Yu Qi woke up at 6 a.m.
When she finished cleaning up, she already heard the voices of the children.
They did wake up early.
Yu Qi went out of the room and straight to the kitchen.
Shi Yuan and Chang Mo Mo already in the kitchen currently preparing for breakfast.

”Good morning, ” Yu Qi greeted them.

”Good morning, Sister Yu Qi. ” Chang Mo Mo replied with a smile.

”Good Morning, Miss Yu Qi. ” Shi Yuan nodded and got back to cook again.

Yu Qi helped them to set up the table for breakfast.
The children already woke up and cleaned themselves.
They greeted Yu Qi.

”Sister Yu Qi, where is Aoi? ” A kid asked for Aoi.

”He already wakes up.
Probably outside.
Maybe doing his business. ” Yu Qi laughed.

”Doing his business? Sister Yu Qi, Aoi is a dog, not human. ”

Yu Qi coughed a few times.
’This kid is very naive. ’ 

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”I know he is dumping his shit. ” One kid said.

Others were laughing hearing the kid said.
They gathered at the dining hall and eating their breakfast.

It was time for Yu Qi to left. 

”Grandpa Chang, thank you for letting me stay over. ” Yu Qi said.

”It ’s nothing.
You already have done a lot for the children. ” Chang Yu Qian shook his head.

”Sister Yu Qi, when you will come again? ” One of the children asked.

”I will come when I ’m free. ” Yu Qi patted the kids that been asking her.

”You can play but don ’t neglect your studies.
That is your only weapon. ” Yu Qi advised to them.

The elder kids nodded.
That was the sign that they understood what Yu Qi was saying.
To make people did not look down on them, the only way was to study and achieved a good result.

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”Kang An, drive Miss Yu Qi to the bus station. ” Chang Yu Qian ordered Chang Kang An.

”Okay. ” Chang Kang An did not ask many questions obeyed Chang Yu Qian ’s order.

Chang Kang An drove Yu Qi to the bus station. 

Chang, please bring Grandpa Chang to the hospital for a medical check-up. ” Yu Qi told Chang Kang An.

”Yes, Miss Yu Qi.
I will bring my dad for a medical check-up. ” Chang Kang An already decided to bring his father to the hospital.
It was better for nothing.

They arrived at the bus station. 

”Thank you for sending me here. ” Yu Qi bowed a little bit.

”It ’s nothing. ” Chang Kang An excused himself.

They did not notice that they were been seen by a group of women. 

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”Do you see them? That Kang An said he loved his wife but after all, man is a man.
They can hold back. ” One of the women said.
Actually, she was a friend of Shi Yuan, Jung Sang Mi.
Shi Yuan was provoked by her to catch his husband ’s cheating before. 

Because Jung Sang Mi only saw Yu Qi ’s back, so, she did not know who was the girl.
If she saw Yu Qi ’s face, she probably remembered Yu Qi.
They gossiped with each other saying Shi Yuan ’s husband was cheating with a young girl.

Shi Yuan went to the market together with Chang Mo Mo and Ping Su Lang, another girl that also lived at Harmony Orphanage.
While they were buying things for the orphanage, one of the women earlier came toward Shi Yuan.

”Hi, Shi Yuan. ” The woman greeted Shi Yuan.

”Oh, Ju Hong.
Buying for lunch? ” Shi Yuan greater Ju Hong politely.

”I really felt sorry for you.
Because you care much about other children, you don ’t know that your husband is cheating with another young girl. ” Ju Hong threw a dirty look to the Chang Mo Mo and Ping Su Lang. 

Shi Yuan ’s expression changed hearing about this woman in front of him mentioning his husband.
It was a sensitive topic for Shi Yuan.

”What do you mean by that? ” Shi Yuan asked.

Ju Hong smirked.
”You don ’t hear me? Your husband is cheating with another young girl. ” Ju Hong repeated her words.

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Shi Yuan felt angry at this moment.
Chang Mo Mo saw Shi Yuan already thinking about what this old woman said, so she approached Shi Yuan.
She then whispered something to Shi Yuan.

”Auntie, I think she saw Uncle with Sister Yu Qi.
Uncle did send Sister Yu Qi.
Probably she saw it and wants to discord your good relationship between Auntie and Uncle. ” Chang Mo Mo whispered slowly.

Shi Yuan stunned.
Yeah, it probably likes Chang Mo Mo said.
They were jealous of their good relationship.
Ju Hong also said her husband was cheating with a young girl.
That young girl probably Miss Yu Qi. 

”Auntie, you better talk with Uncle slowly.
Don ’t attack Uncle with the accusation.
Who knows Uncle have a good reason for that. ” Ping Su Lang also gave her opinion.

”You, young girl.
What do you know about this? ” Ju Hong shouted to Ping Su Lang.
”I saw him be very good toward the young girl. ” Ju Hong wanted to spice the things here.

Shi Yuan looked at Ju Hong.
She felt very disgusted with this woman.
She really knew how to make the story. 

”I know what to do. ” Shi Yuan answered Ju Hong.
”Let ’s go, Mo Mo, Su Lang. ” 

Ju Hong was smiling when she felt successful in making Shi Yuan suspicious with her husband. 

After they got far away from Ju Hong, Shi Yuan looked at Chang Mo Mo and Ping Su Lang.

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”Mo Mo, Su Lang.
Thank you.
Your words made me thought about that. ” Shi Yuan said.

”As Su Lang said, you should talk to Uncle about this. ” Chang Mo Mo said.

”Actually, this happened before.
At that time, your Uncle and Miss Yu Qi were discussing something at the cafe.
I was walking with my other two friends.
Then we saw them.
My friend said your Uncle was cheating.
Feeling angry, I rushed toward your Uncle and Miss Yu Qi.
I shouted at them.
However, Miss Yu Qi did not feel the pressure and told that they were just talking about something.
And your uncle did something embarrassing. ” Shi Yuan blushed.

”What did Uncle do? ” Ping Su Lang asked with interest.

Shi Yuan laughed embarrassingly and said, ”Your Uncle shouted loudly that, he loves me. ” 

”Uncle is so brave. ”

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