Chapter 1316: A Beautiful Misunderstanding

She turned to the police officer.
Please take care of the girl.
If this couple wants to meet to girl, please ask her opinion.
If she wants to meet them, you can allow them to meet her.
If she does not want to meet them, please prevent them to meet her. ”

”Yes. ” The police officer nodded.
”We are leaving? Yu Qi said to Long Hui.
We are not finished yet. ” Shang Xiaoyan wanted to stop the couple from leaving.
”Stop! ” Lu Hanzhoung stopped his wife.
”We need to settle with them.
That man hit our son. ” Shang Xiaoyan looked at his husband.
”Are you an idiot? Don ’t you recognize him? ” Lu Hanzhoung was angry, ”What? ” Shang Xiaoyan asked timidly when seeing her husband was very angry.
”He is from The military.
The youngest Colonel ever.
Colonel Long Hui. ” Lu Hanzhoung gritted his teeth.

Shang Xiaoyan ’s eyes were wide opened.
She did not expect that the man was from the military.
The military was a power that they must not underestimate.

Lu Hanzhoung added.
”And that woman is the owner of HuiQi Jade that you love so much. ”

”She is what? ” Shang Xiaoyan was completely shocked.

HuiQj Jade Store, she really liked the jewelry.
It was very beautiful and they used high-quality materials to make their jewelry.

To think about that, she remembered reading about HuiQi Jade Store in the magazine and looked at the picture of the owner once.
It was really the woman in front of her earlier.
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your son really invites disaster this time. ” Lu Hanzhoung sighed.
Shang Xiaoyan would not retort back Lu Hanzhoung looked at the police officer.
He needed to settle this matter first.
He wanted to see the girl first.
”Can we meet with the girl? ” Lu Hanzhoung asked.
”We will ask her if she wants to see you first ” The police officer remembered what Yu Qi said to him.
Sure. ” Lu Hanzhoung nodded.
He could not use his power here.
It was backed up by Colonel Long.

”I feel worried for the girl.
She is weak What if that man forces his way? ” Yu Qi could not help to feel worried about Duan Li.

Long Hui took out his mobile and dialed someone ’s number.
Yu Qi looked at Long Hui in curiosity.
She wondered who Long Hui called right now.

”Go and take care of the woman called Duan Li at the Capital City ’s police station. ” Once another person answered his call, Long Hui gave the order right away.

”Huh, Second Brother, can you explain more? It was Liang Mo Han answered the call.
”Just go there and you will know. ” Long Hui ended the call.
”You ask your third brother? ” Yu Qi asked.
You don ’t need to worry about her anymore. ” Long Hui said.
Yu Qi suddenly laughed.
It seemed her Long Hui was jealous when her attention went to Duan Li.
Lets check-in. ” Yu Qi said.

Liang Mo Han rushed to the police station.
It was his second brother ’s order.
He could not delay it.
He explained to the police officer that he wanted to meet with Duan Li.

The police officer went to ask Duan Li.
Duan Li agreed.
Yu Qi told her that she would send someone to help her later.
She thought he was the one.

Actually, Yu Qi thought to ask Ming Xuehai to send someone tomorrow but Long Hui already asked Liang Mo Han.

Liang Mo Han asked for more detail about Duan Li.
When he heard about the situation, he was very angry.
Only a piece of shit would force a woman.
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When he saw Duan Li, he felt something in his heart but he did not care too much about that.
”Are you going to help me? ” Duan Li asked.

”Yes. ” Liang Mo Han wanted to say something else but when he saw the woman ’s eyes, her mouth responded faster than his brain.

”Thank you…
Thank you. ” Duan Li nodded.
”It is already late.
We can ’t stay here.
Let ’s go home. ” Liang Mo Han said.
”Home? ” Duan Li asked.

”I don ’t think you should stay at your house for the time being.
We don ’t know if someone from their side goes to your house.
You can stay at my house first.
Don ’t worry.
I have a housekeeper.
A female.
You will not be alone with me. ” Liang Mo Han quickly explained in case the woman would feel scared.

She had been sexually assaulted by a man.
She might not feel comfortable if she needed to stay with a man in the house.
Not to mention a stranger like him.

Well, actually, he just could let her stay in the hotel for a while.
No need for him to make her stay at his house.
But he did not know why he doing this.

Liang Mo Han brought Duan Li to his house.
Auntie Meng Meng, his housekeeper was surprised to see her young master bring back home a woman.

”Master Liang, this is… ” Auntie Meng Meng asked.

”Oh, this is Miss Duan Li.
She will be staying here for a while.
Please prepare a room and clothes for her. ” Liang Mo Han said.

Auntie Meng Meng smiled.
”Yes, Master Liang. ” It was a good thing.
This house would have its own mistress later.

Auntie Meng Meng went to prepare the room for Duan Li.
She even prepared the room beside Liang Mo Han ’s room.
She thought it would be easy for them to meet.
It was really a beautiful misunderstanding.

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