Chapter 829: Planning For The Engagement Ceremony

”She wants to be a doctor.
I will not allow anything to stop her from becoming a doctor.
Not even our marriage. ” Long Hui grasped his beloved Qi Qi ’s hand.

”I also have no reason to reject that.
Talent should be used in the right path. ” Grandpa Long also thought so.

He was not like those old men who thought that a woman should be lower than a man.
He preferred them to be equal.
That made the relationship much better.

His wife was a businesswoman.
She had her own charm while working.
Because of that charm, he had fallen in love with his wife.
Same as Yu Qi, he was sure that his grandson had fallen in love with Yu Qi because of that.

Author ’s thought: ’Grandpa Long, your grandson fell in love with Yu Qi when he has first seen Yu Qi killing someone. ’

”Of course, my granddaughter will be a doctor.
She wants to be a surgeon. ” Grandpa Tang said.
”If Long Brat steps in front of her dream, I will do anything to stop him. ”

”Then, it is decided.
Yu Qi and Xiao Hui will be engaged first.
The question is when. ” Su Xiao said.

”As soon as possible. ” Long Hui said.

How big the engagement ceremony will be ? ” Tang Jang Qin asked.

How many people do we want to invite? ” Tang Jung Wen asked.

We need to confirm that. ” Grandpa Tang nodded.

”Of course, we need to invite many people.
I want others to know that Yu Qi is my future granddaughter in law.
So that other people will not have any design on her. ” Grandpa Long said.

Yu Qi was feeling embarrassed.

”That ’s right. ” Long Hui already agreed with his grandfather.

”I see.
We need to hold it in a big hall then.
I will take a look at the places.
But when? I want the actual date to book the hall. ” Ming Yue asked the important thing.

”One month later. ” Long Hui broke the silence.
”There will be a lot of work to do.
We don ’t have a woman in our family to prepare them.
So, I ask Aunties to do the part from my family too. ” Long Hui asked for Ming Yue and Su Xiao ’s help.

Both of them were stunned for a moment.
Then they recovered.

”Don ’t worry about that, Xiao Hui.
I will get it cover. ” Ming Yue nodded.

You just need to do your part.
Others, you can leave everything to us. ” Su Xiao added.

Their boring life became exciting, starting from Yu Qi being adopted into the Tang Family.
Yu Qi brought joy into their family.
They would do anything to keep the joy.

They talked for one hour regarding the matter.
After that, they had a late lunch.


”No wonder Old Master Tang seems excited when returning home today.
It is about young Miss ’s marriage. ” Huang Chu Xiao said.

”Oh, that is good news. ” Pei Xian also felt that it was good news.
His Colonel would be married soon.

”From what I have heard, they will be engaged first.
Mr Long wants young miss to enjoy working first before becoming his wife. ” Huang Chu Xiao was also excited to hear the news.

She felt that Long Hui was a very thoughtful person.
Her young miss was a businesswoman.
She had many good things to achieve.
If becoming a wife blocked that, she felt that it was a loss.

”Chu Xiao. ” Old Butler Han called her name.

Huang Chu Xiao turned and saw her grandfather.
Pei Xian became tensed.

Actually, they were waiting for Old Butler Han.
They wanted to tell something about them to Old Butler Han.
Pei Xian suggested to Huang Chu Xiao that they should tell her grandfather that they were dating each other.

Huang Chu Xiao was surprised when Pei Xian suggested that.
Pei Xian told her that was necessary since they were dating with the thought of getting married in the future.
Pei Xian also wanted Huang Chu Xiao to know that he was very serious about their relationship.

So, here they were.

”Grandpa, I have something to tell you. ” Han Chu Xiao began to talk.

What is it? ” Old Butler Han asked.

”Grandpa, allow me to confess.
I have been dating your granddaughter for quite some time. ” Pei Xian directly told Old Butler Han.

He learned it from Long Hui.
’Don ’t hesitate if you know that you want that thing. ’ That was Pei Xian ’s thought after receiving Long Hui ’s advice.

Huang Chu Xiao was surprised when Pei Xian directly told her grandfather.
No turnover, it was a straight ball.

”What is your name? ” Old Butler Han asked.

”Pei Xian. ” Pei Xian answered.

”Your age? ”

”27 years old. ”

”Your occupation? ”

”I am a soldier.
Currently on the mission to protect the legendary doctor, Doctor Tang Jiang Man. ”

Pei Xian revealed everything.
He did not want to lie about his job.
It was not a bad job.

”You are a soldier? ” Huang Chu Xiao was very shocked.
She did not know that.

”Yeah. ” Pei Xian nodded.
”Under the military ’s order, I have been assigned to protect Old Master Tang from danger. ”

”You have come to Tang House because of that? ” Han Chu Xiao felt her heart became heavy.

I mean yes.
Actually, the mission does not require me to stay at Tang House.
I just need to be around him.
But because of you…
I have decided to stay there. ” Pei Xian explained while scratching his back head.

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