Chapter 1308: Second Sister In Law, You Are A Monster

Once the time changed to 9:30 p.m.
they immediately moved.
However, the soldiers in Yu Qi ’s team were shocked by Yu Qi ’s speed.

Yu Qi easily killed the two men with her butterfly knife.
It was very swift.
One slash on each neck.

”Come in. ” Yu Qi said.

They successfully entered the wolf den.
Once they spotted someone, Yu Qi was very faster to attack the men without any warning.
They could not do anything.

They also questioned their existence.
Not only the soldiers were shocked, Ren Qian Yi was also surprised by Yu Qi ’s skill.
It was his first time seeing Yu Qi in action.

Because of the dead bodies around, the people from Big Silver Mercenary noticed the intruders.
Then, the alarm started to hear.
The men knew it was an emergency alarm indicating something had happened.

All of them rushed out to see what happens.
The moment they rushed out, they were shot.
They were not prepared.

It was the first time the alarm was triggered.
So, they were not prepared for this kind of situation.

The headquarters currently had 100 men inside it.
Because of the swift action from the soldiers, even though there were only 50 of them, they still could confront the 100 men.

Yu Qi grabbed one of the enemies.
She put the knife to his neck.

”Where is your boss? ” Yu Qi questioned the man.

”I don ’t know.
Please don ’t kill me. ” The man begged.

However, without any mercy, Yu Qi slashed his neck.
The soldiers gulped.
They felt that they were watching Long Hui instead.

”Who are you intruding on my house? ” A middle-aged man came out and asked domineeringly.
It seemed this man was the leader of Big Silver Mercenary.
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The soldiers were dressed in black clothes.
So, no wonder, he did not recognize them.

”There is no need for you to know us.
Just know that from tonight, your Big Silver Mercenary would vanish. ” Yu Qi shouted.

”A woman? ” The leader of Big Silver Mercenary was a little bit surprised to hear a woman ’s voice.

”I don ’t think we have any grudge. ” The leader of Big Silver Mercenary said.

”No grudge? ” Yu Qi chuckled.
Then, she changed her tone.
”No grudge or not, your life is mine. ”

Then she threw her butterfly knife at the leader of Big Silver Mercenary.
The leader of Big Silver Mercenary snorted.
This woman seemed to overestimate herself.
There was no way that a knife like that would kill him.

Because he was paying attention to the knife, he did not notice that Yu Qi was running, shortening the distance between them.
She also took out the gun and pointed it at the leader of Big Silver Mercenary ’s head.

Boston. ”

Someone shouted out loud to warn the leader of Big Silver Mercenary.
However, it was already too late.
The bullet already hit the target.
It landed straight into the leader of Big Silver Mercenary ’s forehead.

The leader of Big Silver Mercenary fell on the ground just like that.
At his last moment, he could not believe that his life would be ended by an unknown woman ’s hand.

”Kill the remains.
Don ’t leave anyone. ” Yu Qi shouted.

Hearing the shout, the soldiers started to move again, killing the remains of Big Silver Mercenary ’s members.

After confirming none of the members survived, the soldiers looked around.
Big Silver Mercenary, a power that was feared by others had been destroyed just like that.

Although they were the ones who destroyed Big Silver Mercenary, they still could not believe themselves.
And the one who led them was a woman.
A freaking woman.

Yu Qi walked around.
Ren Qian Yi and several soldiers followed her.
Until they stopped at one door.
It looked like a warehouse.

”What is this place? ” Ren Qian Yi asked Yu Qi.

”What do you think? ” Yu Qi smiled.
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Others who saw the smile trembled.

Yu Qi tried to open the door but it seemed it was locked.
Yu Qi shot the door but was still unmoved.

”Miss Tang, let us try to open it. ” One of the soldiers offered.

Let us try it. ” Others also nodded.

Yu Qi nodded and stepped aside.
The soldiers tried to kick the door open but it was unsuccess.
The door was still tight.

Yu Qi sighed.
”Step aside. ”

The soldiers stepped aside.
Yu Qi looked at the door.
She then took a deep breath.
Right after that, she lifted her leg and kicked the door.

The door was ripped off its place and fell on the ground.
The soldiers dropped their jaws.
They also kicked the door too.
Only only one person, but 10 of them, but the door did not move.

Now, only one person kicked it and it was a woman, this damn door ripped off from its place.
Not to mention, it was an iron door.

How much strength that Yu Qi used to make it happen?

”Miss Tang is very amazing. ”

”You are so strong, Miss Tang. ”

”No wonder, Colonel Long like you so much. ”

The soldiers began to praise Yu Qi.
Ren Qian Yi was also very shocked.
He also tried to kick the door open with strength, but nothing happened.

”Second Sister in law, you are a monster. ” Ren Qian Yi commented.

”Are you sure you want to say something like that to me? ” Yu Qi turned around and looked at Ren Qian Yi with her narrowed eyes.

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