long Hui ’s office, he could feel that Long Hui was in a bad mood.
He wondered what had happened.

Long Hui seemed to ignore Ren Qian Yi and was just staring at his phone.
Ren Qian Yi became interested in the content.
He looked over and saw the content.

”What? ” Ren Qian Yi shouted.

He saw Yu Qi in the picture.
’She seemed to be sleeping.
So, who is the one who has taken the picture? Is she cheating on Second Brother? Is Second Brother wearing a green hat now? That ’s why Second Brother is in bad mood. ’ He made a magnificent conclusion from one glance at the picture.

To be honest, Yu Qi indeed looked beautiful in her sleep.
However, Ren Qian Yi could have never thought that Long Hui would be wearing a green hat.
Well, it seemed funny.

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”Why are you smiling? ” Long Hui asked with a cold voice.

”Second Brother, you should not be angry.
You should ask sister in law for confirmation.
Something might not look like as we have thought. ” Ren Qian Yi gave some advice.

”What are you talking about? ” Long Hui raised his eyebrows.

”That picture.
Something might lead to the situation.
She may not have cheated on you. ” Ren Qian Yi said.
He could not believe that Yu Qi would be cheating.

”Huh? Cheating? What cheating? ” Long Hui showed the picture to Ren Qian Yi.
”My beloved Qi Qi is just sleeping with Yue. ”

”What? Huh? Then why are you in a bad mood? ” Ren Qian Yi asked.
He could not understand.

”Yue is sleeping in the same bed with my Qi Qi.
That girl really wants me to punish her. ” Long Hui narrowed his eyes.

At the moment, Feng Yue felt cold at her back.
She shivered.
She saw around but seeing nothing.

”Second Brother, it is normal for girls to sleep together.
Not to mention they are best friends like the sister in law and Yue. ” Ren Qian Yi felt it was nothing bad.
He felt it was quite normal.
So, he could not understand why Long Hui felt angry with that matter.

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”It is okay for them to sleep together.
But she dares to take picture of them and send it to me. ” Long Hui said.

’Oh, that is what he meant.
In another word, he is just jealous that Feng Yue can sleep with his girlfriend while he is working here.
What an imm.a.t.u.r.e man.
Well, I can understand the feeling.
But when can I get my own girlfriend? Hey, author, give me a girlfriend too.
I also want to brag about it to others. ’ Ren Qian Yi said.

Author: ’Just wait for it.
You will get one soon. ’

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