”I want my waiting room alone.
I don't want to share with another artist. ” 

Both Yu Qi and Song Su Jin turned in the direction from where they heard the argument.
They saw Qin Min Ah who was arguing with someone. 

”She has arrived already. ” Song Su Jin said.

”Who is she? ” Yu Qi asked.

”She is the second female lead. ” Song Su Jin explained.
”She wants to be the first female lead but the director does not agree with that even if the largest second investor of this movie has insisted.
So, she has ended up with the second female lead role. ”

”Oh. ” Yu Qi did not say much about that.

Qin Min Ah was still arguing about the matter.
Finally, the staff was forced to follow Qin Min Ah's request. 

”You should accept my order from the beginning. ” Qin Min Ah said arrogantly.

Su Na Lim who was behind Qin Min Ah apologized to the staff for Qin Min Ah's rude behaviour.

”You should respect others, then only others will respect you. ” Su Na Lim advised Qin Min Ah.

”Don't worry too much about that.
She is just nobody here. ” Qin Min Ah ignored that advice.

Su Na Lim sighed.
Qin Min Ah walked around.
Then her eyes landed on two women.
One of them was the woman whom she had met yesterday.
Another one was the woman who had snatched the first female lead role.
Qin Min Ah walked towards them. 

”Hi. ” Qin Min Ah greeted them.

Both Yu Qi and Song Su Jin looked over. 

”Oh, hi. ” Song Su Jin nodded.

Yu Qi did not say anything.
She just nodded.

”We have met again. ” Qin Min Ah said to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was confused.
She did not remember meeting this woman.

”You know her, Yu Qi? ” Song Su Jin asked.

”No. ” Yu Qi shook her head. 

”Hey, we have met yesterday okay. ” Qin Min Ah was angry when knowing that Yu Qi did not remember her at all.

”Miss Qin, my friend does not know you.
Don't be angry about that. ” Song Su Jin said to Qin Min Ah. 

Song Su Jin knew Yu Qi's personality.
Yu Qi was indifferent towards everyone with whom she was not close. 

”I know that you must be a person who wants to get close to a famous person right? ” Qin Min Ah said to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi still ignored Qin Min Ah. 

”If you want to be famous, you can enter the entertainment world by becoming a little mistress. ” Qin Min Ah chuckled

”Oh, I guess that you have used the same method to enter the entertainment world, haven't you? ” Yu Qi's turn to chuckle.

”You!!! ” Qin Min Ah pointed her finger at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes and grabbed the finger.
”Oh, you are the person who has pointed her finger at me yesterday, right? Haven't I tell you I will break your finger next time? ”

Then the sound 'prak' could be heard.
At the same time, Qin Min Ah screamed in pain. 

”AHHH!!! ” Qin Min Ah screamed loudly making everyone in the set looked at them. 

Su Na Lim was panicking.

”Miss, let her finger go. ” Su Na Lim wanted to break the fight between both of them.

Yu Qi looked at Su Na Lim for one second.
Then she moved her hand which was still grabbing Qin Min Ah's finger.
Another 'prak' sound could be heard and once again Qin Min Ah screamed loudly.

Yu Qi finally released Qin Min Ah's hand.
Qin Min Ah fell and sat on the ground while holding her index finger.
Su Na Lim looked at Qin Min Ah.

”She has broken my finger.
I want to sue her. ” Qin Min Ah said while crying.

Okay… ” Su Na Lim nodded while calming Qin Min Ah down.

I will wait for your letter.
Make sure to include the medical evidence to show which one of your fingers have been broken. ” Yu Qi looked down at Qin Min Ah.

”What do you mean? You have broken my finger.
This one. ” Qin Min Ah spoke in a loud voice while showing her finger.

”Are you sure? ” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

Hearing that, Qin Min Ah looked at her finger.
She already could not feel the pain when she moved her index finger.
She was confused.
She moved her fingers many times.
Indeed, the pain was already gone.

”Next time when you see me, make sure you stay away from me.
Otherwise, you will feel the pain again. ” Yu Qi gave the warning to Qin Min Ah.
”And if I know that you are making things difficult for Sister Su Jin, you better know what I  will do to do with you. ”

”You!!! ” Qin Min Ah glared at Yu Qi.

”Or you can tell your sugar daddy, I am not afraid of anyone. ” Yu Qi said again.

Because of too much anger, Qin Min Ah fainted on the spot.

”Min Ah!!! ” Su Na Lim called Qin Min Ah.
She then looked around.
”Help me in bringing Min Ah to the hospital.
Please tell the director what has happened here. ” Su Na Lim said to the production crew.

”Yu Qi, are you sure that you will be okay? ” Song Su Jin sighed seeing the situation handled by Yu Qi. 

Indeed, Qin Min Ah was backed up by someone.
That 'someone' was quite powerful.
Song Su Jin was afraid that Yu Qi would be affected by that. 

”Don't worry about me, Sister Su Jin.
I can take care of myself.
It is you whom I am worried about.
I am afraid that she will make things difficult for you.
If you counter her, don't just be quiet.
Tell Sister Mi Lan. ” Yu Qi said to Song Su Jin and turned to Xiu Mi Lan.
” Sister Mi Lan, please pay attention to Sister Su Jin.
You can call me or Brother Yu Hi if someone is bothering you and Sister Su Jin. ”

Xiu Mi Lan nodded.

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