”Are you sure that Hui is here? ” Huang Lan Guan asked Liang Mo Han.

Fifth Brother had confirmed it. ” Liang Mo Han pointed to Fang Mo Li.

Fang Mo Li nodded.

”So, Yu Qi is here too, right? ” Lin Ming Shu asked. 

When she heard that her husband wanted to go to Rose Nightclub, she questioned him, what he wanted to do there and who would accompany him.
His husband quickly said that Long Hui and Yu Qi were here.
So, they wanted to hang out together.

Lin Ming Shu argued, why was he did not invite her too.
Her husband told her that he was about to invite her too.
She apologized to her husband.

”He comes running here just want to accompany his beloved.
Otherwise, do you think he will come here? ” Ren Qian Yi grabbed a drink.

”Before this, who thought that our Second Brother would be so loyal to a woman? ” Liang Mo Han said.

”Yeah, I thought he will be alone forever. ” Ren Qian Yi laughed. 

”When you told me that he got a girlfriend, I thought you are pranking me. ” Liang Mo Han also laughed for a moment before he continued.
”I feel it is impossible that he will get a girlfriend since I believe he could not perform 'that'.
That is why he hates women at the beginning. ”

”I believe that too. ” Ren Qian Yi laughed again.

Lin Ming Shu sighed.
She already knew what was these men talked about.
She had seen these pattern occurred several times but they seemed did not learn since the previous one.

Why do I feel such intense murderous aura right now? ” Ren Qian Yi was feeling goosebumps.

He looked at Fang Mo Li and Huang Lan Guan in front of them.
Their expression was pretty weird right now.
He gulped as he was thinking about one possibility.

”First Brother, Fifth Brother, don't tell that Second Brother is standing behind me? ” Ren Qian Yi trembled as he asked about this.

”Huh? Don't joke around. ” Liang Mo Han also stopped laughing.

”Then, why don't you turn around and see by yourself? ” Fang Mo Li said to both of them.

Liang Mo Han and Ren Qian Yi turned around slowly.
They prayed that Long Hui was not standing behind them.
But God would not be listening to them since Long Hui already stood there and looked down at them with murderous eyes.

”Second Brother, you are here.
Come and sit.
Oh, sister in law, you are here too. ” Liang Mo Han quickly changed his face, smiling like a fool.

Second Brother, Sister in law, come.
Sit. ” Ren Qian Yi followed Liang Mo Han's lead.

”Impossible? I can't perform 'that'? ” Long Hui repeated what they had been talking about just now.

”Yu Qi, come and sit here.
Let those men play by themselves. ” Lin Ming Shu pulled Yu Qi to her side.

”Sister Ming Shu, First Brother, Fifth Brother. ” Yu Qi greeted them.

Fang Mo Li nodded.

”Come and sit.
We can watch them. ” Huang Lan Guan invited Yu Qi.

”Second Brother.
Violence is bad.
Don't use that.
If you want to hit someone, hit him.
He is a soldier.
He must be good enduring your strength. ” Liang Mo Han said.

”Hey, you! Dare to push all the blame to me.
You are the one who said that Second Brother could not perform 'that'. ” Ren Qian Yi shouted to Liang Mo Han.

”Can't perform 'that'? You can ask Qi Qi to clarify. ” Long Hui smirked.

Yu Qi was drinking something just now, coughing after hearing Long Hui said something like that.

”You! ” Yu Qi glared at Long Hui.

”I guess you can forget your holiday next month. ” Long Hui said to Liang Mo Han.

”What? ” Liang Mo Han was shocked. 

”Afrika Branch needs some help for a month. ” Long Hui continued.

”Oh, no. ” Liang Mo Han looked very fl.u.s.tered when Long Hui was saying that.

Ren Qian Yi laughed.
He knew that Liang Mo Han would be suffered at Afrika.

”As for you, triple…
No, quadruple your training for a month.
I will give the list of training by we return to the military compound. ” It was Ren Qian Yi's turn to receive his punishment. 

”What? Second Brother, I need to do missions when we return. ” Ren Qian Yi informed.

”Oh,  really? ” Long Hui seemed to think about something.

”Yeah. ” Ren Qian Yi hoped that Long Hui would not punish him.

”Then, you can do before and after the mission.
It should be okay. ” Long Hui smiled.

”Demon. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

”Devil. ” Liang Mo Han nodded.

”Oh, it is not bad. ” Fang Mo Li said.

Yu Qi was confused when hearing Fang Mo Li saying something like that.
”Why? ”

”Since they did not admit into the hospital right away. ” Huang Lan Guan answered.

Yu Qi became more confused.
”Huh? ”

”Usually, Hui would just beaten them up.
They ended up admitted into the hospital since Hui did not even hold back. ” Lin Ming Shu explained.

”Oh, I see. ” Yu Qi nodded several times.

”Hui did not want to beat up them tonight probably because of Yu Qi.
He probably did not Yu Qi to see how violent he is. ” Lin Ming Shu made some conclusion.

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