Chapter 1312: Afraid To Create Scandal About Her

Thank you. ” The paramedics left.

Yu Qi turned to the men who helped her before.
”Thank you for your help.
I really appreciate that. ”

We are happy to help you. ” The man shook his head.

The other three men also nodded.

”You are Miss Tang, right? ” One of the men asked.

”Yes, why? ” Yu Qi was confused why the man asked for her name.

”Then, you are our big boss.
Thank you very much for giving us the chance to debut. ” The men bowed to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi still could not get what these men meant by that.
The men could see that Yu Qi was confused.

”We are under Qiaosu Entertainment. ” The man said.

”Oh. ” Yu Qi nodded.
No wonder, these men told her that she was their big boss.

”Winz, do you know her? Is she your girlfriend? ”

Winz, you can ’t have a girlfriend. ”

The fans started to shout again.
The bodyguards stopped the fans who wanted to rush to Winz.

Yu Qi frowned.
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”You should know who she is.
She is our big boss.
Please don ’t create a rumor here. ” Winz ’s leader said.

When the fans heard what Winz ’s leader say, they stopped and thought about that.

”She is Tang Yu Qi, Qiaosu Entertainment ’s big boss. ” Someone shouted.

When everyone heard the shout, they finally remembered who she was.

Yu Qi did not want to waste time here anymore.
She nodded and excused herself.
The bodyguards gave way for her to leave.

There were some reporters around.
Everything had been captured.
Even though Yu Qi was not a celebrity but she had her own fame as Qiaosu Entertainment ’s big boss.
A piece of news about her would be great too.

The reporters rushed to their offices after Winz left the airport.
They wanted to write about what they got today.

The news about Yu Qi saved a woman at the airport and Winz happened to be there and helped with the situation.

One of the reporters thought that it would be best for him to write some stories where Yu Qi fell in love with one of Winz ’s members.

So, he wrote it and sent it to his boss for approval.
However, he ended up having a bump on his head because his boss threw the thick book at him.

His boss was very angry at him for writing such a story.
The boss knew that if this got published, he did not know if his company could survive.

The last company which published Yu Qi ’s scandal with that Jiang Actor ended up declaring bankruptcy.
The company had been sued and got blacklisted.
They could not pay the legal fees and the compensation.

The boss did not want his company to go under.
He warned the reporter if he dared to post what he had written, he would fire him immediately.

Hearing the warning, the reporter was taken aback.
He did not dare to publish the story if it would cost him his job.

Yu Qi returned to Tang House.
She met Grandpa Tang who playing with his grandchildren in the living room.

”Grandpa. ” Yu Qi greeted Grandpa Tang.

”Where have you been? ” Grandpa Tang asked.
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He noticed that Yu Qi was away.
Tang Han Lee told him that he last saw Yu Qi 5 days ago and she was kind of rushing to go somewhere else.
Then they got her call telling her she was with Long Hui.

”Yu Qi, you are home.
Where did you go with Xiao Hui this time? ” Ming Yue happened to walk over and saw Yu Qi.

I went overseas.
I did meet Brother Hui.
But it is not a vacation.
It is a kind of emergency. ” Yu Qi said.

”What happened? ” Grandpa Tang asked.
He noticed something.

”Actually, Brother Hui was gravely injured.
The doctors over there could not handle the surgery.
So, his friend, Brother Qian Yi called me about this situation. ” Yu Qi twisted the fact that she knew Long Hui was injured by Shino to hear it from Ren Qian Yi.
It was more convincing.

”He injured? How is he right now? Is he okay? ” Ming Yue was surprised to hear the bad news.

I went there and did the surgery.
He is fine.
Actually, he already recovered.
He returned to the nation today.
But we are not on the same flight.
He is at the military ground right now. ” Yu Qi explained.

”What? Has he already recovered? Did you say he was gravely injured? He should rest more. ” Ming Yue said in worried.

”Don ’t worry, Auntie Ming Yue.
I can assure you that he is completely recovered.
If he is not, I will not dare to let him out of the bed.
It seems his body can recover faster than a normal man. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”The doctors over there should learn more about surgery. ” Grandpa Tang snorted.

Then he turned to Tang Heng Nuo.
”My little Heng Nuo… ”

Yu Qi smiled to see Grandpa Tang like this.
That sentence…
She could imagine the face of the doctors if they knew that the legendary Doctor commented on their skills.
They probably wanted to cry.

”If he is free, invite him for dinner.
It has been a while since I meet him too. ” Ming Yue asked.

”I will. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Go up and rest.
You must have jet lag.
I will call you if dinner is ready. ” Ming Yue said.

Auntie Ming Yue. ” Yu Qi nodded and left.

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