”Are you sure you want to challenge me? ” Yu Qi asked Yi Su Ran.

”Of course. ” Yi Su Ran showed a proud face.

”When the competition will be? ” Yu Qi asked.

”How about next weekend? ” Yi Su Ran suggested.

”Okay, I agree.
However, don ’t disappoint me. ” Yu Qi smiled showing her arrogant look.

”Humph!!! Me, lose to you, never. ” Yi Su Ran made a disgusted face.

Yi Su Ran forgot the day when Yu Qi shooted three arrows.
She needed to make sure Yu Qi would be the losing party.
With that, she would make Yu Qi embarrassed with her order.
Yi Su Ran smirked to Yu Qi when she was about to leave.

Yu Qi did not say anything when saw the smirk. 

”Why do you accept the challenge? She is from the archery club.
She had been practicing, unlike you. ” So Pang Lim expressed her worries about this. 

”Don ’t you worried about this.
I know what to do. ” Yu Qi assured So Pang Lim.
”I ’m tired right now.
I ’m going to my room.
Bye. ” Yu Qi left So Pang Lim, went back to her room with Aoi.

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The students got the news that Yi Su Ran from the archery club was challenged Yu Qi from shooting club an archery competition.
It was very exciting.
They did not know who would be the winner.
The students were talking about the competition.

”It was unfair competition.
One from shooting club and one from archery club.
It is so obvious who will be the winner. ”

”That is not exactly correct.
Even though Tang Yu Qi is from the shooting club, she was once in the archery club before she had been asked to leave the archery club. ”

”Really? I don ’t know about this. ”

”What ’s make this interesting is I remember something.
About two years ago, Tang Yu Qi shooted three arrows and all of them went to the center. ”

”Wow, that is very impressive. ”

”That is why we don ’t know who will be the winner. ”

”But, Tang Yu Qi can not practice her archery anymore since she left the archery club, right? Maybe her skill already corrupt. ”

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”Who ’s know about that? We just need to wait on the competition day to know that. ”

”I know how to make this competition interesting. ”

”How? ”

”Let ’s open the betting.
Betting who will be the winner. ” 

”Oh, that is a great idea.
Let ’s inform others about this. ”

So, the betting was started.
Everyone was very excited to see the result. 

However, the person involved which was Yu Qi was very calm.
She went to the class steadily.
Some of her classmates came and asked about the competition.

”Yu Qi, it is true that you will be competing with that girl? ” 

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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”But you are from shooting club.
It is unfair to think about it. ”

”Don ’t worry about that.
I can handle it. ” Yu Qi said.

”Yeah, Our Yu Qi will crush that girl. ” Another person joined.

”That ’s right.
I can not imagine Yu Qi lose. ” 

Her classmates laughed with each other.
They believed Yu Qi would be the winner. 

This week was the starting of the club activity.
So, Yu Qi went to shooting training ground.
The familiar faces already there.

”Our star already arrives.
Let me interview her. ” Shi Man Xie ran toward Yu Qi.
Using his hand gesture, he acted like he was holding the microphone.
”Miss Tang, can you tell me, what is your feeling right now? ” 

Yu Qi did not answer but to look at Shi Man Xie up and down with a look.

Seeing Yu Qi did not give her response and caught the look on Yu Qi ’s face, he sulked himself.
”Humph!! I just want to make a joke.
How dare you give that look to me? ”

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Yu Qi was speechless.
This senior really knew how to make funny things.
Everyone was laughing. 

”Sister Yu Qi, long time no see.
i miss you. ” 

Yu Qi got a hug.
It was Zhu Xiao Ling. 

Yu Qi smiled.
”Easy. ” Yu Qi patted Zhu Xiao Ling ’s head.

”I saw ’yuri ’ in the air. ” Shi Man Xie said when he looked at Yu Qi and Zhu Xiao Ling.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes to Shi Man Xie.
Shi Man Xie shut up his mouth when seeing that. 

”Sister Yu Qi, is true that you will compete with someone in the archery club? ” Zhu Xiao Ling re-released from her hug and asked what she wanted to ask. 

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”But it is archery. ” Zhu Xiao Ling could not help to worry about that.

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”Xiao Ling, you don ’t know about this. ” Shi Man Xie joined their conversation.

”About what? ” Zhu Xiao Ling confused.

”When Yu Qi was still in the first year, she was in the archery club. ” Shi Man Xie said.

”Yeah, I remember that.
Our queen is also a Queen there. ” Another club member interrupted.

Zhu Xiao Ling made a stunned expression.
She did not expect Yu Qi in the archery club.
”Eh, then you just joined the shooting club after that? ” 

”No, no…
Yu Qi is a member of our club too.
She joined two clubs at the same time. ” Shi Man Xie made a proud face like he had been telling others that Yu Qi was his daughter.

”Man Xie, Yu Qi is not your girlfriend.
Don ’t be so proud. ”

”Shut up. ” Shi Man Xie said to hide his embarrassment. 

”Why Sister Yu Qi left the archery club? ” Zhu Xiao Ling questioned Shi Man Xie.

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Now, Shi Man Xie made an angry expression.
”Someone was jealous of her.
They slandered Yu Qi saying that Yu Qi had a sugar daddy.
The archery club felt embarrassing having this kind of club member, so they kicked Yu Qi out from the club. ” Shi Man Xie still angry when he thought about that.

”Really? That is absurd.
Just because of the rumor, the archery club kicked her out? ” Zhu Xiao felt it was indeed absurd. 

”Well, jealousy was very terrifying. ” Another club member made his comment.

”I think top management of the archery club is out of their mind. ”

”One of them is a woman.
You should know where it led to. ”

”I always think she was beautiful, kind and caring.
After that incident, I felt she was not like people described. ”

The shooting club members gossipped like a bunch of girls.
Yu Qi sighed.
They might be facing their captain ’s anger like this.
Just about Yu Qi finished her thoughts could be heard shouting at them.
Like a roar. 

”What are you doing? Not start warming up yet. ” Captain Heng Yu Ren shouted.

Hearing this the club members chatter around. 

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