Chapter 825: The Exciting Event (Part One)

Ming Yue came to Yu Qi ’s room and knocked on her door.
Yu Qi actually was surprised to see her aunty coming into her room.
Usually, she would just ask a maid to do so.

”Auntie Ming Yue, what are you doing here? ” Yu Qi asked.

Ming Yue entered the room with the dresses that she just brought today.
’What already cleaned? How fast. ’ Yu Qi thought when she saw the dresses.

”Your Auntie Su Xiao has already informed you that we are having a party right? ” Ming Yue asked.

”Eh, are we the one who is holding a party? Are we not going to someone else ’s party? ” Yu Qi was shocked.
She thought that they would be going to someone ’s party.

No worries.
I will help you dress up. ” Ming Yue was relieved that she came to deliver the dresses earlier.
Otherwise, today party would be ruined.

”Auntie Ming Yue, I can do it myself. ” Yu Qi said.

No… ” Ming Yue shook her head.
”You need to look beautiful tonight.
I will do your makeup and hairstyle.
Have you taken the bath? ” She asked.

”Not yet. ” Yu Qi answered.

”Then, go and take a quick shower.
I will be waiting for you here.
Quick, go. ” Ming Yue ordered Yu Qi like a mother.

Feeling confused, Yu Qi still went to the bathroom to take a quick shower.
15 minutes later, she stepped out from the bathroom seeing Ming Yue was still there, sitting on the bed, waiting for her.

”Which one do you prefer to wear tonight? ” Ming Yue asked Yu Qi to choose tonight ’s dress.

Yu Qi ’s eyes moved to the dresses.
She was making a choice.
Since it was just a home party, she thought it was okay to wear the dark blue dress.

The blue one. ” Yu Qi chose.

Wear it first.
I will come back later.
I forget to bring my make-up kit.
Oh, yeah.
Do you have any accessories to match the dress? ” Ming Yue asked.

I think no…
But, is it necessary? ” Yu Qi asked back.

”Of course, it is necessary.
You need to look beautiful tonight. ” Ming Yue pressed the topic.

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

She did not think much about Ming Yue ’s behaviour.
Since both of her aunties always liked to dress her up.

Yu Qi put on the dress.
5 minute later, Ming Yue came with a maid.
They were stunned as they saw Yu Qi on the dress upon entering the room.

”My dear, you look gorgeous. ” Ming Yue praised Yu Qi.
”No wonder Su Xiao was excited when she told me about this. ”

Young Miss indeed looking very beautiful. ” The maid nodded, acknowledging Ming Yue ’s praise.

”Yu Qi, you will be more beautiful with my touch. ” Ming Yue grinned.

She could not wait to do makeup on Yu Qi.

”My dear, don ’t worry.
I have a certificate in doing makeup. ” Ming Yue said.

”Oh. ” Yu Qi was surprised.
She did not know about that.

”I am truly satisfied with my work today. ” Ming Yue nodded.
”Adding those earring and choker makes your neck look more beautiful. ”

Yu Qi touched the choker.

”Your Auntie Su Xiao make a great decision buying the choker. ” Ming Yue nodded.

Ming Yue looked at her watch.
”It is about time to start.
Let ’s go. ”

”Auntie Ming Yue, you don ’t want to change your clothes first? ” Yu Qi asked.

”No need for that.
That main character for tonight is you. ” Ming Yue grinned.

Yu Qi felt weird about that.
However, she did not ask more.
She just followed Ming Yue.
The mood of the mansion seemed weird too.
Every maid that they passed giving an exciting look to Yu Qi.

”When is the party, Auntie Ming Yue? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Well, it is in the garden. ” Ming Yue smiled.

”Oh my, you look stunning, Little Sis. ” Tang Jin Wei said.
”If you are not my little sis, I would like to be your man. ”

”What are you saying? She is your sister. ” Ming Yue gave a warning glare to Tang Jin Wei.

”You are stupid, are you? ” Tang Lee Man also there.

”I am just kidding, Mum. ” Tang Jin Wei grinned.

They arrived at the garden.
The garden was full of beautiful flowers.
Su Xiao ’s favourite flower was the rose.
So, there were many types of rose.
Red rose, blue rose, even green rose also there.

The garden looked extremely beautiful tonight with some arrangement and lighting.
However, no one was there.
Now Yu Qi became more confused.
They told her that there would be a party tonight but no one was there.

”Yu Qi, walk there. ” Su Xiao appeared.
She asked Yu Qi to walk to the pavilion over there.

Without asking anymore, Yu Qi walked there.
She looked around.
The scene was very beautiful.

While she was looking around, a handsome man came toward her.
She was very very very surprised seeing the man.
And he looked more breathtaking than ever.
He was wearing a black suit.

The man arrived in front of her.
He was smiling at her.

”Qi Qi… ” Long Hui called her name.

Yu Qi was snapped back into reality.
She was totally mesmerised with Long Hui just now.

”My beloved Qi Qi looks very beautiful today.
I can not move my eyes from you. ” Long Hui grabbed Yu Qi ’s hand.

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