Chapter 1315: Did Not Recognize Mountain Tai

”I don ’t care who you are.
But you hit my son.
I will make you pay for it. ” Shang Xiaoyan said.

We will see in the court. ” Yu Qi appeared.

She just came out of the room and heard that the middle-aged woman wanted to make Long Hui pay for hitting her son.
Meaning that bastard was her son.

Lu Hanzhoung and Shang Xiaoyan looked at the newcomers.
Lu Hanzhoung recognized Yu Qi straight away because of HuiQi Jade.
It was also because they were in the same industry.

Shang Xiaoyan felt that she saw Yu Qi somewhere and thought that she was a small celebrity.

”Oh, do you have money to pay for the legal fee? I don ’t think so. ” Shang Xiaoyan insulted Yu Qi for calling her poor.

”Shut up! ” Lu Hanzhoung said to his wife.

”What? Why do you ask me to shut up? ” Shang Xiaoyan looked at her husband.
”Do you like this bitch? ”

That question changed the atmosphere.
Long Hui released the murderous aura.
Everyone could feel that Long Hui was very angry except for Shang Xiaoyan.
He glared sharply at the husband and wife.

”What are you saying? ” Lu Hanzhoung panicked.
He saw Long Hui ’s expression.

”What? Did I say something wrong? You change your attitude after seeing this bitch ’s face. ” Shang Xiaoyan argued.
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Lu Hanzhoung ignored his wife.
”Are you Colonel Long Hui and Miss Tang Yu Qi? ”

”Yes, we are. ” Yu Qi said.

Lu Hanzhoung gulped.
’It is really them. ’

”Your son sexually assaulted a girl.
She wants to sue your son. ” Yu Qi said.

”What? My son would never do something like that.
Don ’t accuse him like that. ” Shang Xiaoyan denied the accusations even though she knew that her son probably do it for fun.

”Whether it is true or not, we will leave it to the judge. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Lu Hanzhoung became more afraid.
He knew that his son would do something like that.

”No need to go to the court.
We can settle this outside.
We will pay for everything. ” Lu Hanzhoung wanted to avoid going to court.

”That ’s right.
You are already being sexually assaulted by my son.
Do you want others to know about that too? ” Shang Xiaoyan had a different thought.
She thought Yu Qi was the one who was sexually assaulted.

”Me? Being sexually assaulted by your son? If that ’s the case, I don ’t think he will be alive now. ” Yu Qi smirked.

Yeah, if she had been sexually assaulted by any men, she might as killed the men.
Not to mention, Long Hui.

Shang Xiaoyan was taken aback.
”Officer, look at this woman.
She wants to kill someone. ”

You, shut up for a while. ” Lu Hanzhoung raised his voice to his wife.

”Please, we can settle it outside the court. ” Lu Hanzhoung begged.
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”It is not my decision.
The girl wants to press charge to your son and your company as well. ” Yu Qi revealed another detail.

”My company too? ” Lu Hanzhoung was surprised.

”Why does that bitch want to sue our company? ” Shang Xiaoyan asked.

Yu Qi did not answer the question.
Duan Li was a jewelry designer who worked for Lovely Jewellery Company.
Yeah, the company was owned by these two.

Duan Li was a young girl who wanted to design jewelry.
She went to get the contract and she did it.
She reported her success to her company.
But her superior snatched the contract from her hand.
All of her achievements went to her superior ’s credit.

She tried to report that to the company.
But the company ignored her because her superior was related to the owner of the company.
Duan Li was devastated.
She wanted to quit her job but because of the contract, she could not do it.
She needed to pay 1 million in compensation if she breached the contract.
She did not have that kind of money.

She told her colleagues about this situation.
The colleagues told her to forget about it and invited her to go drinking.
It led Duan Li to the current situation.
When she went to the toilet, she was dragged into a room full of men.

She did not know about other men but she recognized Lu Fang right away because she saw him once at the office.
Lu Fang also recognized her as his father ’s employee.

Lu Fang offered to raise Duan Li ’s position if she slept with him and his friends.
Of course, Duan Li rejected it.
She would not do such a thing.

Lu Fang started to push her now and ripped off her clothes.
She was in despair.
She thought she was done.
But she did not know what courage she had to kick Lu Fang and ran away from the room before everyone in the room could react.

”As for your son ’s medical bill, I will pay for it.
It is my fiancee who kicked him because he wanted to touch me.
You should be glad that my fiancee and I will not press charge on him. ” Yu Qi said.

Lu Hanzhoung gulped.
If Colonel Long wanted to put his son in jail, it would be easy.
And he was sure that his company would be affected too.
He did not want it to happen.

”Do you think we are afraid of you? ” Shang Xiaoyan snorted.

”You are not afraid of us but I think your husband does. ” Yu Qi glanced to Lu Hanzhoung.
She felt that Lu Hanzhoung recognized her and Long Hui.

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