The guard opened the gate to his young miss.
He had been informed by his second young master that the young miss would return that day.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi thanked the guard while passing the gate.

”Welcome home, Young Miss. ” The guard smiled as he greeted the girl.

Yu Qi returned to Tang Main Residence.
She was called by her Auntie Ming Yue to return home.
When she asked the reason, Auntie Ming Yue just said that they missed her.

Thinking that she also missed them, she returned home.
Parked her car, she entered the house.
The maid saw her and greeted her.

”Welcome home, Young Miss, Aoi. ” The maids said.
They did not forget to greet Aoi too that followed beside Yu Qi.

By the way, where are my aunties? ” Yu Qi asked.

”First Madam and Second Madam have gone out.
They may return in the evening. ” The maid informed Yu Qi.

”I see.
I will go to my room.
Call me when dinner is ready. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay, Young Miss. ” The maid nodded.

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”Woof. ” ’Master, I am hungry. ’ Aoi looked at Yu Qi.

”Oh, give Aoi something to eat too.
He is hungry. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Yes, Young Miss!! ” The maid said excitedly.

Well, she was a dog lover.
Seeing the cute dog in front of her, she was fighting her urge to pat the dog since it was Young Miss ’s dog.

Aoi could feel the maid ’s excitement.
He gulped.
’Master, this maid is crazy. ’

’Just follow her and you will get the food. ’ Yu Qi chuckled.
She looked at Aoi before heading to her room.

Aoi hesitated to follow the maid.
’Just follow her first.
When you get the food, let her pat you once and run. ’ Aoi made a plan in his head.

The maid seemed to watch Aoi and saw the Aoi was nodding about something.
She felt Aoi was very cute.
She wanted to pat Aoi but she knew that Aoi did not like someone patted his head.
But when he was eating, he did not care much about someone patting his head.
That was what the maid aimed to do.

Yu Qi had been dragged by Su Xiao after breakfast.
Su Xiao wanted to hang out with Yu Qi.

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When Yu Qi asked why Ming Yue did not follow them too, Su Xiao told her that Ming Yue had some work that needed to be completed by that day.

Su Xiao brought Yu Qi to the shopping mall.
Su Xiao also asked her whether she brought back her dresses or not.
Yu Qi shook her head telling Su Xiao that she did not bring any dresses.

Hearing about that, Su Xiao told Yu Qi that she needed to buy some dresses.

”Auntie Su Xiao, why do we need to buy dresses? ” Yu Qi asked, confused about this.

”We have some events to attend.
You as the granddaughter of your grandpa needs to show your face. ” Su Xiao said.

”Oh, I see.
Then I will follow Auntie Su Xiao. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Both of them entered a boutique that was selling evening dresses.
Yu Qi looked at the brand.

’Trisque. ’ It was the brand ’s name.
It was a famous brand.
Yu Qi knew the brand since Feng Yue liked to talk about this brand.

”Welcome to Trisque.
May I have your name, Madam, Miss? ” The store helper welcomed Su Xiao and Yu Qi with a smile.

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”My surname is Tang.
I have booked a space to review the dresses today.
By the way, this is my niece.
The dresses will be reviewed by her. ” Su Xiao said.

”Wait a minute, Madam Tang, Miss Tang.
Let me double confirm it first. ” The store helper said politely.

Usually, when the customer booked a space to review the dresses, the customers were coming from a rich family.
The store helpers became extremely politely when she heard the women said that.
It was not like she was not politely at all initially, but her manager did remind her to be extra polite dealing with this kind of customers.

”People are always lying to others to make them look better.
You can see from their clothes. ” Sarcasm could be heard from behind where Yu Qi and Su Xiao was standing.

Yu Qi and Su Xiao turned around to see the person that made the sarcasm.
It was two middle aged women behind them.

The middle aged women wearing good clothes showing their status.
Everyone could see from their clothes, that looked expensive.

”Are you talking about us? ” Su Xiao narrowed her eyes.

”Well, if you think so. ” One of the women chuckled.

”Madam Guo, please don ’t look down on people like them.
They must be upstart.
Well, people just begin to get rich. ” Cheng Zin Wan chuckled, saying the words to her friends, Guo Kung Yu.

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Su Xiao did not respond to them.
She looked at them.
She did not recognize them.
When she was thinking about it, she remembered that Ming Yue told her that there were two new members in their community.

Their community consisted of the middle aged woman like Su Xiao and Ming Yue who lived in FINN City.
In another word, it was the place where they were gathered and talking among them.

Ming Yue went to see them.
But Su Xiao did not since she was feeling unwell on that day.
These two women must be them.

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