Tiantang Research Center started to become popular among researchers.
Not to mention, President Hai came to visit the research center himself.

A lot of people wanted to join them.
But they closed the application for the moment.

Not only the researchers wanted to join Tiantang Research Center, but the investors were also interested to invest in the research that Tiantang Research Center wanted to do.

Yu Qi did plan to receive investors in the future but not for now.
Tiantang Research Center was still new.
She had their own fund for the research.

However, not many people were happy with the news.
The people from Nine Heaven Research Center were a little displeased with the news.

Nine Heaven Research Center in Binhai Nation was a branch of the main branch in the Rixie Country.
They disliked the fact that Tiantang Research Center became famous recently.

Well, they also held a grudge against Yu Qi.
They invited Yu Qi to join them several times.
Of course, Yu Qi rejected the invitations.

So, when Yu Qi established her own research center, they were displeased.
They thought Yu Qi wanted to compete with them.
The research topics were also very interesting.
They wanted to know too.

How could Yu Qi let others know about the Tiantang Research Center?

“Intruders… Intruders… Online Intruders.” Neko-chan started to enchant.

“Do whatever you think appropriate.” Yu Qi gave full authority to Neko-chan to handle these kinds of problems.

“Sure… sure… I will take care of the problem.”  Neko-chan was happy.

Neko-chan started to tackle the problem.
Neko-chan was an AI.
She learned a lot of things.
So, she also learned the hacking skill from Yu Qi too.

Neko-chan started to counterattack the mastermind.
The mastermind did not panic.
They knew Tiantang Research Center would hire some IT Experts to deal with this kind of problem.

They felt that the person that Tiantang Research Center was an amateur.
What they did not know, Neko-chan was trying to hack into their system.

Neko-chan grinned when she managed to crack the code.
She downloads the information.
After finishing downloading everything, Neko-chan started to show her power.

IT Experts from Nine Heaven Research Center were surprised when IT Experts from Tiantang Research Center started to be so powerful.
They thought the person had been changed to someone else who was more powerful than earlier.

Neko-chan played with them a few times.
Then Neko-chan sent something to them.
This made them panic.

“Master, I send a virus to them.
I hope they can resolve the virus.
Otherwise, their system data would be destroyed.” Neko-chan told Yu Qi in a happy voice.

“Good girl.” Yu Qi praised Neko-chan.

“Thank you, Master.” Neko-chan was proud of herself.

As Neko-chan predicted, it was a disaster for Nine Heaven Research Center.
They managed to resolve the virus the next day.
Almost 65% of their system data was destroyed.

The management was very angry with IT Experts because of this incident.
IT Experts just could close their eyes and be scolded.

As for the mastermind, Neko-chan was enjoying K-pop music.
Yu Qi did not know why Neko-chan developed some interest in K-pop music recently.

She did not mind that Neko-chan was interested in something like that.
Even though Neko-chan was AI but her mental age was still young and would be interested in many things.

She would allow Neko-chan to explore the world by herself.
But of course, in mind, that Neko-chan did not neglect her works.


Bai Xia Fang pinched the temples.
Recently, Bai Cooperation faced many failures.
They could not win the contract that they had prepared carefully.
They felt that they would get the contract but in the end, another company got the contract.

Bai Xia Fang asked someone to investigate what was going on.
And he got the answer.
Turned out, the information about their tenders had been leaked out to the competitors.

So, someone hacked into the system, stole the information without anyone realized about that and sold the information to Bai Cooperation’s competitors.

Of course, Bai Xia Fang got angry with the IT Experts.
IT Experts remembered Hacker Q who just appeared, hacked into the system, and left the virus that destroyed their data.

They became crazy about that.
And now, they had been scolded by the president because of the leaked information.
It must be Hacker Q.

Bai Xia Fang told them to find out about Hacker Q.
They could not say no.
So, they just accepted the job.

It was not so easy to find Hacker Q.
There was not so much information about Hacker Q either even on the black market.
Not many heard about Hacker Q.  It was like Hacker Q appeared and disappeared like a ghost.

Bai Xia Fang told his sons about that.
Bai Yu was interested in Hacker Q.
It seemed Hacker Q was a very powerful Hacker.

Bai Shu Jin also thought so too.
He felt a talent like that should be recruited into their company.

Bai Jian listened to the conversation.
She also felt that a talent like that should be recruited into the company to become the helper to his son, Bai Yu.

She felt Bai Shu Jin’s momentum became very strong.
If it continued, everyone that should be his son’s person would be Bai Shu Jin’s person.
She could not allow that to happen.

Even though they were eating dinner together, their minds were having different thoughts.

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