Chapter 1313: It Felt Like They Were Talking With A Psycho Killer.

Yu Qi had been getting questions as to where she went missing for a few days from her colleagues and team members.
Yu Qi explained the situation as she explained to Tang Family.

Some of them saw Yu Qi rushed out on that day, and thought about it.
No wonder Yu Qi was looking flustered that day.
The day went normal.

The military had a celebration.
They had an event to celebrate.
When Yu Qi heard from Long Hui about that, she did not care much about it because she thought it did not involve her at all.

But the military had specifically invited her to the event.
Yu Qi asked Long Hui why.
Long Hui told Yu Qi that because of her help, the last mission had succeeded.

Ren Qian Yi submitted a report about her help.
He mentioned without the help, the mission would not succeed.

The military wanted to present a medal to Yu Qi for her achievement.
It was a great honor.

When Yu Qi helped them destroy Big Silver Mercenary, it was purely revenge for Long Hui.
How dare they injured Long Hui like that, she wanted to vent her anger.
That was why she destroyed Big Silver Mercenary.

The military wanted to thank Yu Qi.
Because of that, Binhai Nation managed to get the latest weapon.
Big Silver Mercenary ’s warehouse stored a lot of weapons.
The military was happy about that.

Brin Country had some of the weapons but Ren Qian Yi claimed Brin Country did not personally involve in the mission.
The soldiers from Brin Country were volunteering.
It was nothing to do with Brin Country ’s Military.
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If they got involved personally in the mission, they probably get half of the weapons in the warehouse.
They regretted that.

Long Hui told Yu Qi it was fine if she did not want to attend the event.
But the medal would still be sent to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi thought it would be rude for her to not join it.
So, she agreed.

The day arrived.
Both of them traveled to Capital City.
The event would be held at the military ground.
She just wore a nice dress.

When Yu Qi and Long Hui entered the military ground, a lot of eyes were watching them.
They knew Long Hui and Yu Qi.
Long Hui was already a famous figure in the military.
The young people admired him, the older people respected him for their achievements.

And this time, Long Hui was walking with a woman.
They immediately figured out this woman ’s identity.
Long Hui was cold to other women, he was only gentle to his fiancee.
So, this woman must be his fiancee.
It was their first time seeing Long Hui ’s fiancee face to face.

Long Hui brought Yu Qi to the hall.
Both of them sat.
The event had performances from the soldiers themselves.
Singing and dancing, magic show, and others.
Yu Qi enjoyed it.

Next was the ceremony award.
A lot of medals had been given to the soldiers for their achievements.
Lastly, it was Yu Qi ’s turn.

”Miss Tang Yu Qi, please come to the stage to receive the award. ” The MC called for Yu Qi ’s name.

Yu Qi went up to the stage.
She thanked me for the award.

”Miss Tang contributed a great help to Brin Country ’s mission.
Because of her help, we got a lot of benefits.
Miss Tang, thank you for your help. ” The MC explained some details about Tang Yu Qi ’s achievement.

After the award ceremony, some of the highest ranking soldiers came to talk with Long Hui and Yu Qi.
Some of the high ranking soldiers could not believe themselves when Ren Qian Yi submitted the report on how Big Silver Mercenary had been destroyed just one night.

This weak-looking woman was capable to kill a person just with a knife.
It was very swift and fast.
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”Miss Tang is very amazing.
Colonel Long is very lucky. ” A person praised Yu Qi.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi replied.

”Is it true that Miss Tang could kill people? ” Some of them could not hold back their curiosity.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi answered it straight away with a smile.

They were surprised.
This woman admitted it with a smile.
They felt uncomfortable with the smile.
Then they heard Yu Qi talk again.

”Even though people like using a gun, I think using a knife is better.
The friction when the knife cut through the skin is good. ” Yu Qi added.

This time, they gulped in shock.
It felt like they were talking with a psycho killer.

If Yu Qi knew what they thought about her, she might roll her eyes.

Long Hui and Yu Qi left the military ground after the event ended.
It was already 9 o ’clock at the night.
They decided to spend one night here before returning to FINN City first in the morning.

Because the night was still young, they decided to go to the nightclub for drinks.
They went to Rose Nightclub.

They decided not to take a private room.
They would just drink in the open space.
They could see that people were dancing, talking, and had their fun.

Long Hui ordered a drink that had less alcohol for Yu Qi.
Well, she did not mind about that as long as her Long Hui was happy.
Not to mention, she had her sober pill.
They were having great fun drinking together.

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