They arrived at Dian Residence.
The people were very busy preparing for Great-Grandpa Dian’s birthday party.

“Let’s go and greet Great-Grandpa, Grandpa, and Grandma.” Dian Ren Qi said.

Yu Qi followed the two cousins.
They went to see Grandpa Dian and Grandma Dian first.

“Grandpa, Grandma… I am back.” Dian Qi Qi smiled.

She went to hug Grandma Dian.

Yu Qi bowed and greeted Grandpa Dian and Grandma Dian.
“Hello, Grandpa Dian, Grandma Dian.”

“Oh, you arrive.
Come here, let me see you.” Grandma Dian urged Yu Qi to come closer.
She looked at Yu Qi up and down and complained.
“Why do you look thin? Are you eating correctly?”

Yu Qi chuckled.
“Grandma Dian, I am eating well.
You don’t need to worry about it.”

Yu Qi felt very warm.
After being acknowledged by Great-Grandpa Dian, she really being treated by others as family members.

“Where is Brother Shu Xian?” Yu Qi asked.

“Hmm… He went out.
He said he wanted to catch up with some friends.” Dian Ren Qi answered.

“I see.” Yu Qi nodded.
“Hmm… Great-Grandpa Dian must be at the dojo.”

“Yeah… He trained others.” Grandpa Dian said.

“I thought so.
I want to meet him.” Yu Qi said.

“Let’s go.
Great-Grandpa must be happy to see you, Sister Yu Qi.” Dian Qi Qi said.

Dian Qi Qi pulled Yu Qi’s hand.
Yu Qi managed to bow to Grandpa Dian and Grandma Dian.

As others said, Great-Grandpa Dian was at the dojo.
He supervised the young generation’s training.
If people saw this, people would think that Dian Family was some kind of military army that currently trained its soldiers.

“Great-Grandpa.” Dian Qi Qi called Great-Grandpa Dian.

Great-Grandpa Dian turned and saw Dian Qi Qi and Yu Qi.

“Yu Qi, Xiao Qi.” Great-Grandpa Dian smiled when he saw his great-granddaughters.
Then he looked around.
He seemed disappointed when who he wanted to see was not here.
“Where is your fiancee?”

“Brother Hui is currently working.
If he has time, he will come.
The party is tomorrow.” Yu Qi explained.

“Oh… I see.
If he is working, then it is okay.” Great-Grandpa Dian said.
“Then, you are fine.
Come and spar with me.”

Yu Qi was blinking several times.
Great-Grandpa Dian already went to the ring.

“Sister Yu Qi, good luck.” Dian Qi Qi felt sorry for Yu Qi but there was nothing for her to do.

Yu Qi gave up.
She just walked into the ring.

“Look, that is Tang Yu Qi.”

“Really? Is that her? Wow, she is a beauty.”

“Yeah, it is my first time seeing her.”

“What? Why? You should see her before at the martial arts competition earlier.”

“I was injured back then and could not participate in the martial arts competition.
That is why I have not seen her before.
But what is she doing, going into the ring?”

“What else? Old patriarch must want to spar with her.”

“What? Is she going to be okay?”

Don’t look down at her.
She is very strong.
Even strong than you.”

“Is that true?”

“Of course.
She made our family proud.”

In the ring, Yu Qi made some stretching.

“Are you training?” Great-Grandpa Dian asked.

“Well, not so often.
I am kind of busy with my work lately.
My body must not move so well.” Yu Qi said.

“Hmm… Well, we will see.” Great-Grandpa Dian smiled.

After seeing Yu Qi do her stretching, he got ready.

“Are you ready?” Great-Grandpa Dian asked.

“Yeah.” Yu Qi was ready.

Then, Great-Grandpa Dian made his move.
Yu Qi avoided the attack.
Great-Grandpa Dian kept attacking, not giving Yu Qi a chance to attack back.

The onlookers looked at them with interest.
Not many could spar with Great-Grandpa Dian like that unless they were direct descendent of Great-Grandpa Dian.

Yu Qi avoided the attacks while looking for a chance to attack Great-Grandpa Dian.
Great-Grandpa Dian smiled.
He knew what his great-granddaughter think right now.

While he was looking at Yu Qi, he made a mistake.
Yu Qi saw this and thought it was a chance for her to attack.
She made a swift attack.

Great-Grandpa avoided it easily.
As expected an expert who lived hundreds of years.
He was surely strong.

Maybe being affected by Great-Grandpa Dian, Yu Qi was having fun sparring with her great-grandpa like that.
They even did not realize that they had been sparring for almost one hour.

“What are you doing?”

Everyone looked at the source of the voice.
It was Grandma Dian.

“Father, stop.” Grandma Dian shouted.

Both Yu Qi and Great-Grandpa Dian stopped immediately.

“Father, what are you doing? Yu Qi just arrived here.
She is probably tired.
And you ask her to spar with you.” Grandma Dian glared at Great-Grandpa Dian.

“Erk…” Great-Grandpa Dian became awkward.

“Yu Qi must not be able to reject you.” Grandma Dian continued.

Only one person could control Great-Grandpa Dian which was Grandma Dian even though she was just his daughter in law.
Even Grandpa Dian did not have the courage to talk like that with his father.

“The spar is over.
Xiao Qi, take your sister to rest.
And Father, the sky will turn dark soon.
Today’s training is over.” Grandma Dian said.

“Okay.” Great-Grandpa Dian could not say anything, only agreed.

“Everyone, you can go.” Great-Grandpa Dian dismissed everyone.

Dian Qi Qi wanted to laugh.
Her Great-Grandpa could not fight with Grandma Dian.
She took Yu Qi to Yu Qi’s room.

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