Long Hui was facing the small creature in front of him right now.
Yeah, right now, he was in his beloved Qi Qi's space.
And was facing the ferret about which she had been talking about.
It was really a ferret.

Yu Qi was in the kitchen preparing the food for her three little cuties.
Yeah, she already had three.
Long Hui was also sitting nearby so he could watch his beloved Qi Qi.

”He is Master's boyfriend, ” Aoi said to Shino.

”Then, you are the one who makes Master cry, ” Shino said angrily.

”Oh, crying you say? ” Long Hui grinned.

”What are you grinning about? Aoi has told me that Master cries whenever you are with her in the room. ” Shino gritted his teeth when seeing Long Hui still had some nerve to grin after hurting his master.
Even though he was here not long ago,  but he already liked his master.
He did not want her to cry.

”That dog does not tell you what have I been doing with her? ” Long Hui asked,  still grinning.

”He does not need to tell me.
Master was crying, shouting because you probably hurt Master.
What else? ” Shino said.

”Oh, you don't understand.
Humans especially women liked to cry and shout, not only because she was hurting but… ” Long Hui could not continue the words since he felt something hitting on his head.

”Don't teach him weird things. ” Yu Qi said in a blushing face.

Yeah, Yu Qi hit him on the head.
He chuckled.

”But,  Qi Qi,  if I don't explain probably, he will not understand. ” Long Hui pretended to sigh. 

”Shino,  don't worry.
He is not hurting me. ” Yu Qi said.

”But, Aoi says, you are always crying when you are with him in the room, ” Shino said innocently.

Yu Qi: ”… ”

Long  Hui: ”Hahaha. ”

Yu Qi was speechless while Long Hui was laughing.
Yu Qi glared angrily at Long Hui.
Long Hui understood and stopped laughing.
He was waiting for Yu Qi to explain.
He wondered what excuse that she would be using since she did not want to tell the truth.

”Shino,  how long have you lived until now? ” Yu Qi asked suddenly.

Long Hui was confused.

”As I can remember, one year. ” Shino thought about that.

”Oh, meaning, Shino is still young.
I will tell you when you are older, okay? But don't worry, he is not hurting me.
If you heard that I am crying when I am together with him in my room, just ignore that, okay? ” Using Shino's young age,  Yu Qi dodged the question.

”Oh, I see.
I will wait until then. ” Shino nodded.

”Let's go over there.
I have finished cooking and am about to serve. ” Yu Qi led Shino away. 

Long Hui saw that Yu Qi had left.
He then laughed.
His beloved Qi Qi really knew how to dodge the question by using the young age.
He never thought that it would work on the animal.

Seeing Yu Qi serving Bo Ya and others made him thought about having children with Yu Qi.
Two of them should be enough.
One son and one daughter.
The son should be the older one so that he could protect his younger sister. 

”What are you thinking with the serious face? ” Yu Qi appeared in front of Long Hui after letting her little cuties ate on their own. 

”Thinking our future children. ” Long Hui wanted to see his beloved Qi Qi's reaction.

As he expected, his beloved Qi Qi blushed hard. 

”Why are you thinking? ” Yu Qi asked to hide her embarrassing thinking.

”It just appears in my mind when I saw you being with Bo Ya.  'Oh, she could be a lovely mother for my children.' That is what I thought just now. ” Long Hui said.

”Do you like children? ” Yu Qi asked.

”It will be a lie if I tell you that I like them.
But if they are our children, I will love and protect them as a proper father. ” Long Hui had been honest. 

Before meeting Yu Qi,  he really did not like the children.
He grew up in the Wei family.
So,  he was bound to meet other children.
He hated to spend his time with his cousins. 

Yu Qi grabbed Long Hui's hand and smiled.
”I know that you will be a great father to our children. ”

”Oh, can we have children right now? ” Long Hui tested.

Yu Qi gulped.
Seeing this, Long Hui smiled.
While he was sitting and Yu Qi was standing in front of him, his arm went around Yu Qi's waist.
He was hugging her. 

”Don't worry.
I will not force you.
I will wait for you to be ready.
I am also not ready to share your attention with someone else. ” Long Hui said while hugging Yu Qi.

Yu Qi felt warmth.
Long Hui was really considering her. 

”Mr Qin, I have already moved the men in the dungeon.
They still don't want to say something.
Do you want to meet them? ” 

Qin Xia was facing the window when his subordinate came in and reported something.
He narrowed his eyes. 

”You haven't tortured them enough? ” Qin Xia turned and looked at his subordinate. 

”We have already tortured them, Mr Qin.
But they have a strong mind. ” The subordinate did not raise his head while answering the question. 

”I will go and meet them.
I need to ask them why they were keeping an eye on her . ” Qin Xia showed his cold smile.

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