“Why does she being so scared of you?” Yu Qi asked.

“Oh, it must because of Uncle Jung Gi.
He has a lot of power in the political world.
But I don’t know much about it.” Dian Qi Qi lifted up her shoulder.

“I see.” Yu Qi said.
“By the way, who do you invite to the party?:

“Grandma said, they invite the cultivators from the cultivation world as well cultivators who live outside.
They also invite some people from the outside world.” Dian Qi Qi thought about that.

“Have you chosen your present for Great-Grandpa?” Yu Qi asked.

“Of course.” Dian Qi Qi nodded.
“Do you bring the present?”

I am not sure if Great-Grandpa would like that.” Yu Qi said.

“Don’t worry about that.
Great-Grandpa receives everything that his great-grandchildren give.
Brother Ren Qi once gave a worthless stone.
He had been scammed by someone.
But Great-Grandpa accepted it,” Dian Qi Qi wanted to laugh when thinking about the matter.

They continued walking again.
Then they saw Dian Shu Xian with a few people.

“Eh, is that my brother? Wait, I will try and call him.” Dian Qi Qi looked at Dian Shu Xian.

“Brother.” Dian Qi Qi called Dian Shu Xian’s name

Hearing someone’s voice, Dian Shu Xian turned around and saw Dian Qi Qi and Yu Qi.

“Xiao Qi, Yu Qi, what are you doing here?” Dian Shu Xian was surprised to see them.

“Oh, look at this.
Dian Shu Xian has a chick.
She is wearing a weird costume.”

“Shut up.
That is his younger sister.”

“Then, who is the other girl?”

“She? I don’t know.
Must be his sister’s friend.”

“I am shopping with Sister Yu Qi.” Dian Qi Qi answered Dian Shu Xian’s question.

“You don’t drag Yu Qi to a weird store, right?” Dian Shu Xian narrowed his eyes.

“Weird Store? How rude.
It is legalised store that sells cute outfits.” Dian Qi Qi rolled her eyes.

Yu Qi just could smile hearing the siblings bickering.

“Shu Xian, who are they?” One of Dian Shu Xian’s friends asked.

“This is my sister.
You know her.
And this is my cousin, Tang Yu Qi from Binhai Nation.” Dian Shu Xian introduced Yu Qi to his friends.

“What? Tang Yu Qi? It is such a familiar name.”

I heard the name before.”

“That’s right but I could not remember.”

“She is Tang Yu Qi.” One of the friends looked shocked at Yu Qi.

“That Tang Yu Qi? What do you mean she is the one?” Another closed his mouth with his hands.


“Wait? How could she become your family, Shu Xian?”

“Well, her grandma is a younger sister to my Grandpa, so, we are technically cousins, related.” Dian Shu Xian said.

Do you have any problem?” Dian Qi Qi asked.




“We were just shocked that a famous research like her related to Shu Xian.”

“Yeah, not only he works with her but they are even related.”

“Miss Tang, can you sign this notebook?” One of Dian Shu Xian’s friends took out the notebook.

“That’s dirty, Max.”

“I want her signature too.”

Yu Qi and Dian Qi Qi were confused about the situation.
They acted like they were meeting their favourite celebrity.

“I am sorry for causing this for you, Yu Qi.
But they are your fans.” Dian Shu Xian sighed when seeing his friends’ actions.

“Why are they acting like that?’ Yu Qi asked.

“Well, they admire your ability, they read your medical journal too.” Dian Shu Xian smiled.

“I see.” Yu Qi nodded.
“Well, I don’t mind signing the notebook.”

“Thank you, Miss Tang.” Dian Shu Xian’s friends were happy.

The onlookers watched the situation and thought Yu Qi was probably a celebrity.
So, some of them even wanted to get closer.

Dian Shu Xian noticed this.
They needed to get away from this.

“Let’s have lunch at the restaurant.” Dian Shu Xian suggested.

“Let’s eat lunch together, Miss Tang.” Dian Shu Xian’s friends said.

Let’s go.” Yu Qi nodded.

So, they went to the restaurant and took a private room them.

When they were about to go to the room, they were stopped by a group of men.

“Oh, Xi Shu, what’s a coincidence.” A man from the group called Dian Shu Xian’s friend, Mong Xi Shu.

“What do you want, Ouyang De?” Mong Xi Shu frowned.

Ouyang De looked around the Mong Xi Shu’s side.
Then his eyes stopped at the two beauties.
Both of the girls looked very beautiful.
Even though one of them was wearing weird-looking clothes but she still had a beautiful face.

“How about we eat lunch together?” Ouyang De suggested.

“No need.
We are not friends.” Mong Xi Shu rejected.

“Then, we can be friend from now on.” Ouyang De talked to Mong Xi Shu but his eyes were lingering to Yu Qi and Dian Qi Qi.

“Who want to be friend with you?” Mong Xi Shu shouted.

“Don’t be angry.
If you don’t want to be friend, it is okay.
But introduce me to these beauties over there.” Ouyang De said while pointing to Yu Qi and Dian Qi QI.

Everyone on Mong Xi Shu’s side changed their expression.
They began to shield Yu Qi and Dian Qi Qi.

“There is no way that I am going to introduce them to you.
Don’t ever dream about that.” Mong Xi Shu snorted.

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