”Master, I want to form a blood contract with you, ” Shino said as he saw Yu Qi was walking toward them.

Yu Qi was a little bit confused at the moment.
”Shino,  I think you need to think more about it since… ”

”I have already thought about it.
Even I return, nothing is there.
I have been and will be alone.
Since that is the case,  it is better to stay here.
At least, I get new friends. ” Shino cut Yu Qi's sentence.

”Oh,  is that okay,  Bo Ya? ” Yu Qi asked since Bo Ya knew more about this.

I think it is okay. ” Bo Ya nodded.

Let's form the blood contract. ” Yu Qi agreed.

”Now Master faces Shino.
Shino,  you need to bite master's finger.
Just for a while.
If you could taste the blood,  you can stop.
You need to think that you want to form the blood contract with Master,  understand? ” Bo Ya told Shino how to form the blood contract.

I understand. ” Shino nodded.

Yu Qi gave her index finger for Shino to bite.
The ferret was a carnivore.
So, Shino knew how the blood tasted.
He bites Yu Qi's finger while thinking about the blood contract. 

Then the white light surrounded both Yu Qi and Shino.
It had only lasted for a few seconds before it disappeared.

You are in a blood contract.
Master,  you can test telepathy with Shino. ” Bo Ya said.

'Shino,  can you hear my voice now?' Yu Qi tried to speak with Shino by telepathy.

”I can hear Master's voice in my head. ” Shino startled.

”That's right.
We can speak with Master through telepathy.
So, whenever you follow Master outside this space or in front of other humans,  you need to use telepathy to speak with Master.
Don't speak directly. ” Aoi gave a warning.

”Outside the space? Other humans? ” Shino was surprised.

”Yeah,  Master lives outside this space.
I can follow Master when she is going outside.
So,  there will be a lot of humans.
Animals-like us could not speak directly to humans.
Otherwise,  we might be caught by someone who is interested in talking animals. ” Aoi said reminding Shino about that.

”I see.
What about Bo Ya? Can you follow Master? ” Shino turned to Bo Ya.

”No, I can't.
I can't leave this space.
I am the guardian of it. ” Bo Ya said proudly.

”Welcome to the family,  Shino. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Now,  they would have another member in this space. 

Thank you,  Master. ” Shino was very happy with this outcome.


Yu Qi was drinking some tea at the hotel restaurant the next morning.
It was a lovely morning until someone came to ruin it. 

An old man came and just took a seat in front of Yu Qi.
Seeing this, Yu Qi frowned. 

”Who are you? ” Yu Qi asked.

”What? Pretending not to know me after spending a night with me? ” The old man just made his voice louder so everyone around Yu Qi's could hear the sentence.

The look in Yu Qi's eyes became sharp.
She glared at this old man coldly.
This old man wanted to create some trouble for him. 

”Old man, have you looked at your face in the mirror? Even if you have money, I will not look at you. ” Since the other party wanted to trouble her,  she would not hold back and insulted the old man.

”Even my grandfather has  better looks than you. ” Yu Qi sneered.

This insult was making the old man's face became angry. 

”I know, a woman like you just use your face to survive. ” The old man fought back.

”Even if you have money, I will not go after you.
I have my own standards.
You are out of it. ” Yu Qi replied.

You should look at your face in the mirror. ” Someone joined the conversation. 

Everyone turned to the voice.
It was Yu Qi's new friend that she met last night, Gu Ning.

”My friend will not look at you.
With that face, the only low-class woman will go after you. ” Gu Ning added another insult.

The onlookers started to chat among them.

”Hey,  that is Gu Ning, the city mayor's only daughter. ”

I know her too. ”

”She says that girl is her friend. ”

”Meaning that girl is part of the high society. ”

”There is no way that the girl will be a mistress to that old man. ”

”As the girl and Miss Gu have said just now,  that old man needs to look in the mirror. ”

They were laughing.

”The old man must want to destroy the girl's reputation.
What an asshole. ”

”That girl can report it to the police and sue the old man. ”

The old man started to panic.
He thought that it was an easy job to earn some cash.
He just needed to say something to misled others to make them think that this girl was a mistress who just wanted to have money.

He never thought that she was a friend of Gu Ning,  the only daughter of Mayor Gu.
He was kind of regretting coming here.

”What are you doing? ” The old man asked in anger.

”Taking a photo of you.
It may be useful for the policeman later. ” Yu Qi smiled coldly.

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