”Miss Tang, hi. ” Fung Meng Xuan greeted Yu Qi politely.

Yu Qi did not respond to Fung Meng Xuan.
She did not even have any respect for Fung Meng Xuan.
Even after she exposed Fung Meng Xuan ’s ugliness, Fung Meng Xuan still could control herself in front of her.

”Let ’s go and buy something.
Aoi is hungry. ” Yu Qi ignored Fung Meng Xuan and spoke to Zhu Xiao Ling and used Aoi as an excuse.
She did not want to waste her time talking with the two women.

”Bitch. ” Yi Ren Shiang whispered.

Yu Qi turned and gave a cold look to Yi Ren Shiang.
Yi Ren Shiang seemed to forget the terror that she felt another day when she faced Yu Qi.

Yi Ren Shiang shivered when Yu Qi looked at her like that.
She stepped back and hide behind Fung Meng Xuan.

”You better watch what are you saying, Miss Yi Ren Shiang.
I don ’t mind to tear your mouth if you want to. ” Yu Qi gave a warning to Yi Ren Shiang.

Yi Ren Shiang was scared.
She had whispered in a very low voice.
How could Yu Qi hear her calling the bitch? She calmed down.
She just needed to wait for the competition.
Yi Su Ran had already made a bet between her and that bitch.
She would discuss what would they do to Yu Qi when she lost the competition.

”Sister Yu Qi, they really hate you. ” Zhu Xiao Ling commented while making her choice on selecting the food.

”Hate or not, it has nothing to do with me. ” Yu Qi replied.

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”Sister Yu Qi, I have been noticing that you are kind of lazy dealing with them.
Why have you accepted the challenge from Yi Su Ran? ” Zhu Xiao Ling already understood things about Yu Qi.
From her observation about Yu Qi, she was really not paying attention to this rumor.

”Sometimes we need to teach them a lesson so that she can behave.
Well, it may be not in a long time but it will be peaceful in a short time. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, I see. ”

They sat and ate dinner.

It was the day of the competition.
The day that everyone had been waiting for.
Everyone was very excited to see the competition.
The competition sure attracted a lot of people ’s attention.

Yu Qi was ready to face the competition.
All of her friends were together to give their support.
Some of her classmates made a banner.
On the banner saying, ’Yu Qi Yu Qi Go Go Fighting!!! ’ Seeing the support from her friends made her feel really happy and warm.

”You have come.
I thought you will be scared to compete with me. ” Yi Su Ran talked arrogantly when she saw Yu Qi walked into their archery training ground.

”I already promise to you.
I will not disappoint you. ” Yu Qi also replied in the same tone.

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”Really? It is time for you to step back if you don ’t want to compete with me.
I will understand. ” Yi Su Ran said like you to sound gentle and forgiving.

”There is no need for that.
I can handle this. ” Yu Qi said rejecting Yi Su Ran.
How could she step back now? She might be labeled as a coward.

”I hope you will not regret this. ” Yi Su Ran said.

”I like to say the same thing to you. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Yi Su Ran gave a meaningful look to Yu Qi before she left Yu Qi.
Yu Qi saw the look given to Yi Su Ran and she ignored it.

Right after Yi Su Ran left, Bai Shu Jin appeared in front of Yu Qi.
Yu Qi was talking to her friend frowned when she saw Bai Shu Jin.
Aoi stood in front of Yu Qi blocked Bai Shu Jin from getting closer to Yu Qi.

Bai Shu Jin stopped walking towards Yu Qi when he saw Aoi showed his teeth threatened Bai Shu Jin.
Bai Shu Jin knew the dog did not like him.

Aoi growled to Bai Shu Jin.
Bai Shu Jin was the source of Yu Qi ’s hate.
He did not want his master to fall into the darkness because of him again.

”What do you want, Senior Bai? ” Yu Qi asked.

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”I just want to say good luck to you. ” Bai Shu Jin looked at Yu Qi.

”Really? Then I thank you. ” Yu Qi wanted the conversation to end.

However, Bai Shu Jin seemed to say something more, but Yu Qi already turned to her friends and ignored Bai Shu Jin.
Seeing this, Bai Shu Jin had to leave.

Yi Su Ran watched the scene.
She clenched her fist.
’That bitch, she really knows how to seduce a man in public. ’ She became very angry with this.

”Su Ran, be patient.
Wait after the competition.
We will ask her to do something embarrassing. ” Yi Ren Shiang calmed down her cousin.
She knew her cousin was angry because she saw Bai Shu Jin had talked to Yu Qi, that bitch.
Her cousin really liked Bai Shu Jin.

”Ren Shiang is right.
You just need to wait. ” Meng Qiang Su said while giving a smile to Yi Su Ran.

Yi Su Ran ’s eyes lifted up.
’That ’s right.
That bitch will have to do something later. ’ Thinking about this, Yi Su Ran finally calmed up.
She had to focus on the competition.
She was already prepared to win this competition.
Maybe when she won this competition, Bai Shu Jin might look at her in a different way.

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