Yu Qi was interested to know about the Mercenary Guild.
It sounded so interesting.

“If I have time, I will go and take a look at Mercenary Guild.” Yu Qi said.

They talked about that for a little bit.
The party continued.
A girl stood quietly at the corner of the party.
She seemed nervous when looking at everyone.

She began to feel regretted coming to this party.
She felt afraid to talk to anyone.

Dian Zin Fang who talked to his business partner noticed the girl.
His eyes reacted and returned back to normal.
Everyone around him would not notice that.

After observing the girl a few times, he decided to go to the girl.
He took two glasses of drink and walked to the girl.

“Hi.” Dian Zin Fang greeted the girl.

The girl was very timid.
She almost jumped herself when hearing someone say ‘hi’ to her.
She looked over and saw Dian Zin Fang,

“Hi, Young Master Dian.” The girl bowed.

“Welcome, Miss A Yue for coming to my Great- Grandpa’s party.
Drink this and relax.” Dian Zin Fang handed the glass to the girl.

“Thank you.” A Yue took the glass.

“Is this your first time coming out of the cultivation world?” Dian Zin Fang began to talk.

It is my first time.” A Yue nodded.

“Any difference?” Dian Zin Fang asked.

“Hmm… the air feels different, I think.” A Yue said.

“Do you want to slip out of this party for a moment?” Dian Zin Fang invited A Yue to leave the party for a moment.

“Sure.” A Yue wanted to slip out for quite some time but she did not know where to go.
She was afraid that she would step into the restricted areas.

Dian Zin Fang let the way.
Both of them left the party hall.
The men who guarded the hall were surprised when someone came out.
They wanted to ask the person but when they saw the person was Dian Zin Fang, they stopped their intention.

Since it was their young master, there was no need for them to ask him.
However, they were quite surprised when seeing a girl following their young master.

“You can relax here.” Dian Zin Fang said when they arrived at the garden.

No one was here.
A Yue was indeed feeling relaxed here.

“You can let your contracted Beast out.” Dian Zin Fang said again.

“Really? Can I?” A Yue looked at Dian Zin Fang.

Dian Zin Fang nodded.
With that, A Yue called her contracted beast out.
The red fox came out.

“Hongchi.” A Yue patted the red fox’s head.

“Your contract beast is really beautiful with that kind of color.” Dian Zin Fang commented.

“Thank you.” A Yue smiled.

Dian Zin Fang also called his contracted beast.
“Aren, come out.”

A Yue was surprised to see the Eagle appear in front of Dian Zin Fang.
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“Is this your contracted beast?” A Yue was surprised.

“Yeah, his name is Aren.” Dian Zin Fang stroked the head of the Eagle.

Aren spread his wing as he looked at A Yue as he introduced himself.
Seeing this, A Yue smiled widely.

“I never thought that Young Master Dian has a contracted beast.” A Yue said.

Well, Dian Zin Fang did not use his contracted beast in the martial arts competition.

“I contracted him by chance.
By the way, just call me Zin Fang or Fang.
No need to call me young master.” Dian Zin Fang said.

“Oh, okay.
I will try.” A Yue nodded while her ears became red.

Back at the party, the guests interacted with each other.
Mu’s Family went to talk to Great-Grandpa Dian.
Well, only Grandpa Mu talked to Great-Grandpa Dian.

Kang Pian Sue just smiled beside Grandpa Mu when he was talking to Great-Grandpa Dian.
Dian was not a common surname.
That woman also had ‘Dian’ as her surname.

Was this family had a relationship with that woman? However, when she looked at this Family’s status, it was impossible to relate that woman to this family.

This family seemed to have a high status.
Because it seemed that President himself had high respect for this old man.
That woman was only an orphan.
That was what she heard from Mu’s Family when she first got married to her husband.

Kang Pian Sue’s thoughts became disturbed again when she saw the girl who had the same face as that woman.
The girl had a close relationship with this family.

Even the woman who seemed the Matriarch of this family introduced her as the grandchildren of this family.
She really wanted to know that.

“Grandma, Grandma.” Mu Kuang He called his grandmother.

“Oh, yeah, what is it?” Kang Pian Sue snapped out of her thinking.

“We are going over there.” Mu Kuang He said..

“Oh, I see.” Kang Pian Sue said.

Her husband went to talk to that girl, Yu Qi.

“It is nice to see you again, Old Master Mu.”

Kang Pian Sue narrowed her eyes when hearing Yu Qi call Grandpa Mu like that.

“Hmm…” Grandpa Mu said.

“Old Madam Mu.” Yu Qi also greeted Kang Pian Sue.

“It is surprising to see you here, Miss Tang.
I wonder what is your relationship with this family.” Kang Pian Sue said.

“She is the child of the Dian Family.
And she is also a savior of our family.” Grandpa Dian heard the question and interrupted the conversation.

Kang Pian Sue smiled.
It seemed Yu Qi did a favor for this Family.
So, she was accepted by this family.

“I see.” Kang Pian Sue nodded.

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