”How about I help you? ” Gu Ning offered.

Wei Su Zien looked at Gu Ning.

”You must be shy since it is your first time like a woman.
I will act as your bridge.
If she becomes my friend, she may become your friend too. ” Gu Ning raised her eyebrows several times.

That is indeed a good idea. ” Jin Den Hang nodded. 

”Then, I will go and greet her first. ” Gu Ning waved before rushed to the woman. 

Wei Su Zien did not have time to talk about it.
He just could see Gu Ning walking towards the woman. 

”I am sure she will get the name of our future sister in law. ” Xian Lan Sun laughed. 


Yu Qi saw someone came to her table.
Yu Qi tilted her head, feeling confused.
It seemed that this girl came from the nearby table.

May I sit here for a while? ” The girl said.

”Sure. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”I am Gu Ning.
Born here.
It is my first time seeing you in this city.
Can I assume that you are new here? ” Gu Ning introduced herself while handed out her hand to shake with Yu Qi.

Yu Qi grabbed and shook hand with Gu Ning.
”I am Tang Yu Qi.
You can me Yu Qi.
Indeed, it is my first time coming to this city since I have some business here. ” 

”Oh, you can call me Ning. ” Gu Ning nodded.
”By the way, I have some friends over there.
The one that wears a yellow t-shirt is Jin Den Hang, the blue one is Xian Lan Sun.
He is my boyfriend. ” She added some chuckle at the end of the sentence before continuing again.
” The last one is Wei Su Zien. ”

”Oh. ” Yu Qi looked at them.
When she saw Gu Ning's friends were also looking at her, she smiled and nodded.

  ”Do you have time tomorrow? Let's hang out together tomorrow. ” Gu Ning suggested.

”Well, not like I don't want but I still have something to do. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh… ” Gu Ning was a little disappointed.
”Then, what about we exchange the numbers with each other? ”

I don't mind. ” Yu Qi reached out her phone.

They exchanged their numbers with each other. 

”I need to return to my table.
We will meet again, Yu Qi. ” Gu Ning waved her hand before returning back to her seat. 


”Welcome back. ” Xian Lan Sun said.

”So, how is it? ” Jin Den Hang asked.

Wei Su Zien was not that much excited but from his face, but Gu Ning knew that he was also waiting for Gu Ning to tell them about that girl.

”She is Tang Yu Qi.
She has come here because of some work.
I have invited her to hang out together but she has told me that she already has an appointment.
However, I have managed to get her number. ” Gu Ning grinned.
She then turned to Wei Su Zien while asking this question.
”Do you want her number? ”

Wei Su Zien was stunned as he heard the question.
Meanwhile, Xian Lan Sun held his laughter and Jin Den Han was already laughing.

”Gu Ning, I salute you. ” Jin Den Hang said in between his laugh. 

  Wei Su Zien looked at Gu Ning.

I will give it to you. ” Gu Ning stopped teasing her friend.

Jin Den Hang patted Wei Su Zien's back.
”She has already left.
You are still staring at the place.
Our Su Zien's heart has finally opened. ”

Wei Su Zien rolled his eyes.
But his heart became warm.
Indeed, he was finally interested in a woman.


Master… ” Aoi and Bo Ya came running when Yu Qi entered her space.

”What is it? Why are you in so much hurry? ” Yu Qi was a little bit confused when knowing that there was an eager look on both of her little cuties.

”Come in, Master. ” Bo Ya grabbed Yu Qi's hand and led her into the pagoda.

Yu Qi followed them into the pagoda.
When she entered the pagoda, she saw something in the hall. 

A small and furry creature with a cone-shaped nose, long tail and a long, pear-shaped body with short legs and long claws.
It was a ferret.
Its small bead-like eyes stared directly at Yu Qi, assuming its observed Yu Qi.

”It is… ” Yu Qi turned to Bo Ya and Aoi.

”It has suddenly appeared in our garden and started to attack us.
So, we fight.
After a while, we have stopped since we are tired.
So, we have talked to each other.
When we ask him how he came here, he says he does not know how he was here.
Somehow, he has suddenly appeared in this space. ” Aoi explained.

”It is like Aoi first time has appeared in this space. ” Bo Ya added.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.
She then turned to the ferret.
She sat down so that her face was closer to the ferret. 

”Can you speak to me? ” Yu Qi asked the ferret.

The ferret seemed a little bit scared.
He looked at Bo Ya and Aoi.
Bo Ya and Aoi just nodded.
That made the ferret felt assured that this human was not a bad human.
He then turned to Yu Qi and nodded his small head.

”I can speak. ” The ferret said.

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