Everyone looked at Chi Yuan.
She should not say something like that.
Everyone knew that Yu Qi was trying to help Grandma Wei.

I mean it is amazing work.
Miss Tang's acupuncture is very brilliant.
It has helped Old Madam Wei breathes and stopped Old Madam Wei from getting a stroke and a heart attack.
With her first aid, Old Madam Wei can hold on until getting the injection from me. ” Doctor Guan said.

”What? ” Grandpa Wei was shocked when listening to Doctor Guan's explanation.

Her increased blood pressure has triggered it.
However, Miss Tang's acupuncture skill has saved Old Madam Wei. ” Doctor Guan nodded.

”Thank you, Miss Tang. ” Grandpa Wei said.
”Someone bring my wife to the room.
Let her rest properly. ” 

”I will bring mother inside, father. ” Wei Ji Nan, Long Hui's second uncle said.

”Hmm… ” Grandpa Wei nodded.

Grandpa Wei turned to Yu Qi and saying thank you to her.
Yu Qi was just smiled. 

”It is nothing.
It is my job as a doctor. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

”Oh, Miss Tang, are you a doctor too? ” Doctor Guan asked.

”Well, to be exact, I am a doctor to be.
I have just finished my study. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Oh, how about come and work at Sinang Hospital? You can be my apprentice. ” Doctor Guan invited. 

”Actually, I have already been hired by another hospital. ” Yu Qi said.

”Which hospital? Sinang Hospital is good. ” Doctor Guan promoted his workplace.

”Well, it is Tang Private Hospital. ” Yu Qi stated the hospital.

Yu Qi could see Doctor Guan's expression changed from wonder to shock.

”You mean the hospital that Doctor Tang Jiang Man has founded? ” Doctor Guan asked excitedly.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”No wonder.
You must be very good to be hired into that hospital. ” Doctor Guan nodded several times.

”Huh? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

Seeing Yu Qi seemed did not understand what he meant by that, he said.
”Only the best doctor can be hired into that hospital. ”

”Oh… ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Well, it is already late.
I need to return home.
If something happens to Old Madam Wei again, feel free to call me. ” Doctor Guan excused himself. 

After seeing Doctor Guan left the house, Long Hui approached his grandfather.

”Grandfather, I am sorry for making grandmother like this. ” Long Hui apologized.
He did not mean to make his grandmother fainted like that.

”Never mind.
It is not your fault. ” Grandpa Wei sighed.

”Brother Hui, let's go and take the gift. ” Yu Qi whispered to Long Hui.

”Okay. ” Long Hui nodded.
”Grandfather, we will go out for a moment to take something. ” 

Yu Qi and Long Hui went to their car and took a box from the car.
Yu Qi wanted to help Long Hui to the box too but Long Hui refused.

”I can bring it.
You should depend more on me.
I am very strong.
You know that. ” Long Hui winked to Yu Qi. 

Saying something like that. ” Yu Qi glared. 

”What? I have just stated the truth.
Oh, my beloved Qi Qi must be thinking something else. ” Long Hui grinned. 

Yu Qi could not reply since they already entered the house. 

”What is this? ” Grandpa Wei asked. 

”It is her gift to all of you since it is her first meeting with you. ” Long Hui said. 

”What? You mean all of us? ” Wei Ding Ye asked. 

It is a small gift from me.
Forgive me if it is something that you don't like.
I have already written your name on your gift. ” Yu Qi said while smiling.

Without feeling anything, Wei Ding Ye came forward and brought out the gift from the box.
As Yu Qi said, she already wrote the name on the gift.
Wei Ding Ye ended up distributing the gift to their family members.  Everyone got one.
Except for Chi Yuan.

”Oh, someone does not get the present. ” Wei Ding Ye said.

”What? Who? Brother Hui has already informed me of the number of people in the family.
It is impossible to get it wrong. ” Yu Qi asked panicking.

”It is our who Sister Yuan has not gotten the gift. ” Wei Ding Ye said.

”She is not our family member. ” Long Hui dropped the bomb.

Chi Yuan was very upset hearing Long Hui saying something like that.
She was sure that Yu Qi was one who has influenced Long Hui to say something like that.
Yu Qi was doing this to show her that she was nothing.
Humph! She would not give up.

”It is okay.
I am not interested in her gift.
I will go and see Grandma before leaving. ” Chi Yuan said and left the living room.

Wei Su Kee looked between Chi Yuan and Yu Qi.
She was feeling complicated.
She did not expect to see the girl who has helped her recently, was actually his cousin's girlfriend.
Judging from Yu Qi's actions on that day and just now that she helped her grandmother without hesitation, Wei Su Kee felt that Yu Qi was a good person. 

Wei Su Kee told herself that she would be upset if his cousin ended up marrying a bimbo but Yu Qi was a good person.
She felt that Chi Yuan would not have a chance to be her cousin in law. 

”Wow, it is the full set of Qi Qi Skincare.
Owh, I really want to buy this face mask but it always out of stock. ” Wei Ding Ye already opened the gift.

”Ding Ye. ” Her mother glared at Wei Ding Ye.

Wei Ding Ye gulped.
Then she just grinned.

”You can order online.
The factory will directly send them to you. ” Yu Qi had time to promote her product.

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