Long Hui narrowed his eyes while smiling.
“Have you seen enough?”

Yu Qi coughed several times.
“Yes.” Her eyes were still lingering on Long Hui’s body.

Long Hui was going to take the clothes to put on.

“Are you going to put on the clothes?” Yu Qi asked.

“What? You want me not to wear anything?” Long Hui smiled.

“Yes… No… I mean… Okay… Just put on the clothes.” Yu Qi was mumbling.

Long Hui laughed.
He put on the clothes.
When Yu Qi saw that, she was quite disappointed.

“I will take a bath first.” Yu Qi grabbed her towel and went straight to the bathroom.

Aoi and Shino were left with Long Hui.

“What are you doing here?” Aoi asked while glaring at Long Hui.

“I come to celebrate Great-Grandpa.” Long Hui answered.

“Humph!” Aoi rolled his eyes.

Aoi turned around and lay down while closing his eyes.
Shino did not have a hard feeling for Long Hui but he could not say he liked this man.

So, the three of them were in silence.
Yu Qi finished bathing and came out.
When she came out, Long Hui’s eyes did not move from her body.

Even though Yu Qi did not see it, she could feel that Long Hui was staring at her.
She put on the clothes.

The party would start within 4 hours.
So, they still had time to relax before going to the party.

“Let’s go and relax on the balcony.
The view was pretty amazing too.” Yu Qi pulled Long Hui’s hand.

Since the mansion was on the top of the mountain, the view was awesome.
The breath also felt fresh.
Both of them sat on the chairs.

“When do you arrive here?” Yu Qi asked.

“Just a few hours ago.
They told me that you were going out with your cousin.
So, I went to greet your great-grandpa and….” Long Hui did not manage to finish his sentence.

Yu Qi already cut him off.
“I bet he asked you to spar with him.”

He did.” Long Hui nodded.

Yu Qi laughed.
“Yesterday, when I appeared alone without you.
I could tell that he was a little bit disappointed.
Since you are not there, he asked me to spar with him.
The sparring continued until Grandma Dian came and scolded him for being inconsiderate to ask me to spar with him while I just came back.” Yu Qi told Long Hui.

“Really? The same thing happened to me earlier.
Grandma Dian told him to stop and take a rest for today.” Long Hui said.
Then he continued.
“Grandma Dian said they prepared a room for me.  But I told her to let me stay in your room.
Grandma Dian immediately allows me to stay in your room.”

“I see.
Is your work done?” Yu Qi asked again.

Don’t worry about that.” Long Hui smiled.

The party would about to start.
The guests also filled the hall.
They invited people from the cultivation world.
A lot of them attended the party.

Three Great Family, Bucong Family, Jiang Family, and Huo Family also attended.
And also Qiu Wang and A Yue also attended too.

Qiu Wang was the sword user that used the same technique from Yu Qi’s space.
Yu Qi also gave the complete version of the technique for him to learn.

As for A Yue, A Yue was the master beast that had contracted a red fox.
Since she was an orphan, she did not have a family.
When Dian’s Family reached out their hand to her, she accepted it.

Well, the reason she accepted it was because of Yu Qi.
Yu Qi was also a beast master like her.
So, she wanted to talk to Yu Qi more about the contracted beast.

Since Dian Family invited them, Dian Family used the teleport device to welcome them to the outside world.

Dian’s Family also invited a few families from the outside world as well.
Like the Wang Family, the current president of Fanghai Nation, the Kang Family who had business with the Dian Family, and a few more.

Great-Grandpa Dian also invited Grandpa Mu.
Grandpa Mu wanted to come alone but somewhere Mu Li Zei saw the invitation card and wanted to tag along with her family.

Grandpa Mu asked Great-Grandpa Mu if he could bring his family too.
Great-Grandpa Dian wanted to see Grandpa Mu’s family too.
So, he allowed him to bring them.

So, Kang Pian Sue and Mu Li Zei’s family, Mu Yian, Mu Rong Xie, and Mu Kuang He came to the party.
Mu Rong Xie wore thick makeup to cover the scar that she had.

When Mu Family came, Su Yu Qing, Mu Yian, and Mu Rong Xie were surprised to see Yu Qi welcoming them to the party.
They saw Yu Qi act like she was the host of the party.

Mu Yian was curious.
Then she saw Dian Qi Qi who Kang Jing Na told that Dian Qi Qi was from the family they should not offend.
What was the relationship between Yu Qi and Dian Family? She would try to investigate this later.

Dian Ren Qi was also happy when he could see his lover, Wan Yang Mi.
Wan Yang Mi also came with her parent and her older brother.

The party was about to start.
All of the Dian Family members including the branch entered the hall too.
Everyone was waiting for the party to start.

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