Long Hui's mother was one level rank below his father.
As Yu Qi thought just now,  she did not expect that Long Hui's mother comes from that Wei Family since Wei Family was a literature family at the beginning.

Wei Family could be found on the records of the Jin Dynasty.
The record was almost hundreds of years.
They held many positions in the court.
They also produced a lot of talents in many fields.
However,  they disliked violence.
So, joining the military and becoming a soldier was a big NO.

”How did your mother join the military? ” Yu Qi asked.

”So, you do know about Wei Family. ” Long Hui smiled.

I have read about Wei Family in my past life but I did not know that your mother comes from Wei Family. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Oh, you have read about Wei Family.
Then, do you read about me in your past life,  hmm? ” Long Hui wanted to know.

I do have read about you. ” Yu Qi faked a cough.

”Oh, how was I in your past life? ” Long Hui asked.
He was curious about himself in Yu Qi's past life.

Yu Qi did read little about Long Hui in her past life but nothing much.
Long Hui was indeed an outstanding soldier.
However, she never saw the picture of him.
That was why she did not know that Long Hui was a handsome man back then.

”Why? Have I married someone else? ” Long Hui was uncomfortable thinking about that possibility.
The thought of being with another woman was not a good thought.

You did not. ” Yu Qi answered quickly. 

”Oh… ” Long Hui looked at Yu Qi with a meaningful glance.
”That's good.
Otherwise, someone will be jealous. ”

”I am not. ” Yu Qi rolled her eyes. 

Indeed Long Hui was still single in her past life regardless of his grandfather told him to marry.
Like in this lifetime, many women aimed the title of Mrs Long but Long Hui did not pay any attention to those women. 

I will not talk about it anymore.
Back to the earlier matter, my mother comes from the Wei family.
Her mother,  my maternal grandmother wanted her to be a virtuous woman who would have skills in literature and music.
But she disliked it.

Among her daughters, my mother was the most rebellious one.
She did a lot of extreme activities behind her mother.
After she reached 19 years,  despite my maternal grandmother's order to go to university,  she entered the military secretly.
After 6 months, her family finally knew about that matter. ” Long Hui began his story.

”Your mother is awesome. ” Yu Qi commented.

”I agree that she was brave enough to disobey my maternal grandmother. ” Long Hui chuckled.

The story was stopped for a moment when the earlier waitress came in, and brought the food and served them.

”Please enjoy, Sir, Miss. ” The waitress bowed and went out.

”Eat. ” Long Hui said.

”But I want to hear the story first. ” Yu Qi pouted.

”I will tell you along.
Eat. ” Long Hui moved his head signalling Yu Qi to eat.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi lifted up the food and eat.

Long Hui did not lie to her.
He did continue the story. 

”After her family knew about that,  of course, they were furious, especially my maternal grandmother.
She wanted my mother to quit being a soldier.
My mother did not listen to her words.
She turned to my father who was in the same squad as her.
Using my grandpa's name,  their request had been denied. ” 

”What happened next? ” Yu Qi was excited to hear the story.

”Since then, their relationship became distanced.
Until my mother gave birth to me.
My maternal grandmother wanted to take care of me since both of my parents were busy with their duties.
I became their bridge.
I grew up in the Wei Family.
Received their education.

But still,  it is in my blood.
One summer when I was eight years old, I spent my time with my grandpa.
I have become interested in guns and soldiers.
So, I began to spend my time in the Long Family instead.

I told my maternal grandmother my d.e.s.i.r.e to become a soldier.
Like in my mother's case,  she refused to let me became a soldier.
But, she could not stop me.
It is my life.
No one can stop me to do whatever I want. ”

”Why did your maternal grandmother hate soldiers so much? ” Yu Qi was a little confused about that. 

”I did ask her once.
She told me that being a soldier was a violent job and they killed people. ” Long Hui explained.

”But it is necessary to do it.
Soldiers do it to protect our nation. ” Yu Qi frowned.

”I don't know that.
But I have called her last time to tell her that I will be getting engaged with someone.
She has told me to bring you to meet her.
Since you are already here, I have thought to bring you to meet her tonight. ” Long Hui said.

”Wait! What? Tonight? ” Yu Qi was shocked.

”Yeah. ” Long Hui nodded.

”Why do you just tell me now? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Don't worry much about them.
Just be yourself. ” Long Hui patted his beloved Qi Qi's head. 

”But we can not go empty-handed. ” Yu Qi sighed.

Long Hui indeed did not think much about that.
That thought never crossed his mind.

”Tell me more about your maternal family.
We need to prepare some gifts for them. ” Yu Qi looked at Long Hui with an expected look. 

Long Hui chuckled.
His beloved Qi Qi was indeed cute.
He ended up telling everything that he knew about the Wei Family. 

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