The area that Yu Qi wanted to survey was the outskirts of the City Capital.
Aoi who was in her space decided to come out of her space, wanted to accompany her.

He did not want anything to happen with Yu Qi since she was in an unknown place.
He was no longer small. 

”Are you sure? ” Yu Qi asked when Aoi told her that he wanted to follow her.

”Yes, Master.
I want to follow you outside. ” Aoi nodded.

”Okay. ”

Yu Qi went to the area.
One of the areas that she wanted to see was owned by someone.
She already got the contact number of the owner and told that she wanted to meet him and discuss the price to sell the land.

The owner agreed to see her and wanted to see her on his own land.
So, they set an appointment.

Yu Qi drove alone to the appointed place with Aoi.
They arrived at the land.
There was a cabin.
Besides the cabin, there was a signboard that said that the land was private property and the entry was denied. 

Yu Qi called the owner and told him that she had arrived.
Asking where he was.
The owner told that he was not there yet and asked Yu Qi to wait.
Yu Qi agreed.
She ended the conversation.

Yu Qi got out of the car.
Not far from the area, Yu Qi could see a factory over there.
15 minutes later, a car approached the area and stopped right in front of the cabin. 

A fat old man emerged from the car with two men.
Yu Qi approached them.

”Are you the owner of this land? ” Yu Qi asked.

A fat old man's eyes shined as he looked over at Yu Qi.
He looked at Yu Qi up and down.

”So, you are the woman who has called me yesterday? ” The fat old man asked.

I want to ask if you want to sell this land to me. ” Yu Qi directly asked him about her purpose in meeting him.

”Well, we can discuss in that cabin. ” The fat old man grinned as he pointed to the cabin.
”By the way, your dog can't enter with you since I don't like dogs around me. ” He saw a dog beside Yu Qi.

'What? Master, this man has a bad intention towards you.' Aoi said to his master.

I will let him wait outside for me. ” Yu Qi nodded.

'Wait outside.
Don't worry about me.
I can protect myself.
You also can improve your skills.' Yu Qi patted Aoi.

Aoi sighed.
I will wait outside.' He had gotten a new skill with which he could see inside the building.
He could see anything alive in the building using their temperatures. 

The fat old man smiled as he saw that the girl had agreed.
They entered the cabin.
In the cabin, there were chairs and a table.
There was also a room.
The arrangement was a little bit odd but Yu Qi did not think much about it. 

The old man and Yu Qi sat on the chairs while the two men stood at the door.
Well, like guarding the door.
Yu Qi did not think much about them. 

”So, I will like to ask you whether you like to sell the land to me? ” Yu Qi directly asked because she did not want to waste time here.

”I have never seen you before in this city. ” The old man said.

Because I am not from this city. ” Yu Qi admitted the truth.

I see. ” The old man was happy hearing the news.

”I can sell it to you but there are some conditions that you need to follow me. ” This time, the old man did not hide the l.e.w.d on his eyes.

Yu Qi did not say anything, just looked at the old man. 

”You need to be my mistress. ” The old man said the condition.

Yu Qi sighed.
Meaning she needed to use something.

”Warehouse No.
14 at City Port. ” Yu Qi leaned over the chair and smiled at the old man while her legs crossed each other.

The old man noticed that the aura of the girl changed.
He could see the confident look on the girl's face.
But he could not understand the change.

”What? ” The old man confused since he did not pay attention to what she just said.

”Warehouse No.
14 at City Port. ” Yu Qi repeated the words.

This time, the old man heard it loud and clear.

”What??? ” He was afraid. 

”If you want your thing to be safe, do sell this land at the standard price. ” Yu Qi was still smiling. 

Yu Qi had already investigated the old man.
She needed to know everything about it.
While looking at the old man's information, she discovered the secret.
From that, she knew that the old man was not so innocent. 

”What are you talking about? ” The old man panicked. 

He did not know how this girl in front of her knew about his secret.
The girl was still smiling. 

The two men sensed the distress when they looked at their boss.
They became on guard.

The old man observed the girl.
She came here alone.
Only with her dog.
'If she disappeared…
' His eyes flashed the glint. 

”Don't ever think about that.
Something happens to me and your secret will be exposed to all people. ” Yu Qi said. 

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