Yu Qi went to a cafe to relax.
After meeting Son Su Jin,  she did not have another appointment.
So, she wanted to relax in the cafe. 

Then,  her phone was ringing.
The screen showed the name 'The King of Vinegar'.
Every time she saw the name,  she ended up chuckling.

Yu Qi answered the call.

Long Hui: ”Hello,  Qi Qi. ”

Yu Qi: ”Hello,  Brother Hui. ”

Long Hui: ”Where are you? ”

Yu Qi: ”Capital City. ”

Long Hui was silent for a few moments.
Yu Qi was a little bit confused about that.

Yu Qi: ”Brother Hui… ”

Long Hui: ”Is it nice,  Capital City? ”

Yu Qi: ”Nothing much.
I will head back two days later. ”

Long Hui: ”Well,  is it okay for you to wait for me over there? I will go to Capital City tomorrow. ”

Yu Qi: ”You want to come here? ”

Long Hui: ”Yeah.
I want to bring you to meet someone. ”

Yu Qi: ”Sure.
I don't mind. ”

Long Hui: ”Okay.
Qi Qi…

Yu Qi: ”What is it? ”

Long Hui: ”I miss you. ”

Yu Qi: ”I miss you too. ”

Long Hui: ”I miss you so much. ”

Yu Qi: I also miss you so much. ”

Long Hui: ”I miss your warmth. ”

Yu Qi: ”I also miss your warmth. ”

Long Hui: ”I miss your body. ”

Yu Qi: ”I also miss your b…
Wait why are you trying to make me say such things? ”

Yu Qi was led by Long Hui.
He almost made her say something so embarrassing, Yu Qi could feel that her face was turning red.
She also could hear that Long Hui was laughing on his side.

Long Hui: ”What is so embarrassing about that? It is the truth,  though. ”

Yu Qi: ”You! This is still daylight. ”

Long Hui: ”Oh, is it okay for me to talk like that when it is night,  then? ”

Yu Qi: ”You! ”

Long Hui laughed again.
It was so good to tease his beloved Qi Qi.

Long Hui: ”Okay…
I will not tease you anymore.
By the way,  where are you staying? ”

Yu Qi: ”Grand Lite Hotel. ”

Long Hui: ”Okay.
I need to go now. ”

Yu Qi: ”I will wait for you.

Long Hui: ”Bye Qi Qi.
I hope you will dream about me tonight.
I mean an e.r.o.t.i.c dream. ”

Yu Qi felt shy again.
Putting her phone,  she patted her cheeks to calm herself down.
After a few seconds, she had already calmed down. 

She did not realize that she had been watched by a group of people in that cafe too when she was talking to Long Hui just now.
She finally realized that.
Then,  she turned in the direction where she felt that she had been watched.

Yu Qi could see that there were three men and one woman on that table not far from her table.
They were just normal people, she thought.
Feeling she was worried for nothing,  she moved her sight and enjoyed the cake in front of her after being interrupted by Long Hui's call just now. 


”Su Zien,  what are you looking at? ” Xian Lan Sun asked his friend,  Wei Su Zien when he saw that Wei Su Zien was looking in one direction

It seemed that his friend was mesmerized by what he was seeing.
Xian Lan Sun also turned in the direction where Wei Su Zien looked at.
When Xian Lan Sun saw her, he could understand it.
No wonder Wei Su Zien was mesmerized by her.

Xian Lan Su could see a woman who was also looking in their direction before turning away and paid attention to the cake in front of her.
It was the first time she met this girl.

”What are you both looking at? ” This time,  their female friend,  Gu Ning,  asked.

” I think Su Zien is falling in love. ” Xian Lan Su teased Wei Su Zien.

”What? Really? ” Another friend,  Jin Den Hang,  was excited to hear that.

Wei Su Zien had already turned from looking at the woman.
He faked his coughs.

”Don't be ridiculous. ” Wei Su Zien said.

”I can see why Su Zien feels that.
Even I feel that woman is beautiful. ” Gu Ning nodded.

”I just think that because you are not a woman. ” Jin Den Hang chuckled.

”Oh,  I see.
I think you want a few rounds with me after this. ” Gu Ning smiled while showing her fist to Jin Den Hang.

Jin Den Hang gulped.
'It is not good to provoke her too much.
I will suffer.' He quickly shook his head right and left.

”After a few rounds,  you can follow me for a few rounds too. ” Xian Lan Sun also added.

Gu Ning smirked.

”You are horrible.
Bro before hoe. ” Jin Den Hang said.

After saying that, he ignored both Xian Lan Sun and Gu Ning. 

”Bro,  if you are interested in her,  go and meet her.
Be brave,  bro. ” Jin Den Hang gave encourage to Wei Su Zien.

I also agree with him. ” Gu Ning nodded.

Wei Su Zien's eyes were trembling.
Xian Lan Sun did not miss that.
Meaning Wei Su Zien was indeed interested in that woman. 

Having a handsome face,  Wei Su Zien had been popular with the girls.
A lot of girls wanted to be his girlfriend but he did not care much about them.
Even Xian Lan Sun suspected that he was gay.

However,  seeing Wei Su Zien like this,  Xian Lan Sun was relieved that he was a normal man.
Just he did not meet someone that could make his heart tremble. 

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