That is not what I have meant. ” The receptionist shook her head.

”Never mind about that.
Can you check the appointment list,  right? ” Yu Qi waved her hand telling her that she did not care about that.

I will check it right now. ” The receptionist quickly checked it for Yu Qi.

”Your meeting with Mr Wang at 10 a.m., right? ” The receptionist asked for confirmation.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Wait a minute.
I will inform Mr Wang's secretary telling her that you are also here. ” The receptionist treated Yu Qi with more respect right now.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi replied.

The receptionist quickly called Mr Wang's secretary and told Yu Qi's arrival.
After a few minutes, the receptionist ended the call.

”Ms Tang, Mr Wang's secretary has told me that you can go up right now.
I will call someone to guide you right now. ” The receptionist said.

”No need for that.
I can guide Ms Tang. ” Chi Yuan offered herself to help.

Yu Qi looked at Chi Yuan while narrowing her eyes.
She then smiled.
”Sure, why not? Ms Chi, thank you in advance. ”

”Follow me. ” Chi Yuan said.

So, Chi Yuan led Yu Qi and Long Hui together up.
They ride the lift. 

”So, Msm Tang, what is the business you have with my uncle? ” Chi Yuan was being friendly.

”I have bought land from him.
So, today, I have come to sign the agreement with him. ” Yu Qi replied to her with a lazy voice.

”Oh, your family and Hui must be giving you a lot of money. ” Chi Yuan commented.

”Giving me money? ” Yu Qi smirked.
”I use my own money, the money I have earned myself. ” 

”Oh, I am sorry.
I have thought someone has given it to you to buy the land. ” Of course, Chi Yuan did not believe what Yu Qi was saying.
Yu Qi was a girl who had just graduated from university.
She did not have a job or source of income.

They arrived at the floor where Mr Wang's room was. 

”Ms Chi, thank you for leading Mr Wang's guest here. ” A s.e.xy woman came and thanked Chi Yuan.

She then turned to the guests behind Chi Yuan.
The first person that she saw was a handsome and tall man.
Her eyes widened.
She had never seen such a handsome man like him.

Ignoring the woman who stood beside Long Hui, the s.e.xy secretary smiled seductively at Long Hui while saying, ”You must be the one who wants to meet our Mr Wang.
Let me lead you inside. ”

”Ms  Secretary, it is me who wants to sign the agreement with Mr Wang. ” Yu Qi interrupted her.

”What? ” The s.e.xy secretary looked shocked.

”What? Don't Mr Wang tell you that Ms Tang will come? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

The s.e.xy secretary thought about that for a moment.
Referring to her memory, Mr Wang indeed was telling her that a young woman would come to sign the agreement with him.

”Oh, I am sorry.
I have made a mistake.
Come, Mr Wang has been waiting for you. ” The s.e.xy secretary changed her tone. 

”Ms Chi, thank you for guiding us here. ” Yu Qi turned to Chi Yuan who was still standing over there.

”You will go and see my uncle, right? Hui must be alone here waiting for you to finish the deal.
I will accompany him. ” That was what she was aiming for.

”No need for that.
I will enter with her too. ” Long Hui rejected the idea. 

”But… ” Chi Yuan wanted to say something again but Long Hui's eyes made her closed her mouth.

The s.e.xy secretary looked at the situation with a smile.
'Looks like Ms Chi is also aiming for this young handsome man.
Too bad.' She looked at another young woman.
'Ms  Chi has already lost in terms of appearance.'

Without considering Chi Yuan, Yu Qi walked away following the s.e.xy secretary with Long Hui following her from behind. 

Chi Yuan clenched her fists.
She took a deep breath.
She calmed down herself.
'Calm down, Yuan.
You have Grandma Wei's backup.
That woman doesn't have anything.' She was still delusional because she thought having Grandma Wei's backup would make Long Hui hers.
She did not realize yet that Long Hui would not listen to Grandma Wei anymore. 

In the room, Mr Wang sat properly in front of Yu Qi.
He did not dare to do anything since the cold eyes were silently watching him…
Telling him that he would die if he wanted to do anything. 

Of course, he recognized the man who was sitting beside the woman.
Who did not know 'Long Hui', the promising young man in the military, the only grandson of the Great General Long Fei Yi? And now he was sitting in front of him guarding the woman silently.

He was very relieved when he thought about the last time he met this woman remembering that he did not do anything whatever that would ignite Long Hui's anger.
If he continued what he wanted to do in the first place, he thought that he would probably have already died right now. 

To think about, the woman also had a dangerous vibe, the same as Long Hui.
What a matching couple.

”Mr  Wang? ” Yu Qi tried to call Mr  Wang when she saw him daydreaming.

”Oh, I am sorry.
I am thinking about something else just now. ” Mr Wang snapped back to reality.

”I have already read the terms in the agreement.
Everything is okay.
I can sign it right now. ” Yu Qi said.
She had already read all.
No hidden terms stated.
Overall, she was satisfied. 

”Okay, let's sign the agreement now. ” Mr Wang nodded.

He wanted this meeting to end quickly.
So, that he could be released from the frightening stare coming from Long Hui. 

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