Both Yu Qi and Su Xiao had already forgotten about the earlier chaos.
They focused on the dresses in front of her.
Su Xiao was happy seeing the beautiful dresses in front of her but it was different for Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was feeling dizzy seeing these beautiful dresses.
And her Auntie Su Xiao right now wanted her to try at least two of those which Yu Qi liked.

Su Xiao told her that there would be two parties that Yu Qi needed to go with them so it was necessary to choose at least two dresses for those parties.

”Miss Tang, you can try anything that catches your attention. ” The store helper tried to help.

”Hmm… ” Yu Qi could not avoid this.
So, she would make her choice right now.
”This one and that one. ” She pointed at the two dresses.

”Try them. ” Su Xiao said.

”Okay… ” Yu Qi had been pushed to the fitting room with the two dresses.

”Miss Tang can put on the dress first.
If you think you can ’t wear it, please tell me.
I will help you put it on. ” The store helper said.

”Oh, thank you. ” Yu Qi nodded.

She entered the fitting room.
She had chosen a long dark purple dress.
The upper part of the dress resembled a qipao, however, the lower part of the dress had a layer of chiffon fabric on it.

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Yu Qi did not have any problem wearing this dress.

”Yu Qi, do you wear it? Please come out.
I want to see you. ” Su Xiao said.

Hearing that, Yu Qi who had already finished trying on the dress come out.
Su Xiao and the store helper were stunned by what they had seen right now.

Yu Qi looked very stunning in the dress.

”Yu Qi, you look more beautiful in this dress. ” Su Xiao praised Yu Qi.

”Yeah, Miss Tang.
I have never seen a person who looks so much beauty in our dresses.
Even the actresses will not be able to beat you. ” The store helper also praised her too.

The store helper was saying the truth.
She had been working in the store for almost five years.
She had seen a lot of women put on the Trisque Dresses.
They looked beautiful but not like Yu Qi who looked very fit in the dress.

”You are praising me too much. ” Yu Qi said.

”Miss Tang, may I take a picture of you? Don ’t worry.
I will not use the picture for the promotion but just for my collection.
Can I? ” The store helper already brought out her phone and begged Yu Qi.

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Well, Yu Qi indeed did not like much about being in the highlight.

”Will, you really not use the picture for the promotion? ” Yu Qi asked.

I promise. ” The store helper nodded.

”Okay, then. ” Yu Qi agreed to have her picture taken.

The store helper was happy hearing Yu Qi had agreed with her request.
She took pictures from different angles.

”The more I look at you, the more I feel you are suitable. ” The store helper praised Yu Qi again.

”Well, Yu Qi, go and try another dress. ” Su Xiao said.

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Madam Tang, what is Miss Tang ’s work? ” The store helper asked.

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Well, she wanted to ask Yu Qi to be a model if Yu Qi was interested in it.
She had good looks and a perfect body to be a model.
She was sure if Yu Qi wanted to be a model, she would grab everyone ’s attention.
Not only the local people but international people too.

”My niece is a doctor. ” Su Xiao was happily bragging about Yu Qi like Yu Qi was her daughter.
She had already considered Yu Qi as her daughter.

”Oh, a doctor. ” The store helper was very surprised.
She did not expect that such a beautiful person would be a doctor.
However, when she imagined Yu Qi wearing the white doctor gown, somehow it felt suitable.

I can not zip the dress up. ” Yu Qi opened the fitting room door.

Yu Qi appeared in dark blue dresses.
The dress was knee-long on the front but slightly longer at the back.
The dress also showed off Yu Qi ’s white jade shoulder.

The store helper approached Yu Qi and helped her zipping the dress.
Once again, both Su Xiao and the store helper were stunned by Yu Qi ’s beauty.

”My niece indeed looks beautiful…
I am kind of jealous… ” Su Xiao sighed.

”Auntie Su Xiao, you are still the most beautiful.
Uncle Jang Qin still loves you so much. ” Yu Qi responded.

Su Xiao was blushing when she heard Yu Qi talking about her and her husband.

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Yu Qi smiled seeing her aunty blushing like that.

”Can I take the picture again? ” The store helper asked again about taking the pictures.

You can take them. ” Yu Qi nodded.

The store helper once again became a photographer.
She took a lot of pictures of Yu Qi.
After satisfied with the pictures, she stopped.

”I have already chosen these two dresses, Auntie Su Xiao. ” Yu Qi said.

”You don ’t want to try others? ” Su Xiao asked.

”Yeah, Miss Tang, you can try other dresses too. ” The store helper said with an excited tone since she wanted to see Yu Qi try the other dresses too.

I don ’t want it. ” Yu Qi rejected the idea to try on other dresses.

She already felt tired trying on those two dresses.
She preferred doing something else rather than going shopping like this.

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The store helper could not help but feel disappointed.

”Oh, it is almost one hour.
Our time will be ending soon. ” Su Xiao looked at her watch.

They only booked for an one-hour session.

”So, you want to buy these dresses? ” The store helper asked for confirmation.

”Yes. ” Su Xiao nodded.

”I hope that Miss Tang will come again to try our dresses. ” The store helper said before Yu Qi and Su Xiao left.

Thank you for your service. ” Su Xiao said.

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