Chapter 1311: Returning To Binhai Nation

Country Brin was dumbfounded that Big Silver Mercenary who had been a threat to their country vanished one night.
Just because of one woman.

The high-ranking soldiers asked their soldiers who were involved in the mission about that.
They got the same answer telling that most of the killing had been done by Yu Qi.
Even Big Silver Mercenary ’s leader was killed by Yu Qi.

They could not believe it.
That woman was just a doctor.
Well, she might be a talented doctor but she was still a doctor but not a freaking killer.

However, after getting the same answer from other soldiers, they had to accept the reality.
That woman really helped them in destroying Big Silver Mercenary.

They needed to submit the report to their military.


Yu Qi checked Long Hui ’s condition one more time to make sure that Long Hui recovered.
As Yu Qi predicted, Long Hui was perfectly fine.
He could walk and even run.

Shino was sent back into space as well as Aoi.
Aoi was quite happy going out since he could go to the kitchen and stole some food using his invisible mode.

Finally, they returned home.
Yu Qi returned with the private flight that she came before.
Long Hui returned with his subordinates.
They would meet at home.

Of course, Long Hui would not return straight home.
He would go back to the military ground first.
Prepare the report and submit the report to his superior.
Until then, he finally got to return home.

When Yu Qi ’s flight touched down, she was woken up by the flight attendant.
She fell asleep after checking her emails and replying to the emails.

She thanked the flight attendant and took her belonging.
She did not have much since she put them into her space.
She put on her sunglass and walked out.

The same scenario happened today too where there were a lot of people gathered at the airport, shouting and screaming.
Her ears could burst.

She frowned.
’Is there a famous celebrity coming today? ’ She thought.
She did not care much because it did not concern her.

The shout became louder and louder when the celebrities that they had been waiting before arrived.
She took a glance once.
It seemed they were a handsome boy group.
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Then something strange happened.
A woman fell in front of them.
The bodyguards thought the woman wanted to pounce on the boy group.
So, they blocked her.
But the woman fell straight to the ground.

The woman had uncontrollable jerking movements of the arms and legs.
Her eyes were also unfocused.

”What happens to that woman? ”

”Is she sick to behave like that just because she wants attention from Winz? ”

”Why does she like that? ”

”Can she has some respect? ”

Some people thought the woman behaved like this just to get attention.

”No! She might have seizures.
I see this before.
My uncle ’s like this too. ”

Someone shouted.

”What? Call the ambulance…
Call the ambulance. ”

Everyone seemed to take out their handphone to call the ambulance.

Yu Qi wanted to leave but heard someone shout about seizures.
She stopped.

She then shouted.
”Step aside.
I am a doctor. ” Her voice was loud enough for people around her to hear.

People started to give way to her to pass.
Yu Qi looked at the woman.
She still had the same movement, the uncontrollable jerking movements.

Yu Qi grabbed the woman ’s hand.
She firmly pressed to read the woman ’s pulse.
This woman was indeed having a seizure attack right now.

”Does someone call the ambulance? ” Yu Qi asked.

Yes… ” Someone answered.

The woman could not stop her jerking movements.
If this continued, she would injure herself.
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Yu Qi took out her acupuncture needles.

”Some of you, come and grab her so that she could not move. ” Yu Qi pointed to four men nearby.
Seeing the men did not move, she shouted.
”Hurry up and help me. ” She could not help to increase her volume.

The men rushed to grab the woman ’s hands and legs.
The jerking movements were reduced.

Yu Qi took one of her acupuncture needles.
She stuck the needles at one point.
Then she took another one and stuck at a different point.
Lastly, she took two needles and stuck them at the same time.

Everyone who watched this was very astonished by the scene.

Finally, the woman stopped moving and lost consciousness.
Yu Qi took out the needles, one by one.

”Is it over? ” Asked one man who held the woman ’s leg.

But she still needs to go to the hospital to get her treatment.
Oh, you can release her now. ” Yu Qi said.

Yu Qi stored her needles back in her bag.

Then the paramedic came.

”What is the situation? ” One of the paramedics asked.

”I am Doctor Tang Yu Qi from Tang Private Hospital.
This woman was having a seizure attack.
It is a Myoclonic seizure. ” Yu Qi answered.

”If it is a Myoclonic seizure, why does she unconscious? ” The paramedic asked again.

People who had Myoclonic seizures usually did not lose consciousness.

”I am afraid she might hurt herself, so, I strike her acupuncture points with needles with these men ’s help.
They helped me to grab her hands and legs so that she could not move. ”

”Oh, acupuncture needles? ” The paramedic was surprised to see someone bring her acupuncture needles everywhere.

If she had any problem regarding my treatment here, you can find me at Tang Private Hospital. ” Yu Qi asked.

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