After settling these two men,  Long Hui took a seat beside his beloved Qi Qi. 

”It is okay if you want to drink some alcohol tonight. ” Long Hui said to Yu Qi when he looked at Yu Qi who was staring at the alcohol.

”Huh? ” Yu Qi turned around.

”Oh, second sister in law is weak to alcohol? ” Liang Mo Han asked.

Probably. ” Yu Qi admitted.

”Not probably.
It is the truth. ” Long Hui replied.
”Since I am here, you can drink it.
I will take care of you tonight. ” 

The meaning was ambiguous.
Probably because Long Hui meant it.
He was smiling.
Yu Qi saw the smile and understood it.

”Second sister in law,  you can drink the one with low alcohol percentage. ” Liang Mo Han said while pushing glass to drink.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi said.

”So, Wei family already knows about  Yu Qi? ” Huang Lan Guan asked.

He knew that Long Hui came to Capital City to introduce Yu Qi to Wei Family. 

”Yeah. ” Long Hui nodded.

”How is their reaction? ” Huang Lan Guan asked.

”As you have thought. ” Long Hui answered.

”So, your grandmother does not like her… ” Even Huang Lan Guan could predict that.

”Are you okay, Yu Qi? ” Lin Ming Shu asked,  worried about that.

”I am fine.
To be honest, I don't care much about her.
I am going to marry Brother Hui.
Not her. ” Yu Qi said.

It was the truth.
Not like she was going to marry his grandmother,  nor she was getting married into Wei Family.
The Wei Family was just relatives, they were not with the surname 'Long'.

That's right. ” Liang Mo Han nodded.

Then, they left that conversation there.
In the room, there were a lot of games and facilities that had been installed.
There were a snooker table, dart throwing, karaoke set, and even video games to enjoy.

”Since it has been awhile since we have gathered like this, how about we compare our skills again? ” Ren Qian Yi suggested.

”That's a good idea. ” Liang Mo Han agreed.

Fang Mo Li and Huang Lan Guan looked at each other.
Without even talking, they understood their thoughts.
Both idiots probably wanted to bet with Long Hui. 

”Oh, really? ” Long Hui narrowed eyes.
”Which game? ”

”Dart throwing. ” Liang Mo Han suggested.

Long Hui smirked.
”What is the bet? ”

”We want you to cancel our punishment. ” Liang Mo Han and Ren Qian Yi were synchronized.

'We knew it.' Fang Mo Li and Huang Lan Guan thought so.

  ”Why not? If you lose, it will be two months punishment for the two of you. ” Long Hui said.
Then he turned to his beloved Qi Qi.
”Can you play in my place? ” 

”You want me to play in your place? ” Yu Qi tilted her head to the side.

It was very cute from Long Hui's perspective.
My body is not feeling well. ”

”Hey, you dare to let her play? You are going to lose. ” Ling Mo Han smirked.

Ren Qian Yi was silent at the moment.
Well, Yu Qi had probably never tried the games before.
He tried to convince himself.
Not did he knew that Yu Qi was an expert on throwing something at her target.
After all, she threw needles to her enemy's acupuncture. 

”Okay. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Let's decide the turn by rock, paper, scissors. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

So,  the turn was decided.
One, Ren Qian Yi.
Two,  Liang Mo Han.
And lastly,  Yu Qi. 

The rules, they were given five shots to throw.
The points would be calculated where the dart was.
The distance was about 2.5 meters away.

”Let's begin then. ” Huang Lan Guan said.

Ren Qian Yi threw the first dart.
It landed on the triple ring.
It was not bad since it was near to the outer bullseyes.
He kept throwing until his last dart.
Only one landed on outer bullseyes.

Fang Mo Li took a picture of Ren Qian Yi's dartboard.
They would use it to compare with others to determine the winner.

Liang Mo Han took his turn.
One landed to a single ring.
Three darts landed on outer bullseyes.
And one dart landed on inner bullseyes.
Liang Mo Han was cheering up.

”I am going to escape it. ” Liang Mo Han was talking about the punishment. 

Long Hui was not showing any worried expression at all.
He knew that his beloved Qi Qi would not disappoint him. 

It was Yu Qi's turn.
Yu Qi stood in the position.
She was careless while throwing the dart.
Everyone could see that.
She was indeed a beginner. 

”Wow,  amazing, Yu Qi. ” Lin Ming Shu praised Yu Qi.

Long Hui smiled.
As expected his girlfriend.

'It is beginner's luck.' Liang Mo Han tried to calm down. 

However, Yu Qi threw two more darts and they landed beside the first dart on the inner bullseyes.
It crushed Liang Mo Han's hope.

Then, the scene began even more shocking when Yu Qi's next dart landed straight on the first dart, topping each other.
It was probably a coincidence as they thought.
But their thoughts were destroyed as the last dart landed straight on the previous dart. 

Everyone there was dumbfounded.
Only Long Hui was smiling at his beloved Qi Qi.

”Well done.
You have won. ” Long Hui said to Yu Qi. 

”Great. ” Yu Qi hugged Long Hui.

Long Hui enjoyed being hugged by his beloved Qi Qi.
However, he did not forget those two.

”I hope you enjoy your two-month punishment. ” Long Hui said to Liang Mo Han and Ren Qian Yi.

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