In the bas.e.m.e.nt where the sunlight did not come through, there were several humans who had been tied with the chain on the wall.
Their faces were stained with their own blood. 

Apparently, the leader was still able to glare at the man who was sitting comfortably on the chair in front of him. 

”I guess,  your body is strongest among these men. ” Qin Xia sneered.

”You must be the boss. ” The man smiled while narrowing his eyes. 

”Tell me.
Why are you following her? ” Qin Xia asked.

The man smirked.
”Since you are so great, why don't you find out yourself? ” He tried to spit on Qin Xia,  however, it did not reach Qin Xia at all.

Qin Xia signalled his men.
Then the room was filled with the screams of that man.
Qin Xia's men knew that their boss did not want to kill these men.
So, they lowered the amount of pain that they had made the man suffered.

The man's comrades seemed to be shaking after their comrade being tortured like that. 

”If you don't want to suffer anymore and die quickly, feel free to give the information about the order. ” Qin Xia offered.

”We just have to obey the order. ” Someone chose to speak up.

”Shut up! Ahhh…. ” The man who was being tortured just now,  shouted at his comrade telling them not to spit anything.

”Tell more. ” Qin Xia turned to the man who had decided to speak up after asking his men to cover the other man's mouth with something.

”We have one order…
Which states we need to follow the girl 24 hours per day.
And report to someone. ” The man hissed in the pain.

”Report to whom? ” Qin Xia asked.

”We don't know.
Usually, he is the one who makes the report. ” The man pointed to the man whose mouth had been covered.

”I have thought so. ” Qin Xia narrowed his eyes.
”So, what is your wish? ” 

The man wanted to say something.
However, Qin Xia cut him off.

”Don't dare to ask for release.
I will not let you out.
Either stay here being tortured or die without pain. ” Qin Xia asked the man to choose from these two choices only.

The man did not answer right now.
He was thinking.

”You only have two minutes.
If you don't make the choice after two minutes, you will be tortured right away. ” Qin Xia continued again.

The man widened his eyes.
He did not want to be tortured anymore.
Better died quickly. 

”I will choose to die.
Please kill me. ” The man asked. 

Do it. ” Qin Xia ordered his man.

His man grabbed a long sword and cut off the head of the man.
The head was rolling down and stopped at the man's comrade side.

”Torture them again.
If they are about to die, heal them.
If you see they do not care about dying anymore,  torture them again.
You should learn what is the meaning of endless torture.
After getting the significant information, tell me. ” Qin Xia left after giving the order.

He would not let others harmed her again.
Even if he became a devil in order to protect her,  he would be one. 

”Signing the doc.u.ment? ” Long Hui asked.

I have an appointment today to sign the agreement.
I have purchased a land in here. ” Yu Qi grinned.

”Where? I will accompany you. ” Long Hui said.

”Don't you need to visit your grandmother? ” Yu Qi glanced at Long Hui.

”We will visit her before we return to FINN City. ” Long Hui said.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi just nodded.
She did not want to force Long Hui as he was doing to the same thing to her.

”We have arrived. ” Yu Qi said.

In front of them,  there was a huge building.
They stepped inside.
The receptionist saw Long Hui and immediately displayed a sweet smile.

”Welcome, sir.
What can I do for you? ” The receptionist asked Long Hui.

Feeling indifferent about that, Yu Qi answered.
”I have an appointment with Mr Wang. ” 

Turned to answer Yu Qi,  the receptionist's face changed 180 degrees,  from smiling to frowning.
”Not everyone can meet with Mr Wang. ”

”I have already said that I have an appointment with Mr Wang.
Can you please check it first? ” Yu Qi still spoke in a soft tone.

”I have already… ” The receptionist wanted to continue, however, someone came and greeted Long Hui.

”Hui, what a surprise. ” Chi Yuan greeted Long Hui.
”What are you doing here? ”

”Miss Chi,  what a surprise too. ” Yu Qi greeted Chi Yuan when seeing Long Hui did not have any intention to reply to Chi Yuan.

Chi Yuan's smile face changed for a few seconds before returning back to normal.
Yu Qi could see that Chi Yuan was hurt by Long Hui's action. 

”What is your purpose for coming here? ” Chi Yuan maintained her smile.

”Well, I have an appointment with Mr Wang.
But this receptionist does not bother to check about it and telling me that 'not everyone can meet with Mr Wang. ” Yu Qi shifted their attention to the receptionist.

The receptionist was trembling.
Turned out that they and Miss Chi Yuan knew each other.
She was in trouble.

”What are you doing? You should do your job, check their appointment. ” Chi Yuan said to the receptionist.

”I am sorry,  Miss Chi.
I don't know that they are Miss Chi's friends. ” The receptionist apologized.

”Oh, it seems in order to ask the receptionist to take a look at the appointment list, they need to be your friend first. ” Yu Qi smirked.

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