Chapter 834: Meeting With Song Su Jin

”Well… ” Yu Qi looked at the old man.

The old man gritted his teeth.
His secret could not be exposed to public.
He needed to sacrifice this land. 

”I will sell it to you. ” The old man gave up the land.

I will send you the doc.u.ment over.
Don't worry.
I will not take it as free.
What is the price? ” Yu Qi asked.

”5 million. ”

”2.5 million. ”

”What? 4.5 million. ” 

”2.6 million. ”

”Humph! Okay.
2.6 million. ” 

Yu Qi was happy as the old man agreed on the price that she had stated.

”I will send the doc.u.ment over on the other day.
We will signing it later. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay. ” The old man could just nodded.

”P.l.e.a.s.u.r.e to meet you, sir. ” Yu Qi said. 

”Well, I am not. ” The old man retorted.

Yu Qi pretended not to hear that.
She stood up and walked towards the door.
The men did not give way to go out.

Can you ask your men to step aside? ” Yu Qi asked the old man.

”Let her go. ” The old man ordered the two men.


Yu Qi was in the hotel restaurant eating for her dinner.
She was eating alone.

Then, there were customers coming over and sat at the table nearby.
They were three women. 

”I will treat you, Sister Chi. ” Wei Su Kee said happily to Chi Yuan.

”Su Kee, only Sister Chi? ” Fung Zhu Nie smiled.

”Of course not, Sister Fung.
You too. ” Wei Su Kee smiled to Fung Zhu Nie.

They began to order the food.
After ordering the food, they continued their conversation.

”Sister Chu, Sister Fung, I have heard from my grandma that my cousin will be engaged soon. ” Wei Su Kee said.

”Which cousin? ” Fung Zhu Nie asked.

”Well, my aunty's son. ” Wei Su Kee answered.

Hearing that, Chi Yuan's expression changed for a moment.
But it changed back to normal.
So, both of her friends did not notice much about that. 

”Hmm? I have forgotten which one. ” Fung Zhu Nie said.

”The soldier one. ” Wei Su Kee pointed.

”Oh, yeah the handsome one? Wait, meaning Sister Chi is getting engaged? ” Fung Zhu Nie looked at Chi Yuan.

It is not me. ” Chi Yuan shook her head.

”If it is not Sister Chu, then, who? ” Fung Zhu Nie turned to Wei Su Kee.

”Well, I don't know much about that. ” Wei Su Kee sighed.
She added.
”Sensing from Grandma's mood, she is unhappy hearing about the engagement. ” 

”Of course, since she wants our Sister Chi to be her granddaughter in law. ” Fung Zhu Nie said proudly.

Yu Qi who was sitting on the nearby table was able to hear the conversation.
She did not think much about that and decided to end her dinner since she was already full. 

She stood up and wanted to pay at the counter.
Then she saw one of the women tripped on something and was about to fall down.
She caught the woman before she fell down. 

”Are you okay? ” Yu Qi asked.

Wei Su Kee felt grateful of the woman who had caught her.
Saving her from embarrassing of falling on the ground.
She had tripped because of her high heel.

When she turned to say thank to the woman that saved her, she was surprised seeing such a beautiful woman like her.

”Are you okay? ” Hearing the question once again, Wei Su Kee nodded and stood up properly. 

”Thank you for saving me. ” Wei Su Kee thanked the woman. 

”Are you okay, Su Kee? ” Fung Zhu Nie said.

Chi Yuan also looked worriedly at Wei Su Kee.

I am okay.
Thankd to the lady since she has saved me. ” Wei Su Kee answered.

”Since you are okay, I will go first. ” Yu Qi nodded to Wei Su Kee.

”Oh, okay. ” Wei Su Kee also nodded.

Yu Qi left.

Su Yu Hi told Yu Qi that his girlfriend was at Capital City acting for a movie.
After they had finished shooting the promotion video for Qi Qi Skincare and the promotion video had aired, Song Su Jin got another role in the movie.

This time, she got the first female lead.
She was happy with offer.
Xiu Mi Lan was also happy for her.

Yu Qi called Song Su Ji asking to meet her.
Song Su Jin told her that she was at the shooting site.
So, Yu Qi came to visit her.

Coincidently, Yu Qi arrived at the shooting site when it was lunchtime.
Of course, not everyone could enter the shooting site.
Yu Qi was held back by the guard. 

After telling that she was Song Su Jin's friend and got the confirmation from Song Su Jin's side, Yu Qi managed to enter.
She was lead by someone to Song Su Jin. 

”Sister Su Jin. ” Yu Qi called Song Su Jin.

”Oh, Yu Qi, you have come. ” Song Su Jin already called Yu Qi by her name as Yu Qi herself requested that.

Yu Qi already considered Su Yu Hi as her brother.
So, hearing her brother's girlfriend calling her 'Miss Tang' or 'Miss Yu Qi' did not seem to fit at all. 

Xiu Mi Lan greeted Yu Qi by nodding to her.
Yu Qi acknowledged that. 

”Lunch? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yeah. ” Song Su Jin nodded.
”By the way, what are you doing here, in the Capital City? ”

”Well, I have some work here.
How is your work? ” Yu Qi asked.

After being the spokesperson for Qi Qi Skincare, my career has started to grow rapidly.
Like this one, I am the first female lead in this movie. ” Song Su Jin was happy.

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