Realizing that she was not alone, Yu Qi faked a cough as she glared at Long Hui.
Long Hui just raised his eyebrow.

Ming Yue and Su Xiao were giggling when they saw the interaction between both of them.

Tang Jin Wei shook his head.
His mother and aunt had already become fangirls of this couple.
Nothing could stop them from worshipping the couple.

The dinner ended.
They went their separate ways.
Tang Brothers returned to their rooms while Ming Yue and Su Xiao had something to do.

Yu Qi and Long Hui were left alone.
So, having nothing to do, they went to the garden where Long Hui proposed to Yu Qi just now.

”Brother Hui, when have you planned all these things? ” Yu Qi asked while sitting beside Long Hui.

Long Hui was currently holding his beloved Qi Qi ’s hand, he looked up, facing his beloved Qi Qi.

”Before your graduation. ” Long Hui smiled.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi was surprised.
She did not know he already planned all of this a long time ago.

”Do you like it? The proposal? ” Long Hui asked her opinion about the proposal that he had just done.

I love it. ” Yu Qi shyly admitted it.

”I have asked your aunts to help me.
The place, the arrangement. ” Long Hui explained.
Then he looked nervous.
”But the speech, I have written it myself.
It is from my heart. ”

Yu Qi chuckled.
”The speech is very nice.
I like it so much. ” She landed her head on Long Hui ’s shoulder.
”I have never thought that you will deliver such a wonderful speech. ”

”I am having all my first times with you. ” Long Hui replied while giving Yu Qi an ambiguous look.
His hand which was wrapped in Yu Qi ’s waist tightened.

Yu Qi was feeling shy.
Her mind thought about something pervert.
’It is Brother Hui ’s fault by saying something like that. ’


”You are still here? ” That was what Tang Jin Wei asked when he first saw Long Hui in the dining room for breakfast.

”What are you trying to say, Jin Wei? ” Ming Yue glared at Tang Jin Wei.

Afraid that he would provoke his mother ’s anger, Tang Jin Wei put on his smiling face.
”Mum, I am just surprised to see him so early in the morning.
That is why I am asking. ” He rephrased the sentence nicely.

”It was already late for him to return yesterday.
So, he spent his night here.
By the way, like I said yesterday, the Great General Long would be coming today. ” Ming Yue explained.

”So, Grandpa is also returning home too? ” Tang Han Lee asked.

Your grandpa has already called me and informed me that he will be coming to discuss his beloved granddaughter ’s marriage.
He does not want to miss anything of it. ” Ming Yue nodded.

”I have scheduled surgery in the morning at 10 am.
Otherwise, I will join you too. ” Tang Jin Wei sighed.

”No need for you to join us. ” Ming Yue rolled her eyes.

”Mum, you are so cruel. ” Tang Jin Wei was feeling hurt.

”Brother, eat this. ” Yu Qi put some fried rice into Tang Jin Wei ’s bowl.

”Little Sis… ” Tang Jin Wei felt touched.

”So that you can go to the hospital early. ” Yu Qi continued her sentence.

”You also don ’t want me to be here, do you? ” Tang Jin Wei looked at Yu Qi with a sad expression.
Like an abandoned dog.

”Brother Jin Wei, you need to eat since you will need this energy for the surgery.
You need to go to the hospital early for preparation.
It is not because I don ’t want you around. ” Yu Qi explained the meaning behind her sentence.

Yeah. ” Tang Jin Wei changed his mood very quickly.
”That ’s right, Little Sis.
I need to eat and go to the hospital early for the preparation. ” He began to eat his breakfast after doing a lot of drama that morning.

Ming Yue, Su Xiao and Tang Han Lee looked at each other with a meaningful look.
They had a smile pasted on their faces.

”By the way, what time is the great general Long be arriving? ” Su Xiao asked.

They also needed to do some preparations.

”My grandpa has told me that he will be here by 12 pm. ” Long Hui remembered the message given by his grandfather yesterday before he had gone to sleep.

”Father may be arriving soon. ” Ming Yue informed that Grandpa Tang would also arrive soon.

”Does your grandfather have any kind of allergy? ”Yu Qi asked.

”Yeah since we need to prepare lunch for him.
It will be a disaster if something like that happens. ” Ming Yue also wanted to know.

He does not have any kind of allergy. ” Long Hui said.


Pei Xian drives the car while Huang Chu Xiao sat beside him.
Grandpa Tang was reading a book in the back seat.

They had been in the car earlier in the morning.
Grandpa Tang said that he needed to return to Tang Main Residence because he had an important thing to discuss with someone.
That someone would meet him there.

Huang Chu Xiao bet that the important thing must be related to their young miss.
Otherwise, Grandpa Tang would not be so eager to return to Tang Main Residence.

Pei Xian was actually feeling tensed because he would be meeting with Huang Chu Xiao ’s grandfather.
He was the head butler who managed the Tang Main Residence.

But he knew that he would be meeting with him soon or later.
That would not change his heart to marry Huang Chu Xiao.

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