Yu Qi returned home with Su Xiao when lunch.
After getting the dresses, Su Xiao brought her to get some high heel.
Yu Qi did not like to wear high heels but for some occasions, she might have to wear high heels.

Yu Qi ’s height was already higher than average girls in Binhai Nation.
1.7 meter.
The average height for the girls in Binhai Nation was 1.65 meter.
When she was wearing the heel high, she would look even taller.

After getting forced by her aunty, she ended up choosing two pairs of high heels that matched both of the earlier dresses that she had bought just now.

Then Su Xiao told her that they would go to the dry cleaner to clean the two dresses first.
Since she would need one of the dress for tonight.

Yu Qi was surprised.
She did not even know they would attend the event tonight.
It was why Su Xiao had asked whether she had the dresses or not and quickly got some dresses.

Returning home, Su Xiao asked Yu Qi whether she wanted to eat lunch.
Thinking of her mental state, she shook her head.
She was tired.
Physically and mentally.

When she was working, she also felt tired but not this kind of tiredness.
When she was working she was tired but at the same time, she was satisfied.

Yu Qi returned to her room.
She wanted to rest.
After taking a bath, she climbed up her bed and slept.
She already told Su Xiao to wake her up when the time arrived.
Since there was an event tonight.


She ran and ran.
It had been two days since she was running.
However, people could not stop going after her.

They wanted her power.
Her power could increase their power.
She did not want that.
She did not want to help them since she knew none of them.
Why should she help them?

”Stop!!! You bitch!!!! ” People already behind her.

She increased her speed.
She took out a pill that could increase her speed.
The gap between the people increased again.

Her power was a secret.
She did not know how those people managed to know about her secret.
Only a few people knew about her place.

Her senior brother was in closed-door cultivation.
They might not come out soon.
She needed to depend on herself.
She needed to enter her space.

However, before she managed to enter her space, she suddenly could not move her body.
Her movement had been restrained by some forces.

”We finally managed to catch you. ”

There were the people who emerged in front of her.
It was another different people.
Not the same as those who chasing her from behind.

She panicked.
She tried to use her power but nothing happened.

”Don ’t bother using them.
It would not work.
My power is upper than yours. ” One of the men from the group said.

”What do you want from me? ” She asked.

”Your power can help us. ” The man smiled.

Where have you heard about that? ” She wanted to lie.

”Don ’t lie.
We have gotten that information from a reliable source. ” The man told her.

”A reliable source? ” She frowned.

She is usually around you. ” The man revealed a secret.

Her eyes went widened.
’Around me? Meaning people that I trust? Meaning she has betrayed me? Wait? She? ’

”Oh, you seem to remember something. ” The man chuckled.

Only three women around her.
Her aunty, and two of her best friends.
Which one betrayed her?

”Don ’t need to think about it anymore.
It is me. ” A girl appeared behind the man while smiling at her.

Why? Why do you betray me? ” She asked with a shaking voice.

It was her best friend.
She was growing up with her.
Why was Xuan doing this thing?

”I hate you. ” Xuan girl answered the question.

”What? ” She was shocked.

”Senior brothers only look at you.
They did not care much about me.
The most important thing, Senior Brother Wei likes you so much. ” Xuan Girl shouted.
”I like him.
I want to marry him but in his eyes only you are there.
I hate that.
I hate that so much. ”

She was speechless.
Just of the jealously, Xuan betrayed her.

”Just because of that? ” She asked again.

”And I hate everything about you.
Why do you look so much beautiful even though you do not care about that? I…
I need to take care of my appearance to make me looks beautiful.
Only to hear people compare me with you. ” Xuan girl glared at her.

She looked at Xuan as she did not know who this girl was before.


”Master… ” Aoi called Yu Qi.

Aoi was sitting beside her while looking worried.

”You are here… ” Yu Qi patted Aoi ’s head.

”Master, what do you dream just now? ” Aoi asked.

”Why are you asking that? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

”I was laying beside you.
Then you made some sounds in your sleep.
When I looked at you, you keep frowning. ” Aoi explained.

”Really? ”

”Yeah. ” Aoi nodded.

Yu Qi tried to remember her dream just now.
But nothing appeared in her mind.

”I don ’t remember.
Probably I am just too tired.
That is why I have behaved like that in my sleep. ” Yu Qi made some conclusions.

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