Chapter 1307: Join The Mission Too

”You all should know that Colonel Long had been seriously injured in the mission regarding the Big Silver Mercenary.
I have located their headquarters.
I am planning to ambush their headquarters.
I know it will be dangerous.
You might lose your life.
That ’s why I am planning to have some volunteers to join me. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

”ME! ” A soldier from Binhai Nation shouted loudly.

”Me too. ”

”I will go. ”

”We will have revenge. ”

”No need to ask us, Lieutenant Colonel Ren.
You just need to order us.
We will follow your order. ”

”For Colonel Long. ”

”For Colonel Long. ”

One by one shouted until the whole soldiers from Binhai Nation shouted.
However, surprisingly, one soldier from Country Brin shouted too.

”I will follow you too.
My life had been saved by Colonel Long.
I want to repay it. ”

Me too.
He pulled me from getting a shot to my head. ”

”It is because of me, he suffered such a grave injury.
I am willing to pay for it.
Take me too. ”
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Some of the Country Brin ’s soldiers had been saved by Colonel Long and were very grateful to Colonel Long.
So, they wanted to volunteer to repay Colonel Long.

I will arrange the plan.
I will inform you later.
Just be ready to depart.
But none of you will be going.
We can ’t let this camp empty. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

Yu Qi smiled.
It was going to be as she planned.
Actually, she did not need the troop to go and destroy the Big Silver Mercenary.
But the after-scene would be annoying.
She needed some disguises.

Ren Qian Yi discussed this with Yu Qi the plan.
They decided to make an attack on Big Silver Mercenary during the night.
All of the soldiers would be wearing black clothes to match the night.

However, Ren Qian Yi rejected Yu Qi to follow them.
Yu Qi told him whether he wanted or not, Yu Qi would be followed them.
She would not back off.
After arguing for about 20 minutes, Ren Qian Yi surrendered.
He just could let her join the plan.

At the night, they prepared to go.
They did not want to stand out.
So, they prepared the normal vehicles.
It was not like they would be able to go all the way to Big Silver Mercenary ’s headquarter.

They would park the vehicles somewhere else nearby the headquarters and walk to their destination.

When the soldiers saw Yu Qi, they were shocked.
They did not expect that Yu Qi was here too.
Because she was Long Hui ’s fiancee, the soldiers were kind of worried seeing Yu Qi would be going together on this mission.

”Must she follow us too? ”

It is a dangerous mission. ”

”She should stay behind. ”

”If she is coming with us, we will need to protect her too. ”

The soldiers tried to talk to Ren Qian Yi about the matter.
But Ren Qian Yi brushed them off telling them there was a reason why Yu Qi was coming with them.

Even the high-ranking soldier from Country Brin tried to talk to Ren Qian Yi about this.

”You are not in this mission.
So, stop interfering with what we doing. ” It was the answer that Ren Qian Yi gave to the high-ranking soldier from Country Brin.
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They departed when the clock showed 7 p.m.
The journey would take one hour.
They parked their vehicles.
The soldiers came out.
Only 50 of them were chosen to come for this mission.

Yu Qi opened the map.

”We will attack from their base from different 3 directions.
So, we will divide 3 groups. ” Yu Qi explained the plan again.
”Remember the map.
The time here is 8.15 p.m.
The attack will begin at 9.30 p.m.
Adjust the time on your watch.
Make it the same as mine.
We need to attack their base at the same time.
To create chaos.
Understand? ”

”Yes, Ma ’am. ” The soldiers answered.

”All right.
Now, get moving. ” Yu Qi said.

Like it was a normal thing, the soldiers followed Yu Qi ’s order.

”Second Sister in law, it is a pity that you are not in the military. ” Ren Qian Yi had time to comment on that.

Yu Qi did not say anything.
Ren Qian Yi was on the same team as Yu Qi.
Even though he was okay with Yu Qi coming with them, he still worried about her.

Yu Qi was given a gun.
But she also brought two butterfly knives with her.
She kept them hidden.
They arrived at the appointed location at 9.15 p.m.
There were still 15 minutes ahead.

They took a rest.
They were going to war later.
Yu Qi kept silent.
The soldiers thought she began to feel afraid.
Because they thought Yu Qi was a normal woman.

They did not light the place because they did not want their enemies to know their location.
So, everything was dark.
They just relied on the night vision goggle.

Yu Qi suddenly took off her night vision goggles.
Actually, she did not need it anyhow.
But she needed to wear it too.
Right now, she took it off because she wanted a better view of the base.

She could see there were some people guarding the base.
They needed to kill those people first if they wanted to enter the base.

”It ’s 9.29 p.m.
Get ready. ” Yu Qi said.

The soldiers looked ready to do it.

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