Dian Shu Xian took a week off.
He also asked Yu Qi to take the same.
Yu Qi did not know why she needed to do the same.

Dian Shu Xian told her the reason.
It was for Great Grandpa Dian’s birthday.
Great-Grandpa Dian wanted Yu Qi to attend the celebration too.

Hearing this, Yu Qi did the same as Dian Shu Xian taking the days off but she just could take 3 days off.
Dian Shu Xian also told her to invite Long Hui too.
Great-Grandpa Dian also wanted him to be there too.

“Is the celebration would be held here or cultivation world?” Yu Qi asked.

However, Great-Grandpa also invites people from the cultivation world too.” Dian Shu Xian said.

“I will try to ask Brother Hui about this.
I think he would like to go if he has time.” Yu Qi nodded.

Yu Qi asked Long Hui about that.
It seemed Long Hui had a mission.
He did not know whether he could make it to the party or not.

Yu Qi told him that he did not have to worry about that if he had work to do.
She would go alone.

Dian Shu Xian left and went to Fanghai Nation first.
After Yu Qi took care of her work, she also took a flight to Fanghai Nation.
She informed Dian Qi Qi that she would be arriving soon.

After landing, she decided to take a taxi.
However, she saw Dian Qi Qi at the arrival gate.
Dian Qi Qi came and hugged Yu Qi.

“Sister Yu Qi.” Dian Qi Qi was happy to see Yu Qi again.

“Why are you here?” Yu Qi was surprised to see Dian Qi Qi here.

“I come to pick you up.” Dian Qi Qi grinned.

“I just think to take a taxi to go to Dian Residence.” Yu Qi said.

“There is no need for that.
We have a driver here.” Dian Qi Qi pointed to Dian Ren Qi who walked to them.

Dian Ren Qi knocked on Dian Qi Qi’s head.

“Ouch.” Dian Qi Qi held her head.

“Dare to call me a driver.” Dian Ren Qi glared at Dian Qi Qi.
He then smiled when looked at Yu Qi.
“Welcome back.”

“Hmm…” Yu Qi also smiled at Dian Ren Qi.

Dian Ren Qi looked around.
“Is your fiancee could not come?”

“I don’t know yet.
He still has work to do.
If he could come, he will come.
That’s what he says.” Yu Qi explained.

“I see.” Dian Ren Qi nodded.
“Well, let’s go back.”

Three of them walked to the parking.
A lot of people turned around and stared at them.
That was because of Dian Qi Qi and Yu Qi.
Dian Qi Qi dressed in a gothic dress while Yu Qi was wearing a white dress.

They looked like angels and devils.
However, both of them were beautiful.
Dian Ren Qi told them to wait at the entrance while he went to pick up the car.

While both of the girls were waiting for Dian Ren Qi, a bunch of men came to the girls and wanted to talk to them.

“Hey, girls.
Where are you going? We can send you.” A man said.

Yu Qi and Dian Qi Qi glanced at them once and ignored them.

“Hey, come on.
Don’t ignore us.” Another man from the same group said.

One of them wanted to grab Dian Qi Qi.
However, Yu Qi pulled Dian Qi Qi and stepped back.

“Don’t touch my sister.” Yu Qi pulled Dian Qi Qi and shielded her from the men.

“Oh, you are sisters.
How cute.”

The men grinned.

“Let’s go and have fun together, shall we? I can guarantee that you sisters will have fun with us.”

Just leave us alone.
Otherwise…” Dian Qi Qi said.

“Otherwise, what?” The man made fun of what Dian Qi Qi said.

“Otherwise, this will happen to all of you.” Yu Qi kicked one of them and the man flew back before falling to the ground whining in pain.

Seeing their friend like this, the men became angry.
The men surrounded Yu Qi and Dian Qi Qi.

“You really want to feel the pain.” Dian Qi Qi snorted.

“Grab both of them.
We will teach them a lesson.”

The men wanted to grab them again.
However, they did not succeed.
Both girls displayed wonderful martial arts.

“Damn it.” The man gritted his teeth.

“What are you doing?” Dian Ren Qi came.
He looked so angry.
How dare these men to attack his younger sisters?

“Security, over there.
Those guys disturb the girls and want to take them away.”

We watch them.”

The onlookers called the security guards on the men.
The men saw that and made a run.

“Thank you for your help.” Yu Qi said thank you to the onlookers who tried to help them by calling the security team.

“It is nothing.” The onlookers shook their heads.
What a grateful girl.

“Are you okay?” The security guard asked.

We are fine.
Thank you.” Yu Qi nodded.
“Our brother is here already.
We will go first.”

“Okay… have a nice trip.” The security guard nodded.

“Are you really okay?” Dian Ren Qi asked when they were inside the car.

“Hmm… Sister Yu Qi, protect me well.” Dian Qi Qi smiled.

But you don’t use your power just now right?” Dian Ren Qi asked.

“Brother Ren Qi, even without using the power, I am still strong, okay.” Dian Qi Qi rolled her eyes.

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