”Sister Yuan,  they are still not here yet.
It is almost the time. ” Wei Su Kee complained.

”They may be stuck in traffic. ” Chi Yuan just smiled.

”They will be here soon.
As for someone, why is she here? She is not related to our family. ” Wei Ding Ye was crossing her hands while looking at Chi Yuan.

Wei Ding Ye was also from Wei Family's younger generation.
She was Wei Su Kee third cousin.
Two years older than Wei Su Kee.

Chi Yuan gritted her teeth before smiling at Wei Ding Ye.
”Grandma has asked me to come over.
So, I have come. ” It was true that their grandmother invited her over for tonight's dinner.

Grandma has invited Sister Yuan.
If you do have something to say about it,  go and talk to Grandma. ” Wei Su Kee attacked Wei Ding Ye back.

”I just want to advise you.
You can't force the thing to go your way. ” Wei Ding Ye left while smirking at Chi Yuan.

Chi Yuan once again gritted her teeth.
This time,  she also clenched her fists.

”Sister Yuan,  don't mind her.
She is just jealous of your beauty. ” Wei Su Kee comforted Chi Yuan.

”Thank you, Su Kee. ” Chi Yuan turned to Wei Su Kee and smiled.

”Let's go to the living room.
We can wait for them there. ” Wei Su Kee suggested.

”Okay. ” Chi Yuan nodded.

When they arrived at the living room,  some of the Wei Family were already there, conversed with each other.
Grandma Wei looked at Chi Yuan.

”Xiao Yuan, come and sit beside me. ” Grandma Wei called Chi Yuan.

Chi Yuan smiled and walked towards Grandma Wei.
Grandma Wei really liked Chi Yuan.
Chi Yuan was the granddaughter of her best friend.
She had already died twelve years ago.
Since Chi Yuan was a kid,  she already met with Chi Yuan multiple times. 

When her best friend died, Grandma Wei was feeling pity for Chi Yuan.
Because of that, she began to treat Chi Yuan as her own granddaughter. 

”That unfilial grandson is still not here yet? ” Grandma Wei asked her maid.

Before the maid answered the question, someone came and told them that the person that they were waiting for already arrived.

Someone led the guest inside.
A handsome man with his companion entered the living room.
Everyone had a various reactions when seeing the couple.

”Grandfather,  grandmother.
Uncles,  Aunties,  It has been a long time. ” Long Hui bowed and greeted both elders. 

Long Hui pulled Yu Qi and sat on the empty spot. 

Welcome home.
How are you? ” Grandpa Wei asked his grandson.

”Everything is okay. ” Long Hui answered short.
It seemed he also behaved like this in Wei Family.

”How is Great General Long? ” Grandpa Wei asked about Long Fei Yi.

”My grandfather has already retired.
So he is not a Great General anymore.
However, he has become busy since he is about to receive his granddaughter in law. ” There was a curve on the end of Long Hui's lips.

Members of the Wei Family were stunned to see it.
Long Hui did not usually smile.
So, it was very rare to see Long Hui's smile.

”Oh, really? I assume the girl beside you is the one right? ” Grandpa Wei turned to look at Yu Qi who was still silent from the beginning.

Knowing it was her turn to introduce herself,  Yu Qi bowed respectfully to them.
”Hello everyone.
My name is Tang Yu Qi.
Brother Hui's future wife. ”

”You are really beautiful. ” Grandpa Wei said.

”Thank you,  Grandpa Wei. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Humph!!! Just having a beautiful face is useless. ” Grandma Wei interpreted. 

Some of Wei Family members frowned while some of them secretly smirked. 

”Grandmother,  if you don't like me coming here with my girlfriend,  you should tell me so.
We will return and will not waste our time here. ” Long Hui directly talked to Grandma Wei like that.

You should not talk to Grandma like that.
She is your grandmother. ” Chi Yuan rebuked Long Hui.

”And who are you? ” Long Hui's question made Chi Yuan speechless.

Chi Yuan never thought that Long Hui would not remember her at all.
She had grown up together with him.

”Pfft. ” Someone who could not hold her laugh, ended up making some sounds.
Wei Ding Ye steady apologized.
”I am sorry. ”

Her mother glared at her angrily.
She looked away from her mother.
Honestly, she did not do anything wrong. 

”Brother Hui,  she is your childhood sweetheart.
How can you forget her? ” Wei Su Kee interrupted.

Wei Su Kee did not want Chi Yuan to be sad.

”And who are you too? ” Once again, Long Hui's question made someone speechless.

”Pfft.. ”Wei Ding Ye could not her laugh again.

”I come here just to introduce my woman to you.
Whether you like it or not, it is not my concern. ” Long Hui said arrogantly.

”You…! ” Grandma Wei felt angry with this grandson of her. 

This grandson really liked to go against her order.
Like his mother.
She did not expect her first daughter to go against her order and secretly join the military.
And now her daughter's son was doing the same thing.

”It has been a while since Hui returns to our house.
Let's not fight on a trivial matter. ” Grandpa Wei said.
Then he told the maid.
”Prepare the food now. ”

The maid went to serve the food on the dining table.
So,  they went to the dining room.
Everyone took their own seat.
Grandma Wei asked Chi Yuan to sit beside her.

No one seemed to mind it since they knew that Grandma Wei liked Chi Yuan so much.

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